PODCAST | Colton Facciotti | 1985 Honda CR500

By Billy Rainford


#45 Colton Facciotti on a borrowed 1985 Honda CR500 this past weekend at Gopher Dunes | Derek Schuster photo

I’ll admit I was pretty disappointed I didn’t make the drive over to Gopher Dunes this past Saturday afternoon for their Vintage racing when I found out 4-time Canadian national champion, Colton Facciotti, was lining up on a borrowed 1985 Honda CR500 2-stroke.

GDR’s Derek Schuster posted a short video on Instagram, so if you haven’t had a chance to see it and listen to it, be sure to head over to the GDR Instagram (we reposted it on Direct Motocross Instagram, too).

We wanted to grab Colton for a chat to talk about what he actually thought about racing this beast of a bike, so we gave him a call and caught up with him as he was driving home from a day of practice at his team’s home track.