Monday Morning Coffee

By Billy Rainford

Monday Morning with Bigwave

It really doesn’t get much more Canadian than this: I’m sitting in a Tim Horton’s while one customer after another walks in, stomps the fresh snow off their Sorel boots and orders a “large double double.”

Yep, winter has arrived with a vengeance here at DMX World HQ in London, Ontario. We’ve already shovelled 3 times and woke up to that love/hate relationship sound of the snowplow going past. Yes, you want the streets to be cleared but you also realize it means you’ve got 30 minutes of hard labour ahead of you to move the massive pile of wet, heavy slop from the mouth of your driveway. Fortunately for me, it only woke Emily up this morning, so when I finally rolled out of bed, it was all magically finished!

It was kind of like this:

Here’s what we’ve got in store for us all the way up to the big day:


If you’re lucky, you’ve already headed south to train and won’t have to deal with this stereotypical Canadian winter weather.

So, let me tell you what kept me in bed longer…

I had 2 of the greatest dreams EVER, last night! First, I dreamt that I was flying. I woke up and fell back to sleep and had a surfing dream. My sleeping really can’t get any better than that!

Have you ever dreamed that you could fly? Don’t lie to me! It is easily the most amazing feeling ever. I did it once during University and always hoped it would happen again, but I have been grounded since the early 1990’s.

It’s the most liberating feeling you can ever have. And I don’t mean sitting in an airplane. This is leaning forward and taking flight and going up, up, up into the sky and then cruising around. It really can’t be explained until you experience it for yourself.

Here’s what I found on the old internetting device:

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To dream that you are flying generally suggests a feeling of being unencumbered where previously you may have been held down.

To dream that you are flying with ease and enjoying the view indicates that you are dealing with circumstances well. You have elevated above some situation and you may have found a different point of view on things. Dreams of flying and managing your flight is indicative of your own sense of empowerment.

If you’re dreaming that you are having trouble staying in flight can represent a feeling of powerlessness. You may not feel as though you control your destiny. Things may be feeling as though they are getting the best of you. Barriers like power lines, trees, or mountains can represent people or things in life that are blocking your progress. You need to figure out who these people are.

If the landscape below your flight is full of green life then you will endure momentary humiliation but once that is past, then you will reap rewards.

To dream about seeing the sun while you’re flying suggests concerns that have no power over you since you will succeed in spite of them.

To dream about flying through the firmament passing the moon and other planets indicates starvation, war, and the tragedies of ancient periods.

To dream that you are flying with black wings indicates that you may encounter terrible setbacks.

To fall while you’re flying represents your ruin. If you wake while you are falling, then you will manage to pull yourself back up and reestablish yourself.

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To dream of flying usually represents liberation from something in your waking life that had been ‘holding you down’ lately. Think back to the details of your surroundings before you took off. They can hint as to what you were trying to escape from.

You could’ve been atop the building of a school, which could represent academic achievements or a freedom of stress from work-related issues.
You could just as well have taken flight from the peak of a mountain, which would suggest the time-consuming defeat of an obstacle in your life. But where you came from is just as important as where you were going. So where were you going? The possibilities are endless. If you were simply soaring through the sky, this could be the beginning of a spiritual journey.

In Christianity, the sky holds the Heavens where the good would go to be one with the Father after they were separated from their bodies on Earth. In other religions, the sky is home to the Gods. Thus in dreams, to enter into the sky is to gain a sort of soulful knowledge, whether it is about yourself or about the world in general. This is generally a very good dream. To dream of flying peacefully into the sun is even better, possibly a good fortune is coming your way.

If you were not flying solely of your own accord, the thing which carried you will reveal more about your predicament. Perhaps you were in an airplane. This can suggest that your vast knowledge and mechanical skills were taking you to where you were headed. If you were riding a sort of creature on the other hand, like a dragon for instance, you must then look to the nature of the animal. Dragons are fierce, strong and wise. Therefore, you were ‘riding’ on these instincts or qualities in this situation.

Dreams of flying are always joyous ones. They foretell change, transformation and success. This is why they are so common. Everyone goes through phases in their life. Nothing ever stays the same all the time. Use them as a sign of good fortune and push on, knowing that you’ll soon be ‘flying high’.



I hope everyone gets to experience this, at least once | Circles and Squares image

Sometimes, my surfing dreams are ones where the waves are way too big and the weather is horrible. I’ve even had shar….er, I mean ‘the man in the grey suit’ show up. Those are clearly signs of stress or something – I get that. Last night, the waves lined up perfectly and they were so glassy smooth that I dropped into every one with ease and had long rides. It was amazing.

I bet you’ve had a dream where your bike keeps bogging as you try to race up a hill. I can still remember one of those from when I was racing 80cc bikes back in…let’s just say a long time ago. If you’ve ever had a dream where you’re nailing every section on a supercross track or maybe pulling a holeshot at a motocross race and checking out, it is comparable. But I’m betting most of you have the first example, where your bike won’t run properly and you’re stressed out. This fact is what makes flying and having perfect waves that special.


…but not this! | Google Images

I’d love to hear about your flying dream experiences and what you think they mean. And I hope everyone gets to experience the sensation.

Speaking of Supercross dreams, we’ll have Jess Pettis and Brock Leitner to cheer for once the 2017 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series fires up out at A1, January 7th.

2017 Supercross Schedule

They don’t have their entry list for 250 West fully sorted yet, but when the gate drops at A1 (or whichever round Jess starts his racing at) you will be looking for #497 for Brock (probably) and Jess just told me he’s still waiting to hear back from the FIM for his competition number.

20161008 Brock Leitner

Brock Leitner will likely be #497 when the gate drops at A1 | Bigwave photo


#20 Jess Pettis.

Jess Pettis is still waiting to hear back from the FIM for his 2017 AMA Supercross number | Tyler Spikman photo

1st Annual ‘Most Influential People in Canadian MX’ | People’s Choice

Most Influential

I was talking with someone the other day, and I didn’t even know they knew anything about motocross. They actually asked me what JSR was up to because they remembered seeing him win all the time on Sportsnet a bunch of years ago. When I told him he’d been retired from Pro racing for several years now, he asked what he was up to. I explained his position over at KTM Canada and he left me with the question, “So, he’s still one of the most influential people in the sport then?
That got me thinking, “Hmm, I wonder what other people would answer to this question if we put it out there?” So, that’s what we’re going to do. Let’s see who you would put at the top of the First Annual ‘Most Influential‘ list here in Canada – People’s Choice.
So, we’re asking you:

Who is the most influential person in Canadian Motocross?

1. You can only choose one person.
2. You can choose whoever you want.
3. We will keep track of the votes and tabulate a TOP 20 list and post it up.
4. Email your choice to with the subject ‘Most Influential‘ OR post your answer publicly on our Facebook/Instagram/or Twitter pages.
5. If emailed, we will not make your name public.
6. We will accept names until MIDNIGHT EST DECEMBER 31st
7. The list will be published New Year’s Day.
8. You can only vote once.
9. Every vote counts, so start thinking!
10. Nominations will be accepted, starting….NOW!
This could be both fun and educational. Who do you think the winner will be? Let’s hear from you!
So far, we’ve received many many more votes for different people than we would have imagined! It’s going to be a very interesting list, to say the least. We’re trying to make this an ANNUAL list, so the intention was to have this be a reflection of who you thought did the most for the sport in 2016, but we’re receiving names of people who haven’t been involved in the sport since the early 80’s. Like I said, it will be an interesting list.
If you haven’t submitted a name yet, you have until midnight, December 31st to do so. Get on it! Oh, and please don’t send us a paragraph listing 10 people and why you think each of them is relevant to this list! That’s a very interesting story, but not useful for what we’re trying to achieve here. To be honest, if the guy down at your local dealership who helped you out when you raced mini bikes back in 1982 wins, so be it!
The best (read: easiest) way for us to keep track of the votes would be for you to email with the subject line “MOST INFLUENTIAL” and your choice in the body of the email, but we’re doing our best to make sense of all the other methods…but please don’t vote on all 4 methods. I’m looking at you RANDY FORD!
Anyway, we’ll publish the official results New Year’s Day, so get your votes in. I think you’d be surprised at who’s leading the vote count at the moment – it’s a young rider!

RTBA Films ‘Behind the Scenes’ at the Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing Photo Shoot

Toronto Supercross Parties!

Yes, the time is coming for the 4th annual DMX Toront0 Supercross Parties at the Houston. David Toye at the Houston has already started getting things organized to help make this year’s pre and post TOSX parties the best yet. If you haven’t been to one of these things yet, you really need to get on it this year!
The dates:
Friday, March 3rd – The Pre Party
Saturday, March 4th – The Post Party
The only other party that tries to rival these is the DMXS Supercross Party in Atlanta. This will be their 14th annual and these two top parties will be run back-to-back as Atlanta is the weekend before Toronto. Of course, if we count our previous parties at the previous location, we’ve been doing this a while too!
Either way, these two parties have managed to stand out in the crowd as the ones to be at, so let’s have some fun again in 2017.
The Houston DMX Toronto Supercross Party

You don’t want to miss the 2017 DMX TOSX Pre and Post Parties at the Houston this year! | Bigwave photo

Have a great week, everyone. I need to head back out for another round of shovelling…