Photo Report | 2016 Mini O’s | Friday

By Billy Rainford

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This was another full day of racing at the 45th Annual Thor Winter Olympics. We made it all the way through the heats and the consolation races. Tomorrow will be all finals. Canadians had some pretty impressive performances that had people talking. Let’s get right to it.


It was another busy day, so let’s walk straight into it and pretend we don’t see the camera…

20161125-img_1380 Preston Masciangelo

#22 Preston Masciangelo got the day started on the right foot in 85 (9-11). He pulled off a very solid 4th place in heat 3.

20161125-img_1383 Matthew Leblanc

To the surprise of no one, #329 Matthew Leblanc won his heat.

20161125-img_1397 Challen Tennant

Next, #71 Challen Tennant came out and won the 250 Pro Sport.

20161125-img_1403 Haiden Deegan

Deegan came out and smashed the 65 (7-9)…again.


Stephan Watling waiting for the 250 B heat.

20161125-img_1415 Marco Cannella

Marco Cannella gets ready to impress a bunch of people.

20161125-img_1422 Tanner Ward

“What’s he doing over there? Well, me too then!” Tanner Ward went out and had a great moto too.

20161125-img_1436 Tanner Ward

Tanner heads to the first turn on the inside.


Check it out! Marco and Tanner head out 1 and 2! I ran around like an over-proud mini dad.


#128 Carter Halpain must have had a really good final lap because he passed both our guys on it to take the win.

20161125-img_1476 Marco Cannella

Cannella leads Ward in 250 B. They finished 2-3 but Marco was handed a 2-place penalty for jumping on a yellow. Halpain actually came over to the officials afterward and vouched for Marco but the call stood. Tanner got 2nd and Marco went to 4th.

20161125-img_1508 Austin Watling

#424 Austin Watling was next in his 250B heat.

20161125-img_1526 Austin Watling

He, too, had a great moto and finished 6th in heat 2.

20161125-img_1534 Brandon Gourlay

#327 Brandon Gourlay was in heat 3 and finished 7th. I think this was actually the moto where his rear shock coil broke. Impressive ride, considering.

20161125-img_1546 John Wernsdorfer

Our buddy John Wernsdorfer in his happy place.


Gourlay and #317 Cooper Larche blast off the line.

20161125-img_1574 Jo Shimoda

#47 Jo Shimoda is looking good in the B classes and took 2nd in heat 3 behind Garrett Marchbanks.

20161125-img_1577 Brandon Gourlay

I’ve got shot from this corner from a whole bunch of years at the Mini O’s.

20161125-img_1581 Cooper Larche

Cooper was 15th and had to head to the consi.

20161125-img_1605 Brandon Hartranft

#402 Brandon Hartranft was 5th in 450 Pro Sport moto 1.

20161125-img_1613 Jordan Bailey

Jordan Bailey was 3rd.

20161125-img_1600 Challen Tennant

Tennant racked up another win.

20161125-img_1630 Stilez Robertson

#325 Stilez Robertson won the first Supermini 2 heat.

20161125-img_1636 Bjorn Viney

Canadian #53 Bjorn Viney was 9th. Fortunately, the arm he was favouring yesterday was OK.

20161125-img_1642 Kyle Smith

#12 Kyle Smith took 65 (10-11) moto 1.

20161125-img_1643 Noah Viney

Canadian #43 Noah Viney was 16th.


#79 Jett Reynolds chased down #32 Kaeden Amerine in Mini Sr. (12-15) heat 1.

20161125-img_1683 Carson Mumford

#122 Carson Mumford didn’t hold back in the other heat and took the win.

20161125-img_1686 Thomas Rendall

#494 Thomas Rendall was 17th and headed to the consi.

20161125-img_1694 Riley Clapp

#852 Riley Clapp was 16th in the second heat of 51 (4-8) Ltd.


I hadn’t been by Tanner Ward’s pit yet, so I wandered over. They pretended they weren’t there…


Water duty.


FXR sponsor plug!

20161125-img_1719 Thomas Rendall

Thomas was solid in 85 (12-13) heat 2 and took 10th to move on.

20161125-img_1726 Nathanael Thrasher

#428 Nathanael Thrasher won his heat.

20161125-img_1728 Eve Brodeur

#141 Eve Brodeur got some extra track time and raced the College (16-24) in the final heat race of the day.

20161125-img_1730 Eve Brodeur

Unfortunately, she crashed and popped her shoulder and headed back to the pits.

20161125-img_1737 Eve Brodeur

After chatting with the medics, that is. I went down and talked to her and she said she also popped it out earlier in the week, not while riding.

20161125-img_1732 Julio Zambrano

Julio Zambrano was 2nd in his College heat.

20161125-img_1751 Brandon Gourlay

Brandon took 10th in his College heat.


“Is that it, Dad?” “No, son. Now we move to the consolation races…”

20161125-img_1766 Vincent Fortin

I missed young Quebec rider #8 Vincent Fortin all week. Je m’excuse. Vincent has two 16th’s and a 24th in the 65 classes.

20161125-img_1777 Max Filipek

Grimsby’s #343 Max Filipek has a 12th and a 24th so far in his 450 B classes.


I know this is a terrible shot of Max, but I did it on purpose. I still look at one like this of me from 1985 and I like it for some reason. Ask Max in 27 years if he still likes it…

20161125-img_1778 Max Filipek

We’ll watch for Max in the 450B final moto tomorrow.


Including this TM, there is 1 TM on the property. It won its consi.

20161125-img_1794 Vincent Fortin

Fortin in his consi race. He didn’t make it in this class.

20161125-img_1797 Tristan Dares

#25 is Tristan Dares from Rockwood, ON. He didn’t make it through this consi in the late afternoon sunshine.

20161125-img_1825 Cooper Larche

#317 Cooper Larche nailed a holeshot in his consi and held on for 3rd to move on.


20161125-img_1834 Cooper Larche

Not a great photo, but still…it’s a holeshot for Cooper at the Mini O’s!

20161125-img_1852 Deshan Cemovic

Mini dad walkin’!

20161125-img_1863 Matthew Cemovic

#101 Matthew Cemovic had to get top 10 in his consi, and he did just that.


That’s Larry Fortin who came up to race in Canada a couple times this summer with the Supermini 2 consi holeshot and win.


Sorry, I didn’t see you when I went by. Can you be a little more obvious next time, please?

20161125-img_1902 Thomas Rendall

Thomas Rendall in his Mini Sr. consi where he had a great race and took 2nd to move on.


I’ve almost learned not to talk about religion or politics…almost…


We got to the very end of consolation races today, so tomorrow it’s all second motos and championships!

Woohoo! I'm gonna throw some cut grass!

Woohoo! I’m gonna throw some cut grass!


No go get some sleep, and we’ll see you at the races…