Sam Gaynor Injury Update

By Billy Rainford

#28 Sam Gaynor was injured Saturday at Round 5 of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Tour Canadian MX Nationals at Sand Del Lee. As he came around to put a rider down a lap, the rider moved over to let Sam have the line, but as Sam drifted wide their lines came together and contact was made.

Sam knew he’d done some damage but was able to continue racing and finished 7th in that first moto.

He went to the hospital to get checked out. We spoke with him Saturday evening:

I went to the hospital today after moto 1 and have a fracture in my big toe and dislocated the toe right beside it after coming together with a lapper with 2 laps to go. I am still going to try to race tomorrow for motos 2 and 3,” he said.

Sam is currently 6th in points and really wants to get through the final 2 motos to secure his best 450 MX overall, since taking 10th last season in his rookie year.