PDF Version – 2017 AMO-MMRS News Letter #1

2017 AMO/MMRS Membership and Race Schedule Announced

Where there is unity there is always victory!

Friday, December 9th, 2016 – What a Christmas gift from AMO and MMRS! The 2017 AMO/MMRS Membership and Atlas Brace Provincial Super Series are ready to go for 2017. It’s been a warm fall season heading into winter with the excitement of the partnership between the two clubs, as well the anticipation of the 2017 plan.

“Between John and I we believe we have built the best schedule for Ontario,” shared AMO President Ryan Gauld. “Our first initiative was to make it attractive to our customers. The Atlas Brace Provincial Super Series will be the series to chase with well over $50,000 in prizes and cash for the year end celebration. Our secondary series will be the Orange Motorsports Race Series (more info to come on this). Over the coming weeks, rolling into the New Year, we will have our classes, rules, national qualifiers, new points structure for provincials and much-much more. For now, you know what AMO/MMRS have in store for you so be sure to get your membership and support the club that supports you!”

Orange Motorsports to Support AMO/MMRS in 2017 (Lots of info concerning this series to come)

2017 AMO/MMRS Membership Info:

Individual Racer: $100/per

Family Membership: $160

* This covers all family members living under the same roof 18 years and younger.

* This also covers any family member who is a student, up to 21 years of age.

Please visit ONLINE right HERE to purchase: 2017 AMO/MMRS Membership


You can see this ONLINE right HERE: 2017 AMO/MMRS Schedule

Whether you’re a new racer, old racer, serious racer, or just a fun racer, we’re your one-stop race series for a safe, family, fun-filled summer. We hope to see you on the gates in 2017 chasing your dream with AMO/MMRS!

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