Dave Blanchet Injury Update

By Billy Rainford

Let's go, Dave Blanchet. Make it happen in Jersey! - Bigwave photo

Dave Blanchet crashed hard Saturday at Motocross Deschambault- Bigwave photo

When we heard how hard #727 Dave Blachet had crashed Saturday at Motocross Deschambault, we figured we’d give him a few days to start feeling a little better before we got in touch with him – it was a nasty crash!

Dave was racing the final Youth moto of the Motovan Amateur Motocross Championships when the crash happened. It was just a few corners in after the start, so the riders were still all bunched together. When the rider in front of Blanchet didn’t do the big quad, Dave chopped the throttle and went for the double-double rhythm.

Behind him, #52 Vincent Lauzon was on the gas and hit the quad only to land on Blanchet and go down hard. Dave was taken away on a back board with obvious signs of multiple injuries.

The laundry list of injuries includes: vertebra fracture, open fracture of the jaw, perforated lung, broken scapula, and 4 broken ribs.

He will spend the rest of the week, and maybe next, in the hospital. An open fracture and punctured lung are two injuries very susceptible to infection, so they will want to keep a close eye on his condition before releasing him.

Fortunately, he’s got his girlfriend, Bianca Branchaud, at his side as his “personal nurse” throughout his stay.

Get well soon, Dave. You’ve got Supercross to prepare for!

Dave Blanchet 2

Get well soon, Dave!|Photo supplied by Dave Blanchet