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Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

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It’s hard to believe that the 2020 season of Rockstar Triple Crown Tour racing has come and gone. We did what we could to make it happen in this extremely strange year, and we should all sit back and consider just how big an accomplishment that was. Canadian Motocross set the template for COVID-19 racing.

Let’s have a look at some of the ‘Faces at the Races‘ from the final two rounds of Supercross at Gopher Dunes.

I hate jargon, but Justin Roney shows us “the new normal.”
Cole Thompson getting ready for battle on Friday. “Foil ’em up, boys!
Marshal Weltin checking out the new SX track that was reversed for the second weekend.
Marco Cannella keeping an eye on the watering procedure.
Guillaume St Cyr in artsy B&W.
Quinn Amyotte plotting a course that would avoid the #55. It didn’t work.
Sally Cannella on the grassy knoll.
Waiting for their turn on the SX track. Experience is the key to the future.
#75 Lindsey Bradley dominated the Ladies Open class.
Shawn Maffenbeier getting his head right.
Matt Goerke getting ready for the last race of his career.
Hellooooo, I’m going to skim the whoops!!
Dario Zecca eying up the triple after the finish line that gave a lot of riders fits.
Ryan Derry was easily the most improved rider of the series, I’d say.
Cody McKague getting some valuable SX experience.
Back to the pits for a BBQ burger, perhaps.
I don’t actually know what that says. “Guy…”?
The Health Shack.

Here are a few artsy “bikes in the pits” shots.

She put up a valiant fight, but I got her!
Jeff Gaynor in the pits.
#22 Jyire Mitchell shows us where it hurts.
Chad Goodwin has some decisions to make this offseason.
Cruising the knoll.
Daymon Goold nursing an injury and helping Ryder McNabb.
Cale Foster was voted ‘Least Likely to Wear a Mask’ back in high school.
#83 Tommy Dallaire helping his buddy out.
Career #51, eh?
Who snags the #2 now?
Keylan Meston trying to get his bike “up on plane” being towed by Josh Cartwright. “Let go of the rope, Keylan. I’ll swing back around!
This little guy wasn’t thrilled at the end of his race. I’m sure this photo helps…
#158 Nathan Snelgrove was pumped to be back at the races.
Julien Perrier from Team PRMX would like to say, “See you at the races…and I’d prefer if you didn’t take this shot

I’m not really sure where I’ll be next, but I”m sure something will come up.

Thanks for another great season, everyone.