Photo Report | AX Tour | Bowling Green, KY Round 1

By Billy Rainford

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After driving through a bit of a snowstorm on the way through Ohio, I finally made it to the University town of Bowling Green, Kentucky, just in time to catch the first round of the Ride 365 AX Tour Presented by FXR. I really wasn’t sure who was going to be competing this year and had no idea which, if any, Canadians would be there. Bowling Green sits almost exACtly half way between my hometown of London, Ontario, and Gainesville, Florida, so it was a perfect race to hit on the way down to the 45th Annual Thor Winter Olympics

Here’s a quick look at some of the action from the LD Brown AG Expo Center on the Western Kentucky University grounds.

20161119-img_4130 Sam Gaynor

Sam Gaynor (left) and his dad, Jeff, were the only Canadians racing at this round. They actually had to head straight back for a hockey tournament Sunday night! Sam is also a goalie.


There was a good group of young amateur racers ready for action.

20161119-img_4131 Dan Beaton

It was great to see a bunch of familiar faces, even if they weren’t all that thrilled to see mine. Dan Beaton is the Head Referee for all the AX Tour action.

20161119-img_4133 Taylor Ciampichini

Barrie, Ontario’s Taylor Ciampichini is another member of the crew.


Lining the entranceway to the track to catch a glimpse of the Pro riders getting ready for action.


What did we do to kill time before races back in the day? Did we bring an abacus to the track?


It’s important to get used to how the gate drops at each track.

20161119-img_4143 Alex Ray

#314 Alex Ray gets his intro.

20161119-img_4147 Michael McDade

#200 Michael McDade.

20161119-img_4149 ZAndy Daggett

#540 Andy Daggett.

20161119-img_4152 Cody Williams

#6 Cody Williams.

20161119-img_4155 Keith Finch

AX Tour announcer, Keith Finch, will also be racing the Mini O’s this year.

20161119-img_4189 Andy Daggett

Daggett ended up 12th in the Clash for Cash finale. He was 8th in both the other mains.

20161119-img_9017 Jake McKinney

#221 Jake McKinney was 11th. His best main was a 6th in Pro Open.


Samuel Redman fans getting ready to high 5 a low 5.


This guy was pumped to win his first big bike race in the Beginner class.


The Zambonis put on a great show as they smoothed out the track. Can I say that?


Mini dads were in full effect.


Billings was the class of the field.


The youngest class gets ready to go.


These guys again.


Everyone got a high five.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen these in North America. Jeff, anyone wear these? He’ll know…


Pro riders getting ready to pick their gates.

20161119-img_8929 Cody Williams

Cody Williams getting set.


They smashed into my camera EVERY time they rode by. Didn’t miss me once!


A heat race blasting off.


Nobody could touch her in the Women’s or Vet class.


Zachary Bishop-Burnett (can we short-form this to ZB2?) gives McDade the old look-over.


#28 Sam Gaynor raced Schoolboy and won the Novice class.

20161119-img_9035 Sam Gaynor

He was having some fun over the finish line catapult.

20161119-img_4223 Sam Gaynor

High five, sam.


Here’s how the Pro mains went.


ZB2 got out to a great start and finished 2nd in the Pro Open main. He was 9th in the Clash.

20161119-img_9060 Dylan Rouse

#101 Dylan Rouse took 8th in the Clash. His best was 6th in the Lites main.

20161119-img_4183 Dillon Cloyed

#97 Dillon Cloyed took 7th. He grabbed 4th in the Lites main.

20161119-img_4176 Samuel Redman

#401 Samuel Redman easily had the biggest fan base. He took 6th in the Clash and 8th in Open.

20161119-img_9072 Cody Williams

#6 Cody Williams rounded out the top 5.

20161119-img_9021 Alex Ray

#314 Alex Ray had a solid night with a 4th in the Clash and a 3rd in the Open main.

20161119-img_9098 Ben Nelko

#44 Ben Nelko and #9 Daniel Herrlein went back and forth a couple times for the lead in the Lites main.


Herrlein uses the downed rider to full advantage here.

20161119-img_9082 Ben Nelko

Nelko finished 3rd in the Clash, 2nd in Lites and 5th in Open.

20161119-img_9053 Michael McDade

#200 Michael McDade was runner up in the Clash.

20161119-img_9086 Michael McDade

He was 4th in Open and 3rd in Lites.

20161119-img_9050 Danniel Herrlein

This was the view everyone got of #9 Daniel Herrlein all night.

20161119-img_9080 Daniel Herrlein

He was undefeated in all three mains.

 20161119-img_9048 Daniel Herrlein

Getting out front early is always the name of the game in Arenacross.


Clash for Cash Podium: Daniel Herrlein, Michael McDade, Ben Nelko.


Heading into the whoops.


There’s always some carnage in AX.


Young #425 ripping his 65.

20161119-img_9061 Trevor Tate

Trevor Tate gets it a little wrong heading into the whoops. He was 9th in the Lites main.



Tate comin’ at cha.


McDade with the right wrist twisted.

20161119-img_9111 Cody Williams

Hey, Cody, high five…or 30!


Round 2 takes place December 3rd in Batesville, MS. Team Redman says, See you at the races…