TLD Thursday Wallpapers: 2015 Detroit SX

By Billy Rainford

Decorate your desktop with these 1920 X 1200 shots from the 2015 Detroit SX.


Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha rider #6 Jeremy Martin. I always enjoy trying to capture that moment when a rider taps the rear brake and the dirt flies from the wheel. It looks better live…


#79 Owen Racing Seven Honda rider Jace Owen.


#1E Geico Honda’s Justin Bogle. Like I always say, just keep your camera pointed in Justin’s direction and good things will happen.


#46 JGR Toyota Yamaha rider Phil Nicoletti. It was hard to leave this spot in Detroit – it felt like I was shooting at Gopher Dunes!


#70 is Nick Schmidt from Riverside, California. He showed great intensity and didn’t bow down to the factory stars one bit at Ford Field.


Nobody was going to touch #3 Geico Honda’s Eli Tomac on this night. He looked faster in every section of the track.


#41 Team Honda’s Trey Canard’s crash with Jake Weimer in Detroit has put him out for 6-8 weeks with a broken arm.


#18 Monster Energy Thor Kawasaki’s Davi Millsaps lifting his front wheel on the way into a rhythm section.


#12 Tedder Racing Seven Kawasaki’s Jake Weimer miss-timed the first rhythm section and the resulting crash with Canard left him with a long list of injuries he is currently recovering from.