Photo Report | FXR PreMix at Sand Del Lee

By Billy Rainford

Presented by FXR.

If you’re looking to put the fun back into racing, look no further than the FXR PreMix class at the Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals. We were at Sand Del Lee this past weekend and the racing was pretty intense in this class. Here’s a closer look at some of what happened in Richmond, Ontario last Sunday.

#81 Christian Plasse has moved up to the bigger bikes for 2021 and is racing this class on Sundays. He finished at the back of the pack in 21st but was in good battles with #54 Mitch Tyler in both motos.
Being the owner’s son must have its own pressures. Mitch Tyler finished 21-19 for 20th and looked like he was having a blast.
#421 Nick Zoratti is definitely the tallest rider on the track. He’s a big dude for the little 2-stroke but feathered the clutch to 19th (19-17).
#433 Cale Callan is behind the True North Motorsports effort. He’s promoting the sport and racing in the fun class. He finished 18-16 for 18th.
I’m told #34 Jacob Henkel and Mitch Tyler are buddies so him getting the better of Mitch with 14-18 motos for 17th must be like a win.
I kind of thought #120 Colton Egli should be higher than 16-15 for 15th but then I took a look at the names ahead of the youngster and realized he’s in some pretty tough company.
#405 Rylan Foster seems to be having a blast every time I see him at the races. You just know his bike is tuned perfectly and he finished 15th (17-13).
15-14 motos for #181 Aidan Hodgson put him in 14th overall. Someone tell me he’s related to Robbie!
I’m just now realizing that #35 out there was Zack Zager. He finished 13-11 for 12th, just ahead of #111 Gavin Forsbrey in 13th (12-12).
#250 Scott Hough finished 11-10 for 11th.
#327 Brandon Gourlay was back and looked great in the first moto. He was in 3rd place and pressuring #211 Jack Wright who messed up and allowed him by to take 2nd at the flag. He was up in 2nd again in moto 2 but crashed on a tabletop on lap 2 and ended up way back in 21st for 10th overall.
Brandon down in a bad spot.
I say it every week, but #549 Chase Miller is fun to watch. I missed getting him all Bob Hannah-ed out over the finish line jump but he finished 10-9 for 9th.
I didn’t get a photo of #574 Charles Charlton at Sand Del Lee and I barely got this one of him from Gopher Dunes! He came all the way from Langley, BC and finished 9-6 for 8th after being in a nice 2nd moto battle with Dylan Rempel and Hayden Jameson.
#138 Dylan Rempel was giving some of the big kids fits on his supermini. He had pretty good starts and finished 6-8 for 7th.
#147 Hayden Jameson was a consistent 7-7 for 6th after having to claw his way forward in moto 2.
#810 Travis Roberts would have liked to be in the podium fight but found himself battling to 8-5 motos for 5th.
#621 Kyle Springman is here from BC, too, and got off to a couple great starts. He had contact with Wright at the finish line jump but was OK. He was 4th overall (4-4).
#79 Cameron Wrozyna went out and bought a bike after seeing all the fun his older brother was having and made an immediate impact. He grabbed the moto 1 holeshot but then fell on lap 1, handing the lead to Westen. He grabbed the 2nd moto holeshot, too, but got passed by Westen, who jumped the finish line double on lap 1. He held on for 2nd with pressure from behind by Wright and Springman.
#211 Jack Wright was in the mix for wins in both motos but had to settle for 3-3 motos. It sounds like things got a little heated on the track because there were words said between him and the Wrozyna boys after the moto. I think it’s all OK now, though, but let’s see what happens in Quebec.
#1 Westen Wrozyna is solid as a rock out there. He passed his way into first in both motos and had nice leads in both at the checkered flag. There’s a rumour that we may see Kaven Benoit on the line in Deschambault, so this could get interesting for one round.
FXR PreMix podium: Westen Wrozyna, Jack Wright, Cameron Wrozyna.
FXR Premix RESULTS  View Laptimes   
Overall Nbr   Name Moto 1 Moto 2 Points Earned
 1st   #1  Kawasaki  WESTEN WROZYNA
1st 1st 50
 2nd   #211  Yamaha  JACK WRIGHT
3rd 3rd 40
5th 2nd 38
 4th   #621  KTM  KYLE SPRINGMAN
4th 4th 36
 5th   #810  KTM  TRAVIS ROBERTS
8th 5th 29
 6th   #147  Yamaha  HAYDEN JAMESON
7th 7th 28
 7th   #138  Kawasaki  DYLAN REMPEL
6th 8th 28
9th 6th 27
 9th   #549  Yamaha  CHASE MILLER
10th 9th 23
 10th   #327  KTM  BRANDON GOURLAY
2nd 21st 22
 11th   #250  Yamaha  SCOTT HOUGH
11th 10th 21
 12th   #35  KTM  ZACK ZAGER
13th 11th 18
12th 12th 18
 14th   #181  KTM  AIDAN HODGSON
15th 14th 13
 15th   #405  Yamaha  RYLAN FOSTER
17th 13th 12
 16th   #120  KTM  COLTON EGLI
16th 15th 11
 17th   #34  Yamaha  JACOB HENKEL
14th 18th 10
 18th   #433  GASGAS  CALE CALLAN
18th 16th 8
 19th   #421  KTM  NICK ZORATTI
19th 17th 6
 20th   #54  Yamaha  MITCH TYLER
21st 19th 2
 21st   #81  Yamaha  CHRISTIAN PLASSE
20th 20th 2
FXR Premix POINTS (After 3 rounds)
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
1st 1st 1st 150
#810 – , 
2nd 4th 5th 107 (-43)
#621 – , 
3rd 6th 4th 106 (-44)
#211 – PORT PERRY, 
4th 7th 2nd 101 (-49)
#147 – , 
5th 3rd 6th 97 (-53)
#549 – , 
9th 9th 9th 73 (-77)
8th 12th 8th 72 (-78)
#250 – , 
10th 14th 11th 60 (-90)
#138 – , 
  5th 7th 60 (-90)
#28 – , 
7th 10th   48 (-102)
#61 – , 
6th 11th   48 (-102)
11th 15th 15th 45 (-105)
#324 – TOFIELD, 
  2nd   42 (-108)
#433 – , 
12th 16th 18th 38 (-112)
    3rd 38 (-112)
#421 – , 
13th 17th 19th 31 (-119)
#120 – , 
  13th 16th 29 (-121)
#63 – UXBRIDGE, 
  8th   27 (-123)
#327 – , 
    10th 22 (-128)
#54 – , 
14th 18th 20th 20 (-130)