Photo Report | 2023 ECAN at MX Deschambault Day 3

By Billy Rainford

Brought to you by Canadian Kawasaki.

It was championship Saturday at the 2023 ECAN at Motocross Deschambault. I don’t think there were any surprises here but there were definitely some impressive performances! Here’s a look the winners of the final day of racing.

Youth moto 2 started the day and #68 Crayden Dillon led the way ahead of #237 Nathan Germain and #198 Antoine Poirier.
#99 Austin Kukielka took the win in the final 65 (7-9) moto ahead of Powell and Burke.
#224 Jeremy Bellefroid completed his domination of the 65 (10-11).
Crayden Dillon was back in action in the 250 Intermediate 3rd moto and had to make a bunch of passes to get the win ahead of Germain and Davies.
#452 David Tremblay used his effortless-looking style to win +40 A moto 2 ahead of Marc Dionne and Guy Giroux.
#88 Ryan Kukielka took the +40 B moto 2 win.
#13 Brenner Lammens took a nice win in the 2nd 2-Stroke moto.
#1 Braxton Zeitner made a last lap pass on #213 Hayden Dupuis to win the 3rd 85 (7-11) moto.
#15 Dexter Seitz grabbed the holeshot in the 85 (12-16) moto and held on to the win as #20 Alex Tremblay closed right in.
You don’t want to let #7 Bobby Gravel get out front early but that’s what he did in the 3rd 250 Junior moto to take the win ahead of a nice performance by #112 Niko Holmes.
#130 Hart Quinlan was the one to beat in the 50 Open moto ahead of #1 Kade Dupuis.
#130 Darcy Quinlan stayed ahead of #138 Steve Shore by doing the big leap in the final +30 B moto.
#22 Anthony Voghell had #15 Dexter Seitz all over him at the finish of the final Supermini moto.
#7 Bobby Gravel was at it again in the final Open Junior ahead of #112 Holmes again.
#to 56 Blake Davies grabbed the holeshot and held off Dillon and Germain in the 3rd Open Intermediate moto.
#130 Hart Quinlan had Kade Dupuis on his rear wheel at the flag in the last 50 (7-8) moto.
#98 Jason Kukielka was first ahead of #95 Maddox Genereux in 50 94-6).
#13 Brenner Lammens grabbed another win in the final 2-Stroke moto as #16 Lucas Lafontaine closed right in at the flag when Brenner made things interesting and tipped over heading into the final lap.
#99 Austin Kukielka led the final 65 (7-11) Open moto but #224 Jeremy Bellefroid took the win.
Tremblay got around Dionne early in the last +40 A moto for the win.
#1 Tanner Scott grabbed the lead in the final race of the day, Schoolboy, ahead of #7 Bobby Gravel. Gravel managed to keep Scott honest in this one as the two of them gapped the field to end the ECAN.

Full results HERE.

The awards ceremony is scheduled to start here at 7:00pm.

This won’t make young Axell Giroux, who broke his humerus on Friday, any better, but it might help his dad, #801 Guy Giroux. He can say it: “See you at the races...”