Monday Morning Coffee

Monday Morning Coffee

Monday Morning Coffee

By Billy Rainford

Monday Morning with Bigwave

Good morning and welcome to another week at whatever your usual ‘grind’ is. Not to brag, but my usual grind took a pretty cool turn this morning. It seems someone in the Canadian Motocross Industry was unable to make a short trip to California today, so I was forced to step up to the plate and will now be hopping on a flight to Cahuilla Creek MX to try out a whole bunch of new suspensions from WP.

I can barely walk with this sore knee of mine, and riding the 2017 KTM Off-Road 250 bikes two weeks ago didn’t help matters one little bit. Oh well, I’m heading to the land of prescription drugs, so I’ll pop a few extra strength Ibuprofen pills and make the best of it! ‘Vitamin I’ as we used to call it in the endurance sports field.

Anyway, I’m sure you aren’t feeling too sorry for me, are you. We’re currently got 9 degrees C and rain here at DMX World HQ in London, Canada, so a trip to the desert is going to be a nice change. My biggest concern is that it’s going to leave me a little short trying to come up with a Halloween costume for this Saturday night…

I’ve got to throw a bag together (and try to remember to bring it this time) and head to the airport, so I hope you only ordered a tall/small coffee for this one.

Red Bull Straight Rhythm #3

The biggest event happening over the weekend was the 3rd Annual Red Bull Straight Rhythm out in Pomona, California. It’s pretty cool that an event can still pop up and become a ‘must do’ item on the schedule in such short order. It’s kind of like what Under Armor has done in the garment industry!

Josh Hill raced the Alta Electric Motorcycle in the Lites (yes, they’re still calling it that) and won his first race. Say what you want about the lack of ‘fell’ or ‘sound’ that goes with a non-combustion engine bike, but it would open up so many more doors that I think the naysayers would go the way of the dinosaurs pretty quickly when we’re watching really cool moto events downtown at night around North America! Just think of the possibilities when noise issues are removed? It’s still moto, folks.

You’d just have to do this…

Anyway, there was no James Stewart (2-time defending champ) or Malcolm Stewart (last year’s Lites winner was racing in Europe) so you knew there was going to be a new winner. Here’s a look at the results brackets:

screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-11-28-13-am screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-11-28-32-am


2016 Arnhem Supercross Results

250 Class

1. 144 Morgan Lassiardo

2. 12 Steven Mages

3. 651 Kade Walker

4. 2 Zonta Filippo

5. 329 Luca Nijenhuis

6. 147 Bram van den Hoek

7. 259 Julien Lebeau

8. 6 Dylan Woodcock

9. 14 Joe Clayton

10. 55 Mike Kras

Supercross Class

1. 461 Romain Febvre 1-2

2. 243 Tim Gasjer 2-7

3. 1 Thomas Ramette 5-3

4. 120 Cedric Soubeyras 3-6

5. 47 Malcolm Stewart 16-1

6. 941 Angelo Pellegrini 4-5

7. 36 Matteo Bonini 8-4

8. 155 Jack Brunell 6-8

9. 151 Matt Bayliss 10-9

10. 211 Sulivan Jaulin 9-12

King of Arnhem Superfinal

1. 243 Tim Gasjer

2. 461 Romain Febvre

3. 120 Cedric Soubeyras

4. 47 Malcolm Stewart

5. 941 Angelo Pellegrini

6. 36 Matteo Bonini

7. 1 Thomas Ramette

8. 144 Morgan Lessiardo

9. 151 Matt Bayliss

10. 2 Zonta Filippo

11. 532 Ricky Renner

12. 651 Kade Walker

13. 644 Nick Kouwenberg

14. 155 Jack Brunell

15. 12 Steven Mages

Everett Endurocross | Shelby Turner Wins 5th Race!

From the official Endurocross website:

Webb Wins Convincingly at Everett EnduroCross

Colton Haaker and Ty Tremaine round out the podium

Everett Washington’s Xfinity Arena and the packed house of fans filling it were treated with an impressive EnduroCross duel between the top championship contenders as defending two-time Champion Cody Webb went to the front early and held off a blitzing Colton Haaker for the win. KTM’s Webb never looked back on the soft, rutted and loose course after taking the lead on the second lap. Once again, the front-runners were so fast on the night, they lapped third-place finisher, RPM KTM’s Ty Tremaine, on the last lap. Ty Tremaine’s podium finish was his first in the Pro Class.

Webb, Haaker and Tremaine all won their respective heat races earlier in the night, each getting a bonus point in the championship standings. This was Tremaine’s second heat race win in a row and second of his career. Also transferring straight to the main out of their heat races was Beta’s Kyle Redmond and Max Gerston, KTM’s Taddy Blazusiak and Canadian brothers Wyatt and Trystan Hart. In the first LCQ, which featured Husqvarna’s Mike Brown, DA8 Training’s Cooper Abbott and Beta’s Ty Cullins went 1-2 to keep Brown out of the main event after the matrix got the best of the Husky rider for the first time this year. The second LCQ win went to Nick Thompson followed by Noah Kepple.

Haaker was arguably the fastest racer in the building all night with the fastest daytime Hot Lap, a heat race win and another the top time during the evening Hot Lap, which earned another championship point and first gate pick for the main event. By the time the main event gate dropped, Haaker had gained one more point on Webb in the championship battle.

Webb was trying really hard to be that guy all night. He was riding possessed in both Hot Lap sessions to set the tone and, in the evening, earn any extra points possible. But his time didn’t come until the main event. However, his undeniable skills through the toughest obstacles on the track were impressive all night. Webb was clearly fastest through a brutal matrix section and was airing the sketchy obstacles-turned-jumps with the biggest names in the sport all night.

When the main event gate dropped, Haaker took the $500 Nexen Tire Holeshot award and put his trademark heater lap into motion aboard the factory Husqvarna, trying to stretch a gap on the field. Nearly next to him around the first turn was returning five-time champion Taddy Blazusiak. Blazusiak would be in contention for only two obstacles before going down and tangling off the track, getting back up in sixth place to start the race. Meanwhile, Webb, Tremaine and SRT-backed Cory Graffunder gave chase to Haaker. Redmond would come out in fifth as the train formed in pursuit of Haaker.

By the second lap, Webb made a pass on Haaker for the lead and didn’t look back. Haaker put the heat on over-and-over, but Webb was simply faster and more consistent, especially across the matrix section, so Haaker’s charges were always matched. Even when he would gain on the smallest mistakes by Webb, Webb erased the gains nearly as quickly.

By lap four, Webb was running into lapped traffic and Tremaine was pulling a lead over the rest of the top five. By lap five, the lapped traffic was getting heavier and Webb sliced through them cleanly putting more time on Haaker in second. The lapped traffic slowed Tremaine in third more, as well, allowing Redmond to get close enough to apply pressure. Meanwhile, Blazusiak had rebounded up to pass for fifth, only to lose the position with another mistake.

Before lap 10, Webb was lapping into the top five. And once he passed Redmond—who was in fourth at the time—it took Haaker two laps to get by the same position. That was really the difference for the top two spots and at this point, it was a cruise to the finish for Webb without much pressure from Haaker. In the final laps, a few mistakes by Haaker sealed the deal and Webb went on to the checkers.

Again, the top two passed the entire field, including third-place finisher Tremaine, in route to their dominant performance.

“I really sent it in the Hot Lap tonight because I need to get as many points as I can,” Webb said. “Then, Colton did a near-perfect lap and beat me just barely—that kind of hurt a little bit. So, I knew I had to give it my all in the main and I came in really focused to not lose any more points. Colton made a little mistake and I was able to get by early and he hung there on my tire most of the race. The good thing is I knew I didn’t make any mistakes all night, really. And in the main that mattered because I think I only made two little mistakes and Colton made more. It allowed me to open up the gap and cruise to victory. It’s a great feeling.”

KTM’s Cody Webb won convincingly in Everett Washington, tightening up the championship points over rival Colton Haaker Photo: Adam Booth.

“I got the holeshot—had a great start—then on the second lap I had made a mistake and lost the front end and went off the track,” Haaker said. “Cody got by and I paced him for five or six laps until we started getting into some lappers. I got stuck behind one early that put me in a bad spot in the firewood. From there, I felt like I was riding well but started to lose contact and struggled on the track. It’s so soft here and not like anything we normally ride in Southern California. Overall, I had more mistakes at the end of the race and just couldn’t get through the lappers as easily as Cody did. I couldn’t battle back as easily. In the end I lost a few points but didn’t give up too much so it’s still a good night here in second.”

Husqvarna’s Colton Haaker still has a 10-point lead going into the next round, and despite pulling out his best tricks and fastest laps, he couldn’t match Webb’s consistent speed in Washington. Photo: Adam Booth

“It was gnarly—the track was demanding and it was definitely a rough one to say the least,” Tremaine said. “I had Redmond behind me for a long time and I think fitness set in because I’ve been working so hard. I kept looking ahead and finally saw the white flag and new I had it. The matrix was so tough, so was the firewood, but the matrix was something I dreaded every lap. I got through it but it wasn’t easy.”

RPM KTM’s Ty Tremaine had the race of this career in Everett, winning his second heat race in as many events and grabbing his first Pro Class podium. Photo: Adam Booth

Graffunder raced strong to finish fourth, battling from third to fifth and finally passing for fourth in the final laps. Redmond ran in fourth most of the race and was fast all night only dropping to fifth at the very end. Sixth place went to Blazusiak who had mistakes hold back his charge all night. Gerston finished seventh after moving up from a 10th place start. Trystan hart moved into eight by the end of the race after starting in 11th. Noah Kepple put in another solid ride for ninth and Nick Thompson rounded out the top ten.

Cooper Abbott, Ty Cullins and Wyatt Hart finished eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth in the main respectively.

2016 Everett, Washington AMA EnduroCross Main Event Results

  1. Cody Webb, KTM
  2. Colton Haaker, Husqvarna
  3. Ty Tremaine, KTM
  4. Cory Graffunder, KTM
  5. Kyle Redmond, Beta
  6. Taddy Blazusiak, KTM
  7. Max Gerston, Beta
  8. Trystan Hart, Husqvarna
  9. Noah Kepple, KTM
  10. Nick Thompson, KTM
  11. Cooper Abbott, Husqvarna
  12. Ty Culins, Beta
  13. Wyatt Hart, Husqvarna
Webb (center), Haaker (left) and Tremaine (right) made the Everett podium. Photo: Adam Booth

Heading into the penultimate round in Idaho, Haaker leads the points standings by 10 over Webb, Brown—who failed to make the main event in Everett sits 42 points further back in third. Tremaine gained serious ground and is now four points out of a top-three overall in fourth.

Canada’s Shelby Turner took her fifth win in six races this weekend in the Women’s main event riding a KTM. The Canadian finished in front of Morgan Tanke, again after a great battle. Beta’s Tanke is now 14-points back in second place. Third place went to Rachel Gutish, favoring a tender knee injury suffered at the ISDE last week. Turner also raced the ISDE, representing Canada. Another ISDE racer, Tarah Geiger, had a great race back to the EnduroCross circuit lost third on the last lap and dropped back to finish fourth.

Shelby Turner (center) and Morgan Tanke (left) finished first and second in the Women’s main. Rachel Gutish (right) rounded out the podium–the same way it went down last week! Photo: Adam Booth

EnduroCross events also include two support classes for Amateurs and Vet riders 35 and older. Canadian Kevin Dupuis took the win in the Amateur class. Stephen Foord—vet class stalwart—took second after a late-race charge to the front. Third went to Joel Tonsgard, a local Washington racer.

In the Vet class, Foord took his second win in a row with fellow Canadian Shane Cuthbertson in second and Washington’s Jason Gitchel in third.

In the Trialscross class, Everett hosted one of the biggest turnouts of the season with thirteen racers lining up for the main event. In the end, local Washington racer Kyle Larsen took the win over young gun Anthony Johnson. Ronald Ringuette came up the final podium spot.

The series will resume Saturday, November 5 in Nampa, Idaho. Tickets are available at:

The insane EnduroCross obstacles provide a great show and exciting racing for race fans. So if you have never been to an AMA EnduroCross in person, you need to put one on your calendar for 2016.

And if you want to tackle an EnduroCross course yourself, there are classes for Amateur, Vet, Women and TrialsCross riders. All of those support class main events run as part of the night show so it is your chance to compete in front of a large crowd. And there is nothing more challenging than tackling an EnduroCross course.

Racers can enter here:

As an added bonus for pre-registering, racers will receive a $10 Gift Card from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.

All eight rounds of the 2016 AMA EnduroCross series will air on the CBS Sports Network for the second consecutive year. For CBS Sports Network information, please visit

2016 AMA EnduroCross Championship Schedule
August 27, 2016  –  Duluth, Georgia  –  Infinite Energy Center
September 3, 2016  –  Brandon, South Dakota  –  Badlands Motor Speedway
September 10, 2016  –  Salt Lake City, Utah  –  Vivint Smart Home Arena
September 24, 2016  –  Scottsdale, Arizona  –  WestWorld – Intl Off-Road & UTV Expo
October 1, 2016  –  Denver, Colorado  –  National Western Events Center
October 22, 2016  –  Everett, Washington  –  XFINITY Arena
November 5, 2016  –  Nampa, Idaho  –  Ford Idaho Center
November 18-19, 2016  –  Ontario, California  –  Citizens Business Bank Arena

EnduroCross 2016 Sponsors V3

Future West Canadian Arenacross Championships Results


Future West Arenacross | Armstrong BC Round 1 | Full Pro Results

Armstrong, BC

Friday, October 21, 2016

Pro Lights

1. 20 Jess Pettis YAM

2. 15 Shawn Maffenbeier KTM

3. 222 Chris Howell HSK

4. 23 Ryeley Gallup KTM

5. 35 Sebastian Lave HSK

6. 101 Ryan Lockhart KAW

7. 33 Casey Keast YAM

8. 8 Keylan Meston YAM

9. 291 Dylan Delaplace YAM

DNF 1 Ross Johnson HON

DNF 59 Noah McConahy HSK

DNF 21 Davey Fraser HON

Pro Open

1. 20 Jess Pettis YAM

2. 15 Shawn Maffenbeier KTM

3. 59 Noah McConahy HSK

4. 101 Ryan Lockhart KAW

5. 1 Ross Johnson HON

6. 33 Casey Keast YAM

7. 118 Boston Calder YAM

8. 98 Gram Klassen KTM

9. 8 Keylan Meston YAM

10. 15 Shawn Maffenbeier KTM

DNF 222 Chris Howell HSK

DNS 23 Ryeley Gallup KTM

DNS 35 Sebastian Lave HSK

Dash for Cash

1. 59 Noah McConahy HSK $750

2. 20 Jess Pettis YAM $0


Saturday Round 2 and Point Standings

Australian Supercross Open is Coming – Nov 12-13

Arenacross Heads to Penticton, BC Where the Two Series Will Go Head to Head

This coming weekend, Arenacross Tour and Future West Arenacross come together in Penticton, BC for round 3 of both series. It should be a great race with an increased number of top Pros trying to make the main events and the Clash for Cash. The question remains, will Chris Blose and Colton Facciotti be making the trip west?

I spoke with the Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing rider this morning and he informed me that, as of this moment, he will NOT be heading west for Penticton.

I spoke with Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha honcho, André Laurin, and he told me Chris Blose will make the trip west for the remaining rounds.

Who can step up to challenge Blose for this title now? Methinks the answer is nobody…

20161008- Chris Blose

Chris Blose will head west but Clash points leader, Colton Facciotti, will not | Bigwave photo

OK, time to head to the airport to head on my 4-stop flight to San Diego. Wish me luck on the bikes tomorrow! I’m not sure if standing or sitting the whole time will be easier on my knee. Have a great week, everyone.