Photo Report | 2016 Mini O’s | Thursday – MX Begins

By Billy Rainford

Today was all about the motocross track at the 45th Annual Thor Winter Olympics. All of the Supercross champions were crowned Wednesday and we all shifted our attention 90 degrees to the famous Gatorback track. 

They got through a bunch of mx practice Wednesday, but there were still a bunch to run. With 2284 entries, there were a lot of bikes to get their turn on the track for practice! 

The temperature has been riding constantly throughout the week and today it was actually a bit of a factor…for me at least. Here is a look at some of the action from Thursday at Gatorback Cycle Park.

20161124-img_0853 Sam Cannella

When I poked my head out of my tent, Sam Cannella was hard at work getting Marco’s bike ready for the MX track.

20161124-img_0854 Matt Crown

Matt Crown is here without Joey and racing. His bike was all ready when the sun came up.


Here’s the lay of the land. That’s the Cannellas on the right, Matt on the left, and that’s my 8-person tent in the background.


Beside us in Eve Brodeur’s pit. She’s racing Schoolboy 2 and College this week in preparation for the final round of the WMX series Saturday.


If you walk straight ahead from the Brodeur’s place, you find the Gourlays’ rustic pit.


That’s Canadians #53 Bjorn Viney on the left and #327 Brandon Gourlay on the right enjoying the morning sunshine.


Check out their set up. That could be the smallest tent I’ve ever seen! We joked that they can actually walk right into those things. (They’re not the tallest family)


I scored some great coffee and toast with crunchy peanut butter.


Classic van set up.


I wandered over to the Watlings’ pit but they were out on the track for practice.


Matt after his practice. He was promising himself he wasn’t being serious about the actual races…


Westen Wrozyna was up early and chomping at the bit to race.


Matthew Cemovic ready to hit the track.


Sam has never been here before. Here he is watching Marco during practice. His biggest fear was going back to the pits to explain that yes, Marco had in fact been docked 5 positions for jumping on a yellow in the moto he got 4th in.


“Had better day, Lois…had better days.” ~ Peter Griffin

20161124-img_0888 Matthew Cemovic

Look at that head of hair! Matthew had better hope it’s true that men’s hair comes from the mother’s side. It sure didn’t in my case!


Time for the first gate drop in the 250B Ltd. class.

20161124-img_0904 Carter Halpain

#128 Carter Halpain continued his winning ways and won heat 1. I always figure taking the inside gate means you’re serious about trying to win. 


#50 Austin Winslow won the 2nd.

20161124-img_0913 Evan Ferry

#75 Evan Ferry had his way with the first heat of 85 (9-11) Ltd. field.

20161124-img_0923 Preston Masciangelo

#22 Preston Masciangelo took 14th in the second heat.

20161124-img_0926 Tristan Dares

Rockwood, ON rider #25 Tristan Dares was 30th in the 3rd heat.

20161124-img_0930 Gregory Rovers

#50 Gregory Rovers (also from Rockwood) was 31st in heat 1 of the 250C Ltd. class. Sorry I missed you all week, Gregory.


These guys put on a great show in the Masters 55+ class. #929 Samuel Allen Jr. took the win in the last couple corners.

20161124-img_0952 Riley Clapp

There he is! #852 is Riley Clapp from Amhurstburg, ON. He finished 21st in heat 2 of 51 (7-8) Ltd.


20161124-img_0960 Riley Clapp

He gets 2 since I missed him all week. (It’s the same corner…I didn’t work all that hard for the deuce)


Nobody was going to beat #30 Jordan Jarvis today. She took the Girls (12-16) class and will be fast Saturday in the WMX final round.


A golf cart full of Canadians. That’s the Watlings and the Filipeks.

20161124-img_0975 Matt Crown

Matt happy to be racing again. He said it’s been 2 years for him.

20161124-img_0978 Jordan Bailey

#133 Jordan Bailey got out to the early lead in the first 250 A moto. You can see Canadian #34 Westen Wrozyna over his left shoulder, not far behind on lap1.


Westen was up in the top 10 early and ended up 14th at the flag. 


Jordan was under fire from #71 Challen Tennant.

20161124-img_1006 Sean Cantrell

#37 Sean Cantrell took the win over Bailey and Tennant.

20161124-img_1016 Stilez Robertson

#325 Stilez Robertson took the Supermini 1 heat 1 win.

20161124-img_1027 Jalek Swoll

Yes, question at the back from Jalek Swoll? Jalek won his heat in Schoolboy 1.

20161124-img_1029 Matt Crown

Um, I know Matt Crown isn’t the tallest guy in the world, but what’s going on in this photo???

20161124-img_1040 Matthew Cemovic

#101 Matthew Cemovic took 21st in heat 2 of Supermini 1 and will head to the consi.

20161124-img_1050 Thomas Rendall

#494 Thomas Rendall was 28th in the 2nd heat and will meet Matthew in the consi.

20161124-img_1051 Bjorn Viney

Canadian #53 Bjorn Viney looked great getting 10th in his heat but was really favouring his left wrist after he crossed the line.


That’s one way to get in a photo report.


These Cemovic kids are pretty talented. Estrella baked these special Thanksgiving cookies and Matthew sets up his own snow cone stand to make some cash at the races.

20161124-img_1082 Haiden Deegan

Haiden Deegan won his heat in 65 (7-11).


Something told me the dude on the far side didn’t really want to get the start.

20161124-img_1102 Chloe Metcalfe

I joked with #196 Chloe Metcalfe that when I turned and took a photo of her it looked like she was getting slapped in the face. Yep, it really does.

20161124-img_1107 marco Cannella

Marco Cannella cruising around in his cool Canadian Fox gear.


The 450 A first moto was before both of them, though.

20161124-img_1119 Justin Cooper

#91 Justin Cooper took this one with Tennant trying everything he could to chase him down.

20161124-img_1096 Sean Cantrell

Cantrell didn’t get a good start and was a fairly distant 3rd.


Women’s 14+ moto hits the first turn with #25 Estrella Cemovic in the mix.

20161124-img_1177 Chloe Metcalfe

Chloe said she loved the 250 2-stroke on the Gatorback track and finished 25th after suffering some intense arm pump.

20161124-img_1172 Estrella Cemovic

Estrella had a solid race and finished 8th.

20161124-img_1191 Marco Cannella

#46 Marco Cannella blasts off down the start straight in his Schoolboy 2 heat.

20161124-img_1192 Garrett Marchbanks

#82 Garrett Marchbanks was out front but Marco kept him close.

20161124-img_1194 Marco Cannella

Marco would take a very solid 2nd in the heat.

20161124-img_1197 Andrew Ward

Andrew pushing #184 Tanner Ward’s bike to the 2nd Schoolboy 2 heat.

img_0042 Tanner Ward

Tanner was 10th when the flag flew.

20161124-img_1199 Eve Brodeur

#141 Eve Brodeur and Vanessa Paquette prep Eve’s gate in the Schoolboy 2 heat.

20161124-img_1232 Eve Brodeur

Eve finished 28th.

20161124-img_1252 Lance Kobusch

#99 Lance Kobusch was leading the 2nd heat until the final corner. I snapped so many photos of him going berserk, I almost ran out of film! My money is on him in the consi…

20161124-img_1307 Ricky Renner

#1 Ricky Renner ran down the leaders and won the Junior 25+ moto.

20161124-img_1316 Austin Watling

#424 Austin Watling put in a solid 450 B Ltd. moto.

20161124-img_1317 Austin Watling.

He took 3rd, but he was really trying to pass Justin Rodbell for 2nd. With a good start, he could really challenge in the final.

20161124-img_1332 Max Filipek

#343 Max Filipek was in the same heat, but got off to a bad start and tried to work his way forward. He finished 24th.

20161124-img_1341 John Grewe

No surprise, #70 John Grewe won the Senior 40+ moto.

20161124-img_1352 Jett Reynolds

#79 Jett Reynolds was close, but finished 2nd to #428 Nathanael Thrasher in the Mini Sr Ltd. moto.

20161124-img_1359 Nathanael Thrasher

Thrasher leads Reynolds in the warm late-afternoon light.

20161124-img_1357 Thomas Rendall

Thomas was in this moto and finished 16th.

Lance Kobusch Mini O's 2016

See you at the races…