Wednesday, July 29th, 2020

For Immediate Release

Atlas Announces “Platinum Protection Award” for 2020 Walton TransCan

New for 2020, the Atlas Platinum Protection Award aims to reward the best all around amateur athlete throughout the week of the Walton TransCan who is also wearing a neck protection device. The prestigious platinum-plated Atlas Brace is designed to highlight the athlete’s high level of achievement, combined with their commitment to personal safety.

It’s important for racers and parents alike to take essential safety equipment seriously, so that they can enjoy the sport responsibly. Chasing your dreams shouldn’t have to come with unnecessary risks, and achieving those dreams by becoming victorious at Canada’s most prestigious event should be rewarded. The Atlas Platinum Protection Award is a way to show both aspects can, and do, coexist.” – Brady Sheren, Atlas founder and CEO.

The criteria for the winner will be a combination of the athlete who received the most total points during the week-long event, and is wearing a neck protection device from any of the manufacturers throughout the week (Atlas, or otherwise). The winner will also receive an Atlas A-Team sponsorship for the following year, including free product(s) and support directly from Atlas.

The award will be unveiled in all of its Platinum glory at the start of the event. Stay tuned for more info as we continue down the road to the Walton TransCan.

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