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Canada AX Tour – Round 3 and 4 Photo Report

Canada AX Tour – Round 3 and 4 Photo Report By Billy Rainford By now, I hope you’ve all had a chance to watch the REPLAY of round 4 of the Monster Energy Canadian National AX Tour Presented by Royal Distributing from Hiawatha Park in Sarnia, Ontario. The racing has been great up at the front of the pack every time the Pro riders hit the track. Hiawatha Park is

Monday Morning Coffee

Monday Morning Coffee By Billy Rainford Happy Thanksgiving, Canada. In a country that is famously hockey mad, watching the Toronto Blue Jays stay alive last night pulled this massive country together in a way that hasn’t happened since the Jays won back to back World Series Championships in 1992-93. I’m not a baseball fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I found myself sitting around after a fantastic turkey

Canada AX Tour Round 4 Pro Results

Canada AX Tour Round 4 Pro Results Hiawatha Park Sarnia, Ontario Saturday, October 10, 2015 Lites Pro 1. 100 Jacob Hayes KAW 2. 101 Chris Blose KAW 3. 148 Cole Thompson KTM 4. 65 Scott Champion KAW 5. 3 Karl Normand KTM 6. 34 Westen Wrozyna HON 7. 10 Nathan Bles KTM 8. 20 Dylan wright YAM 9. 373 Jacob Williamson KAW 10. 727 Dave Blanchet KAW   AX Pro

Canada AX Tour – Round 4 Practice Photos

Canada AX Tour – Round 4 Practice Photos By Billy Rainford Round 4 at Hiawatha Park in Sarnia, Ontario, is underway. The weather was perfect this afternoon for a full schedule of amateur racing and Pro practice and qualifying. Here are a few photos of the action before we go live to air tonight at around 7:10.

Bobby Kiniry Injury Update

Bobby Kiniry Injury Update By Billy Rainford Saturday, October 10, 2015 Sarnia, Ontario Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha rider #7 Bobby Kiniry took a scary fall last night at round 3 of the Canadian National AX Tour in Sarnia, Ontario. The New York rider was separated from his bike and flew 30 feet through the air, landing hard on the solid ground. He was taken to local hospital in considerable pain. He

Canada AX Tour Round 3 Podcasts

Canada AX Tour Round 3 Podcasts We had a hard time grabbing riders to chat with after round 3. It was dark, we were outside in the cold, and riders all seemed to head for their hotels or hide away in their trailers quicker than normal. We were able to find 4 Pros after round 3 in Sarnia, Ontario, to talk to though. #3 Karl Normand #20 Dylan Wright –