Video | MyLine Stories: Youngbloods | Troy Lee Designs

The MyLine Youngbloods Story focuses on the Troy Lee Designs / Red Bull / KTM Factory 250 effort of young talented riders. With a median age of 19, this year’s team is full of raw talent. Having fun on their bike while navigating through uncharted waters, this season has been nothing near normal. Each riders still wants to prove they’re one of the world’s fastest racers and finish the season off strong to write the first chapter of their pro career story.

Use the #tldmyline hashtag to share your story and style.

#teamtld 2020 Roster –

Brandon Hartranft (@brandonhartranft_)

Pierce Brown (@_piercebrown)

Derek Drake (@derekdrake_)

Brian Moreau (@brianmoreau104)

See the #tldmoto gear worn in Youngbloods here –