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McThoughts: A3

McThoughts: A3 By Jeff McConkey Round 5 took place this past Saturday night and it didn’t disappoint. Sure, there was hardly and bumping, but there was another “flag” issue. No, not another black flag, but this time a red flag. Yes, red flags are fairly common in SX, but not on the 6th lap. It’s kind of funny, John Gallagher can make an instant black flag call on Chad Reed

“Canada’s” Ross Johnson Places 2nd Friday Night in Denmark

Herning SX Jyske Bank Boxen Arena Herning, Denmark Friday, Jan 30, 2015   Washington State rider, Ross Johnson, placed 2nd in the first night of racing in Denmark Friday night. He is listed as Canadian and his bike is covered with Canadian flags. The top 3 Friday night: 1. 1 Florent Richier SUZ 2. 14 Ross Johnson HON 3. 4 Boris Maillard KAW   We just spoke with Ross and

DMX Frid’Eh Update #4 Presented by Dragon Alliance

DMX Frid’Eh Update #4 Presented by Dragon Alliance By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford   Week #4 belongs to one of the few riders who’ve headed north and currently hold a career number in the AMA. That’s a pretty big deal for the Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals. Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha’s Kyle Chisholm isn’t a stranger to Canadian motocross, though. If you take a look at the Past Champions over

TLD Thursday Wallpapers – 2014 Parts Canada Walton TransCan

TLD Thursday Wallpapers – 2014 Parts Canada Walton TransCan By Billy Rainford As I was looking through photos today for this week’s Wallpapers, I realized a couple things: I have a ton of photos clogging up my hard drives that should see the light of day somewhere, and that I really need to get to a race soon to grab some more shots. Well, this column is a great place

2015 Steel Shoe Fund 3-Hour Race – An Epic Tale by Jarrett King

2015 Steel Shoe Fund 3hr Race: “America’s Numb Bum” By: Jarrett King Take a quick look through our sponsor list and if you aren’t from Alberta, Texas, Louisiana or a couple other key places then I’m willing to bet your first thoughts are “Uh-Huh… Oil Money”. What else could explain why three guys would attempt to compete in a race 3000kms away from home in a neighboring country? Our dedicated

#wiw Ken Roczen at the 2009 MXON

#WIW Ken Roczen at the 2009 MXON #whipitwednesday This is Ken Roczen way back at the 2009 #MXON in Italy. We weren’t very familiar with this young, stylish German at the time, but we quickly learned he was going to be someone to keep our eyes on.

Out of the Blue: Kim Normandin

Out of the Blue: Kim Normandin By Jeff McConkey   Name: Kim Normandin Birthday: October 4th, 1996 Hometown:  Acton Vale, Quebec School or Occupation: DEP in Pastry Number: 373, but #6 for Nationals Bike: 2015 Honda 250f Race Club: Laliberté Motosport Classes: Women’s A, Junior and Women’s Nationals How did you get started in racing? A friend of my father started his kids racing and my dad tried motocross as well. After 1 month,  he bought