Bobby Kiniry Update

I gave Bobby Kiniry a call Friday and caught him as he was literally pulling out of the hospital parking lot. He went in for surgery Wednesday to get his hip repaired after his massive bail in Sarnia a couple weekends ago.

It was major surgery to repair his broken femur (in a couple places) and broken hip (in a couple places). There were also som e muscle tears and they put in 3 plates and “a bunch of screws.”

He has a follow-up appointment in two weeks and he was told no weight bearing for 8 weeks. That’s almost 8 days in Bobby time!

The doctor was optimistic with the surgery and recovery, however, the worry is that, because it was out of place for 13 hours, there is a concern that he will need hip replacement sooner than later.

What’s next, you ask?

Bobby is currently weighing his options but it is pointing towards retirement for the New York State rider. There is talk that Blake Baggett is trying to hire him as a trainer but it would mean moving the family to Florida and I could tell that wasn’t high on Bobby’s ‘To Do List.’

For now, it’s great to hear that he is fixed and on the road to recovery. What comes next is up to Bobby and his family. Good luck, guys.


Bobby Kiniry had successful hip surgery and is on the road to recovery. What’s next? Read above. – Bigwave photo