Beginner Motocross Handbook by Martin Varrand

By Billy Rainford

Martin Varrand from Estonia thought about us over here in Canada and sent over a copy of his beginner motocross rider handbook called ‘The Complete Dirt Bike Handbook – Motocross Success Principles.’

It’s an e-book and covers everything someone getting into the sport could use to do it properly and safely.

From the intro:

My name is Martin Varrand. Motocross has been my

passion for over twenty years. I have been around

dirt bikes for as long as I can remember. I was four

years old when I started. I loved going along to watch

my father ride his dirt bike, and it wasn’t long before I

wanted one too!

Nowadays I am giving one to one coaching, and

I offer racing consultancy, as well as curating my

website It is my aim

to provide riders like you with the best advice and

resources possible.

Martin Varrand

Here’s the link you can pass on to someone who you think could benefit:

The Complete Dirt Bike Handbook