Hey, what are you doing this summer…Michael DaSilva?

By Billy Rainford

Michael Dasilva

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, rider, Michael DaSilva has been on Canada’s moto radar since he was quite young. The family is dedicated to the sport and came up through the amateur ranks having hit most all of the big U.S. amateur national races. He turned Pro a couple years ago and last summer traveled west to compete in the entire Rockstar MX Nationals series with fellow young Pro, Hayden Halstead.

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Michael finished last season 16th in MX1 and will run #32 for 2016. He has the potential to keep moving up the result sheet and we were wondering what his plans were for this coming season, so we got in touch with him this afternoon and asked him, “Hey, what are you doing this summer?

2016 #32 Michael Dasilva - Bigwave photo

2016 #32 Michael Dasilva – Bigwave photo

Well, as of right now, going out west it’s just going to be my gal and me. As for a team, I am part of the official BLKRDR By Motovan Team. Equipements les Chutes helped me out a lot this year as well with brand new bikes.

As for this summer, I know that the competition is fierce, however, I’ve put in the work and am more ready than ever. I’m hoping for top ten results and I know that to do so I will need starts. I’ve been practicing a lot of starts, as it is one of the most important parts of the race and already broke a holeshot device. Needless to say my starts should be good by Kamloops!

Good luck this season, Michael. We’ll be keeping an eye on the big #32 in what should be the most competitive MX1 field we’ve ever seen here in Canada. Top 10’s will be an accomplishment, for sure.

Michael DaSilva 32

Watch for the #32 BLKRDR by Motovan Equipments les Chutes Kawasaki this summer. – DaSilva photo