Atlas Brace Welcomes CP377


Atlas is proud to welcome Factory Rockstar Husqvarna rider Christophe Pourcel to our constantly growing list of athletes. Along with wearing the flagship product, the Atlas Air, Christophe will be auctioning off his race-worn brace from every round of the SX series, and proceeds will be donated to the Road 2 Recovery Foundation. More info on this soon.

“Being that Christophe has had multiple neck and back injuries, we are incredibly thankful he reached out to us to start wearing an Atlas Brace. His story is incredibly inspiring, and we are humbled to be a part of his next chapter.” – Said Brady Sheren, CEO of Atlas.

In 2007 Christophe suffered a lower back injury that left him partially paralyzed. He was able to fully recover and make an incredible comeback, even after taking time away from the sport. Years later, misfortune struck again in March of 2016 when he broke the c3 in his neck, and then again in July breaking his c6 caused by the over flexion of his neck (head forward). Christophe has been incredible fortunate to recover from these injuries, but they are a constant reminder of how dangerous our sport can be, and that it can bite you at any time.

“Neck injuries are terrible. Broke my neck in march, and we are still doing therapy now. After riding it’s sore, we always need a massage, and all kinds of therapy, and, you don’t want to break your neck. If you can wear something that helps, then why not?” – Said Christophe Pourcel

About Atlas:

Atlas is based in Surrey, BC, Canada, and Valencia, California. Founded in 2011, Atlas is the home of the Patented flexible neck brace, the Atlas Brace™. The Atlas Brace™ was uniquely designed and engineered with flexibility to mimic your natural body movements, with innovations like a Split-Flex frame, Tuck & Roll suspension, Dual chest and back supports, and many more…

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