Walton TransCan|Friday Photo Report

By Billy Rainford

What started out as a normal, warm SWO day at the Parts Canada TransCan ended with a huge windstorm that brought torrential rain for about 20 minutes. It was the kind of storm that can only last a short time. The MX3 Jr. B riders were out on the track when it hit and the race got red flagged for pretty obvious reasons. Strangely, the weather changed again and the humidity went through the roof as the sun came out for the last couple races.

We had a couple champions crowned today. Here’s a look at what happened on the track today at Walton Raceway.


This pretzel stand is right beside the Direct Motocross parking spot. I see dough and salt in our near future…

20160819- Jash Woods

GPF’s Josh Woods taking in some action.

20160819- Marco Cannella

The first race of the day was the MX2 Intermediate #2. After #184 Tanner Ward struggled, #46 Marco Cannella went at it with #66 Christopher Fortier until the very last lap when Marco made his move and took the win. Cannella also took both Schoolboy 1 and 1 moto wins Friday and is setting himself up as a potential Bronze Boot winner.

20160819- Ryder McNabb

#164 Ryder McNabb had some troubles Thursday but came back to win the 85 (7-11) moto #2. He won ahead of Julien Benek and Hunter Scott.

20160819- Davey Fraser

The Plus 25 riders got their final 2 races in today. Davey won the 3rd and final race in the mud and finished 3rd.

20160819- Brad Nauditt

#18 Brad Nauditt is your 2016 +25 Champion (1-1-3).

20160819-Kyle Keast

Behind him was #8 Kyle Keast who was leading the 3rd moto until the last corner when he went down. Kyle used a few colorful words on the podium…he wasn’t thrilled. He finished 2nd overall (2-2-2).

20160819- Trevor Maley

#71 Trevor Maley won the second 85 (12-16) moto but it was discovered that he had an illegal head on his bike so he was given a DQ.

20160819 Jacob Piccolo

That gave #81 Jacob Piccolo the win. Unfortunately, his DNF in moto 1 has him back in 5th with one moto left. #79 Cameron Wrozyna heads into Saturday with the lead.

20160819- Nicolas Cryer

#17 Nicolas Cryer won the MX1 Jr. moto #2 and then won MX2 Jr. A #2. 

20160819- Shayne Merieca

#107 Shayne Mercieca grabbed the holeshot and early lead in MX2 Jr. A.

20160819 Casey Cochran

Georgia’s #66 Casey Cochran is undefeated in 65 (7-9) ahead of #22 Preston Masciangelo and #96 Crayden Dillon.

20160819- Christopher Fortier

#66 Christopher Fortier has won both MX3 Intermediate motos. Behind him here, you can see #424 Austin Watling who got past Fortier but then had bike problems and had to push his bike across the line. #neverquit

20160819 Jesse James Shedden

#09 Jesse James Shedden from from California won moto #2 in the youngest class at the TransCan, 50 (4-6).

20160819- Kennedy Lutz

Can someone get Eve Brodeur or maybe Heidi Cooke over here to challenge #44 Kennedy Lutz?! She won moto #2 by over a minute…again. Behind her it was #79 Kassie Boone and #92 Nikki Voorhees who fell before the step down while in 2nd.

20160819- Kyle Keast

#8 Kyle Keast won the Vet Master moto #2 ahead of defending champion, #1 Ryan Lockhart and #53 Andy Mathieu.

20160818 Mason Tucker

#277 Mason Tucker was again the winner in the 50 (7-8) class ahead of #667 Thomas Munro.

20160819- Ethan Mann

#52 Ethan Mann took the Supermini moto #3 win.

20160819 Ethan Mann

He was our first champion crowned at the 2016 TransCan.

20160819 Casey Keast

#217 Casey Keast from BC put together a solid ride and took the MX1 Intermediate 2nd moto win ahead of 1st moto winner #223 Jonah Brittons and #19 Nathan Cryer.

20160819-Joey Zacchinga

#92 Joey Zacchinga held it together in the 2nd MX3 Jr. A mud race for the win ahead of Cryer and #28 Sam Gaynor, who won moto 1.


They decided to postpone the 65 (7-11) moto scheduled for the end of the day for obvious reasons…

OK, it’s all about crowning champions Saturday (if the weather holds out and the damage wasn’t already done Friday night with all the rain!).

20160819 Parts Canada

This was after the torrential downpour. See you at the races, I hope…