On the Radar | Austin Tremblay

By Jeff McConkey

Name:  Austin Tremblay

Age: 16

Hometown: Caledon Village, Ontario

School and Grade: Mayfield Secondary School, grade 11

Number: 294

Bike: YZ 125

Race Club: AMO/MMRS

Classes: Schoolboy 1, MX 2 and MX 3 Junior


This week, #294 Austin Tremblay is ‘On the Radar.’ | Bigwave photo

How did you get started in racing?
I started riding dirt bikes when I was 11 years old. My older brother, Carter, had started riding with a friend and had a 90cc, so my dad got me a 70cc trail bike and I loved it. During that year we went to Motopark to ride trails, but I quickly wanted to ride the track as soon as I saw it! the next year I got a KTM 65 and the rest was history.

What is your favourite track and why?
I definitely have to say MP @ County Line is my favourite track. I have been there the past 2 winters and it’s probably the sickest track I’ve ridden. The overall flow of the track is so nice and it is very safe. There are big jumps and huge berms that overall make it such a fun track to train on. Also, the atmosphere of the place is beyond great and all the staff are awesome.

Who is your favourite rider and why?
My favourite rider has always been Ken Roczen. Over the past year he has killed it and he is on a complete other level. I love how smooth he is in both motocross and supercross; watching him is like a dream!


Austin’s goal for 2017 is to be consistently in the top 5 throughout the year and at the Parts Canada TransCan at Walton Raceway. | Bigwave photo

What Canadian Pro do you look up to and why?
The Canadian Pro I look up to is Colton Facciotti. I met him two years ago in Florida and he is a super humble and nice guy, but also rips on the track. Like Roczen, Colton’s flow is unreal, and very rarely does he make a mistake.

Who is your hero?
In the motocross community it’s Iain Hayden. I have gotten to know him really well over the last couple of years. He has given me some great advice both on and off the track. He is an extremely motivated guy and is a great inspiration to me.

What are your goals for next season, and what is it going to take to reach them?
This year was definitely a learning curve – I broke my wrist at the beginning of the summer and I broke my collarbone 8 weeks ago riding. Looking positively at it, I think it actually helped me watching the Motopark Crew ride all year. Next year I plan to attend the Motopark Academy again and continue to train off the track to stay in shape. Hopefully, with more seat time I will be back faster and stronger than ever. My goal is to get top 5’s throughout the year and at the TranCan. I believe the program that I’m on is good enough to get me there.

What are your biggest accomplishments?

I think the biggest accomplishments I’ve achieved was last spring at the Motopark Cup and during the Walton ANQ’s. Specifically in the Supermini class, I was getting good starts and staying consistent which would allow me to get top 3 during the entire spring. And as a result I got 3rd overall in Supermini in the AMO series.


In the motocross industry, Iain Hayden is Austin’s hero. | Bigwave photo

What is your favourite part about going to the races?
My favourite part about going to the races, other than the actual racing part, is hanging out with all my buddies and their families. Every race we attend the bond between me and my friends gets stronger, every race is like a family event to enjoy.

What do you like to do when you aren’t racing?
During the off-season or the winter months, I focus heavily towards my education. I hope to go to university in two years so I’ve been focused on that more than ever. I try to stay in shape by going to the gym, also I enjoy playing badminton, skiing and a little bit of hockey!

Who would you like to thank?
I’d like to thank everybody at Motopark for everything they have done for me, Iain Hayden, Zeb Dennis, Davin Grose (Motomech Canada), Evolved MX (Drew Robertson), and Mikey Walker for everything he does. Also, Canadian Tire, my parents and my brother, Carter, who helps with bike maintenance, support and encouragement.