Kaven Benoit Injury Update

By Billy Rainford

20160605 Kaven Benoit

Canadian #3, Kaven Benoit, sustained a broken ankle while racing in Germany. He had surgery Wednesday night and is on the mend | Bigwave photo

Canadian MX1 #3, Kaven Benoit, headed over to Germany last week to compete in the Dortmund SX. At the start of the SX final on the second night, Kaven landed hard on his right leg just after the start and immediately knew he’d done damage to it as he franticly waved the medics over. We gave him a call to see how he’s doing.

Kaven had been training down in South Carolina and flew over to Germany on his own for the race. As they came around the first corner, Kaven said the rider beside him went for the jump section which isn’t always doable on the first lap. For fear of getting landed on, Kaven grabbed a handful of throttle and went for it too.

As he hit the ground, he knew he’d done damage as his ankle was “at a 45-degree angle.” He said the dirt was so sticky that there was no way his leg could have simply slid to the side. It planted hard in the soil and the damage was done.

He was taken to the hospital there in Dortmund where he was told they wouldn’t be able to operate for at least a week. Of course, Kaven wasn’t going to remain in Germany an extra week and wait. His ankle was also dislocated so the doctors set that straight and made him as comfortable as they could.

20160717 Kaven Benoit

“I’m never racing indoors again!” | Bigwave photo

Kaven sustained a broken tibia/fibula and knew that surgery was in his future when he returned home. Unfortunately, his return flight was to Charlotte, North Carolina. He looked into changing it to Montreal but when he found out the cost would be $2000, he decided against it.

Kaven flew into Charlotte where his dad met him and the two of them drove Kaven’s truck back home where he underwent successful surgery Wednesday night.

Kaven will see his doctors again January 31st to determine what the exact prognosis is. “The last time I hurt my ankle it was 6 weeks recovery,” said Kaven.

Kaven’s winter plans involved racing a round or 2 of Monster Energy AMA Supercross, if his experience in Germany had gone well. Said Kaven, “I’m never going to race indoors again!

Heal up fast and well, Kaven. Good luck with your next appointment and we look forward to watching you in your sophomore season of MX1 racing.

Kaven Benoit Montreal 2010

Good luck with your recovery, Kaven (Shown here winning the 2010 Montreal SX2 Supercross) | Bigwave photo