AMO Announces Racing in Ontario

HERE WE GO!!! These three dates are to get us off the ground and racing in 2020; other dates are to follow which hopefully co-exist with @triplecrownseries races in Ontario but we will have to await their announcement on June 1st.

As of right now, our fall schedule will remain the same. There are six confirmed dates for the AMO Ontario Provincial Championships. There will be Covid-19 Guidelines/Measures to be taken at all events, and it is our expectation that all rules and safety measures be followed to ensure we can continue racing.

In an effort to minimize risk and allow for proper measures to be in place, all registration and waivers will be facilitated online, also. Look for detailed information to follow this week and be posted on the AMO website.

I’m very thankful for the work Melody and Brett Lee from @WaltonRaceway along with myself put in to get our community classified in last week’s Phase 1 opening process posted for May 19th. It has paid to be a squeaky wheel:

Phase 1 re-opening – Other sports such as: track and field, car and MOTORCYCLE RACING, figure skating, fencing, rock climbing, gymnastics, etc.

We are very excited and looking forward to gate drops!!

June 14 – Gopher Dunes
June 21 – Motopark
June 28 – Walton