Faces at the Races | 2023 Sand Del Lee Round 5

By Billy Rainford

Here’s a look around at Round 5 of the 2023 Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals at Sand Del Lee near Ottawa, Ontario. It’s time for Faces at the Races

It rained so much Saturday night that I don’t think anyone would have been surprised to find out the races had been canceled.
I don’t know who this little dude is but he joins the ranks of people I have photos of sitting on this rock at Sand Del Lee.
It was great to see Jimmy Decotis in Canada again. Sure, the actual races sucked, but he made up for it and then some with all the visiting and love he was shown.
It was also really good to see Michael Fowler back at our races. He knew he wasn’t as ready as he usually is but headed into the 450 class with a smile on his face. 36-32 put him 33rd.
And how about Quinn Amyotte lining up and going 5-5 for 4th overall with that sketchy digit?!
It’s always fun to watch our Pro riders be Moto Dads on Saturday. Young Talon Medaglia cleaned up and will head to Loretta Lynn’s soon.
I’m not sure what he said, but keep saying it because young #9 Chandler Powell is getting fast.
Jacob Thibault from Motocross Deschambault got a lot of mileage out of running the red plates on Saturday.
I can’t decide whether to go with an “I said elbow IN, dammit!” caption or something about a sad Pablo Escobar…
Good racing and good sportsmanship between #27 Alek Guadagno and #22 Anthony Voeghell.
Always be ready, David, always be ready.
Hmm, yep, I think I can call that done!
I sat in on a race day morning pep talk with Brett Lee and the WLTN Kawasaki Seven team. It was like watching that Madonna documentary where they get in a circle before every concert.
Come to Canada, they said…
Alex Parker from the Thor GasGas team will either like this shot or hate it. There will be no middle ground.
Guiller the announcer’s Sunday was off to a rough start when he had to drain water out of his mixer…
OK, you’re in the club, too.
#61 Noah Viney trying to get around the fence without going up to his knees. Has anyone pulled him out?
Hey, Rylan Foster, Emily made the world’s greatest pancakes Monday night and the Fosterhomes Maple Syrup was the icing on the cake. Thank you.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I like the way #192 Amelie Croteau rides. She finished 4-5 for 4th overall.
Ulf Viney doing a little bike work in the woods.
Peter Derry waiting for #34 Ryan Derry to come through. You have to watch because you definitely won’t hear him! Ryan finished 13-13 for 10th in the 450 class.
Sylvain Brodeur waiting to discuss injuries with #75 Lindsey Bradley who was back at the races. She finished 14 (19-13).
I’m not sure what’s going on with this Ryder McNabb photo, but it’s weird so I’m using it.
As Christopher Lambert would say, “There can be only one!” #11 Ciel Ferguson is the only Ferguson you’ll see in the east. She finished 10th (7-12).
You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone having more fun at the races than #29 Alissa Harkin. 15-18 put her tied for 17th.
Fans love it when #28 Sam Gaynor makes it onto the podium because it means SWAG! He won the FXR PreMix class and was 7th in the 250 class. That’s a hell of a day!
#613 Cole Pranger came from last to 2nd in PreMix moto 1 and was 2nd on the day.
#13 Brenner Lammens was 3rd but his lid was 1st.
Paul Kingsley in his office. Does everyone reading this know that he’s raced Loretta Lynn’s? He has.
#48 Devyn Smith is in! He pulled over at one point as his bike just spewed coolant. He looked over at his dad, Troy Smith, in mechanics row and then continued racing and finished 18-28 for 22nd. I thought there was no way he was making it to the line!

Oh wait, I snapped a pic.

Jim Scott heading to the line with #33 Tanner Scott’s bike. Tanner was 12th on the day and that’s where he sits in the standings.
Stephane Plasse is one of the good ones, but he did laugh at me as he passed me getting a ticket in Kamloops.
It was good to see the real Sebastien Racine this week. His bike let go in moto 1 but he came back for a solid 4th in moto 2.
Jamie Routley/Decotis is Canadian and it was cool to see them on home soil.
Tanner Ward had a really tough day on Sunday, but he was nice enough to humour me on my ‘Walk and Talk’ at the end of the day.
#8 Mitchell Harrison grabbed both 250 holeshots and was 4 points behind McNabb in 2nd (4-1).
Steve Simms was happy with the results of his riders this week.
Ryan Lockhart also gave me a “little interview” in my Walk and Talk.
There is NO WAY you’re that much taller than I am!
Boy, I sure blew it when I assumed Kaven Benoit was suffering heat exhaustion at the end of the first moto. Nope, it turned out he had a big crash in the back section on the last lap that I didn’t see and was in pain. You know what happens when you assume, right?
#96 Crayden Dillon took our Ryno Pawer Canada Privateer Performance of the Week at Sand Del Lee after finishing 8-13 for 10th as an Intermediate.
I’d say #31 Zach Ufimzef has been fairly quiet so far this season. He finished 7-14 for 11th and sits 10th in the points.
#225 Tristan Dares went 20-19 for 21st.
#187 Leith Ness finished 24-21 for 24th.
One too low, one too high, one just right.
Craig Randell with one last word of wisdom for #56 Blake Davies. 22-17 put Young the Giant 20th. Watch for a rebound week in Moncton.
#50 Austin Jones had to push his bike across the line in moto 1 and was still scored 12th. He came back for an 8th for 9th overall.
#103 Nate Mason from Michigan had a solid first moto up in 9th, but suffered some trouble in moto 2 and is scored a 36th for 15th overall.
Ryan Derry is a working engineer. He doesn’t need our nonsense!
#25 Daniel Elmore took that pre-race smile to the podium with 4-3 motos.
#89 Kevin Sullivan just missed getting the “lanterne rouge” with 37-DNF scores for 39th.
#39 Max Filipek quietly snuck in a pretty good day finishing 12-17 for 14th.
It can’t be very comfortable riding at Dylan Wright’s pace, but #15 Jess Pettis is the rider who is left with the task of trying! He’s very close and getting closer. 2-2 put him 2nd.
I haven’t even talked to #32 Yanick Boucher yet this season! I’m going to change that this week. Be ready, Yanick! He was 19th at SDL.
Dylan Wright puts his goggles on just like the rest of us, but when his are on he he goes faster than most of us can even imagine. 1-1 again this week.
I liked #881 Jerry Lorenz’s attitude taking the inside gate. He suffered bike issues in moto 1 but still finished 17-10 for 12th in the 450 class.
No words were spoken or eye contact was made here. Let’s see if I can spin this into a big, dramatic story…
We stayed with 2009 Racer X Canada Factory Rider for a Day (Gopher Dunes round) Nick May and his better half Angella Goran while at Sand Del Lee. Thanks for the hospitality, you two.
Is Sam Gaynor’s new nickname “Pio”? I knew you could do it, Pio…
Who doesn’t love a good pit board photo?!
#43 Clayton Schmucki cracked the top 15 with 14-15 motos.
Try explaining this pit board to a non racer.
I have no idea what’s on Ethan Oulette’s pit board here. I can only see his glasses!
D-Spec with the motivation.
Classic Jerome Therrien body language. I have more than a few shots like this from over the years.
Ryder McNabb and Justin Roney ready for another overall. Harrison kept him behind him all of moto 2. It was a good one!
Noah will head to Loretta Lynn’s now.
A little bit of last-minute work for Blake Davies.
Josiah may be out of focus but that look just has to make it in here.
Gettin “Giggy” with it.
Dylan Wright worked his way forward and took bot moto wins again this week.
Steve making sure he records this one.
Daniel got his turn to toss some SWAG.
Dylan threw his race-worn jersey into the crowd.
Then Ryan Lockhart went all grown up and told these kids to take it easy. Times sure have changed.
With this look, we have to let Julien Perrier say….nope, wait…
With this look, Cael Firth from cgfmediaco gets to say it: “See you at the races...”

Thanks for taking a look. We’ll see everyone at River Glade in Moncton, New Brunswick, this weekend. If you’ve never been to this one, wait until you see how many people show up!