Saturday Afternoon at Pleasant Valley|A Few Photos|Freedom Cycle

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

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This weekend’s coverage is brought to you by Freedom Cycle.

After a short, leisurely drive from Ontario to Brookfield, Nova Scotia, I arrived at the track that last hosted a Canadian National in 2002. Pleasant Valley sits on the land owned by the Cooke’s and is just a 30-second drive from the Brookfield Bakery and Tyler Medaglia and Heidi Cooke‘s house – this is a family affair.

The track is going to be amazing for photos and video. With no Women’s East National or KTM Supermini East Championship round here in Truro, there wasn’t really a whole lot to do, so here are just a few shots from around the grounds.

20160723- Pleasant valley

Here’s an overview of the Pleasant Valley grounds here during amateur day.


Larry McCaw was up in the announcer’s tower.

20160723 Heidi Cooke

Heidi Cooke is always happy to see us.

Quinn Amyotte

Quinn Amyotte is obviously out of action for a little while after coming up a little short on a jump at Baja Acres, but he’s out here in the Maritimes having a great time.

20160723- Bennett Amyotte

Watch for his brother, Bennet, out there tomorrow on the #614.

20160723- Alex Harvill

Alex Harvill getting finished with sign in.


20160723 Ryeley Gallup

Always have to get a shot of #69 Ryeley Gallup with the hair flowing. He tucks it up inside the helmet when it’s moto time.


20160723-Davey Fraser

You know who’s a big deal here near Halifax?


You guessed it.


There was a bustling vendors’ row here today.


I saw our buddy Broc Loftus in line here. Salad must be something you order from the secret menu…


Nothing like some massage to get you ready for moto 2.


HAF Skate and Tattoo gear was everywhere.

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Artsy shot of some Worx Industry trucker caps.


The ‘day before meeting’ to discuss things with those who can do something about it.


The short start into this tight 180 was one of the causes for concern. There was talk they may mess with the first turn hay bale placement for Pro day.


I turned and snapped this just after Matt Bannon collapsed the table by trying to sit on it.


Dakota Alix is in for another round.


Brad Nauditt putting in a few miles on his off day.


Some new plastic for #800 Mike Alessi.

20160723- Josh Clark

Josh Clark has made the trip to Truro. Watch for the #114 Yamaha 250 tomorrow.


Colton Facciotti’s #2 Honda looking good again.


Morgan Burger doing some shopping at the Rockstar Yamaha pit.


Josh Cox looking over his KTM work of art.


The only riding shot I took today.


Cale Foster hates it when I take photos of him, so…


Reuben Springman made the trip east.


6-person maximum on this bridge.

20160723- Keylan Meston

Keylan Meston taking a little siesta today.


Paul Kingsley rode past and very smoothly yard-saled everything on the ground.


Kyle Patton has made an appearance. He’s recovering from a nasty car accident a while back.

20160723- Mitch Cooke

Mitch Cooke is the promoter and racing MX1 on the #258 Kawasaki tomorrow. He’d love it if you walked up and asked him something about the track Sunday, he’ll have lots of spare time to chat…See you at the races…

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