Faces at the Races | A2 Supercross | Presented by Leatt

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Photos by Jeff McConkey and Bigwave


‘Faces at the Races’ is brought to you by Leatt

Jeff and Billy team up on this edition of ‘Faces at the Races‘ Presented by Leatt from round 3 of the 2017 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series at A2.


Chad Reed is as calm as ever come race day. Here he is practicing saying hello to Kourtney Lloyd, we think.


Jess Pettis aka ‘JP Dollabill’ was spitting fire at A2. “Crew rolling down to the track…”

20170121 Ken Roczen

Kenny was all business at A2. Get well soon, Ken!

20170121- Ken Roczen Shelby Tse

I found friendly Canadian, Shellby Tse, stalking Roczen early in the day.

20170121- Frenchie

Like always, Frenchie (Luc Caouette) was a busy man in the pits. He passed Billy doing 90mph the other day.

20170121 James Stewart

It was nice to see Big James back at the races. I think he was exaggerating about the size of a fish.

20170121 Tyler Bowers

I caught Tyler Bowers dreaming of podium finishes.

20170121 Steve Matthes

The man himself, Steve Matthes, was back spinning the T-handles for privateer, Alex Ray.

20170121 Roger Decoster

THE Man himself, Roger Decoster… no caption needed.

20170121 Ryan Dungey

Does this guy ever stop smiling?


It just looked too cool not to take a picture of.

20170121- Jason Wiegandt

Weege with his game face on early.

20170121 Chad Reed

Reedy with his fresh new Fox Monster lid.

20170121Chad Reed

Who doesn’t love new cheek pads.

20170121- Cole Martinez

Half Canadian, Cole Martinez, hanging out with Broc Tickle.

20170121 Twitch

I found Twitch sneaking around or hanging out with Josh Hansen’s Livin 100 crew.


FMF’s Lil D is always doing business.

20170121- Don Emler

FMF’S Donny Emler Sr. admiring some of his work.


It was nice bumping into Damon Back. We should be seeing him for at least the West rounds of the 2017 CMRC Nationals.


Brandan Leith looked good at A2. Can someone please help this guy line up for the entire CMRC Nationals. Pretty sad when a top 3 guy has to pull out due to lack of funding.

20170121 Marco Dube

Marco Dube was at A2 with 6D Helmets.

20170121- Logan Karnow

Logan Karnow had surgery Monday on his right wrist. Let’s hope he drinks his milk and we see him ready for the 250 East.

20170121 Jimmy Decotis

Jimmy D always has time for his favourite Canadian media members.

20170121 Brett Metcalfe Kyle Chisholm

Brett Metcalfe shows Kyle Chisholm the fastest way to IN N OUT.

20170121 Ryan Hughes

New team manger, Ryan Hughes, looks to be having fun.

20170121-IMG_4344 jm

The Cat, A.J. Cananzaro, normally races East, but is contesting the 250 West for 2017.

20170121 Justin Bogle jm

Can anybody out smile Justin Bogle?

20170121- Cooper Webb jm

Cooper Webb caught me creepin.

20170121- Malcolm Stewart jm

Somebody was happy to be back.

20170121- Malcolm Stewart jm

With Malcolm and Big James back, we are only missing one Stewart.

20170121 Seth Rarick Aaron Plessinger

Aaron Plessinger was comparing his hair game with Seth Rarick. Jeff picked the winner, and it wasn’t the guy on the right.

20170121 Zach Bell

It was nice to see Zach Bell at A2. He’s back riding and just finished 4th in his first-ever off-road race.


I think Broc Tickle was smirking about the potential for a rutty A2.

20170121- Robbie Feder

Our close friend, Robbie Feder, is now spinning the wrenches for Lil’ Hanny.

20170121- Blake Wharton

Blake Wharton was in the house.

20170121 Eli Tomac

Eli Tomac was in the zone before opening ceremonies.

20170121 Marvin Musquin

I’ve never seen Marvin not in a good mood. Seriously.

20170121Marty Friedman

A very cool version of the stars and stripes was played.

20170121 Marty Friedman

Marty Friedman, formerly of Megadeath, had the crowd rocking.


Things were about to heat up in Anaheim. (Jeff did that one!)

20170121- Chad Reed

They still love Chad Reed in SoCal. I wish I’d turned and took a photo of him coming down off the ramp and turning right into a pile of sloppy mud 2 feet deep!

20170121 Ken Roczen

Ken Roczen is always a crowd favourite.

20170121- Ken Roczen

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we will get to see anymore of this in 2017.

20170121- Ryan Dungey

In my opinion, this guy should get even more cheers.


The future stars of the sport.

20170121- Aaron Plessinger

Full Rockstar status for Plessinger.

20170121 Aaron Plessinger

Thor had Aaron Plessinger in some colourful duds for A2. This is what you don’t see on TV.

20170121 Davi Millsaps

Davi Millsaps is starting to look like the Davi of old.

20170121 Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson was slapped with a timeout at A2.

20170121- Steve Matthes

Steve Matthes was back in the saddle with A-Ray, and check out those retro shades he wore for the occasion!


It’s OK to kiss a dude on the helmet when he dominates A2.


Selfie game strong.

20170121- Justin Hill

Justin Hill was pumped to be back on top. I’m sure if you look at Josh Hill’s Instagram, you’ll see that shot on his screen.

20170121- Aaron Plessinger

Plessinger waiting for his time on the Big Screen.


Your 250 A2 podium.

20170121- Ryan Dungey

‘The Diesel’ is just getting warmed up.


20170121 Ryan Dungey

Still in the zone.

20170121 Cole Seely

Cole Seely obviously bummed for his teammate Roczen.

20170121 Jenny Taft

Jenny Taft is not just a pretty face. It’s impressive to watch how hard she works for every interview.

20170121 Cole Seely

Hey Cole, 3rd isn’t that bad.


It’s hard to be happy for the 14, after what happened to the 94.


Your 450 A2 podium.

20170121 Billy Van Vugt

You never know who you will bump into in Cali, like Mike Judge and Billy Van Vugt with their better halves. Great to see you, guys.

20170121-Mike Alessi Vince Friese

Vince Friese and Mike Alessi sharing a laugh early in the day.


The track walk looked like a heard of cattle.

20170121 Adam Enticknap

Devil Horns from the Seven Deuce Deuce.

20170121- Cade Clason

I can’t believe Cade Clason is covering his fresh “Cartwright” with a hat.

20170121-Mitchell Oldenburg

Mitchell Oldenburg was in full sling mode at A2.

20170121 Kevin Urqhart

Kevin Urqhart says, “Everyone go follow me @life_of_urkle on Insta.”


There was a lot of Canadian content at A2.

20170121- Robbie Feder

Robbie Feder was calm and cool as always. Don’t look into his eyes ladies. He’ll get ya!

20170121-Jeff McConkey

Billy caught me checking out the track.

20170121-Jess Pettis Brock Leitner

Jess Pettis and Brock Leitner talking shoulder injuries.

20170121-Darren Stading

Darren Stading still rocking the Super Trooper stache.


Off in the distance….

20170121 Logan Larnow

It was killing this guy not to be out there racing.

20170121-Davi Millsaps

Davi looks to be in a real good place right now. I would like to think his time in Canada helped.

20170121 Seth Rarick

Seth Rarick with an impressive ‘Blue Steel.’

20170121-Seth Rarick

Seth has the hair game locked down.

20170121-Austin Politelli

Former MX2 Canadian champ, Austin Politelli, is doing his own thing this season and seems pretty happy.

20170121-Nick Wey

Nick Wey showing Team Tedder the way.

20170121 Nick Wey

And Dakota Tedder shows a different way.

20170121-Zach Bell

Billy caught Zach Bell asking me the fast way around the track.

20170121- Brett Metcalfe

Metty was in deep thought in how he was going to race in Austrailia and Canada next season.

20170121- Steve Matthes

Steve Matthes was a busy guy at A2.

20170121-I Andrew Short

Shorty was at A2, and still looking more fit than most riders.




Jimmy D’s steed awaits.

20170121-Justin Barcia

Chomping at the bit to get back.

20170121 Weston Peick Scott

Artsy goggle pic.

20170121 Scott

Some eye candy for the pedalers. Scott Addict and Scott Solace. Choose your carbon weapon!


Hey Jack Wright, beware of foot peg.

20170121- Chris Elliott

They always use to “forget” to put batteries in my headset too. Sorry, Chris Elliott.

20170121- Shane McElrath

Shane McElrath looks like a different guy this season.

20170121- Glen

Remember this guy from his time with a Canadian rider?


They have toned it down a bit, but I’m still not sure.


Riders aren’t the only ones who can rock the tight lines.

20170121 Jon Ames

How about the hot new pink SHOT kit on Jon Ames.

20170121- Ken Roczen

I feel bad for Ken, he’s worked so hard.

20170121 Josh Grant

After an impressive ride, could the old JG33 be back?

20170121- Alex Harvill

It was nice to see world jump record holder Alex Harvill have some SX fun.

20170121- Broc Glover

Legend Broc Glover looks fit enough to race still.


Hey guys, I mustache you a question.

20170121- Jenny Taft

No rest for the wicked.

20170121- Cole Martinez

Cole Martinez warming up the mitts on a chilly California day.

20170121 Jimmy Decotis

Jimmy D and his fresh Tech 7’s. His mechanic was hand-packing a pile for his right foot too.

20170121- Austin Forkner

We are going to see Austin Forkner on the box very soon.

20170121- Zach Commans

Zach Commans wearing a very fresh FXR kit.


The RCH boys are ready for anything.

20170121- Dave Gowland

Dave Gowland holding it down.


Don’t worry Vince, your mechanic Jon has your back. The good thing about having a teammate making the 250 mains is getting a few tips before the 450 main.

20170121- Enticknap

Team Enticknap. Name some other brothers who’ve done this at this level.

20170121- Malcolm Stewart

People were happy to see Malcolm back. His autograph line-up may have been the longest.

20170121- Andy Wilson

Andy Wilson is one hard-working dad.

20170121 Kourtney Lloyd

Kourtney Lloyd and Sandra Smith say, “See you at the Races.”