Faces at the Races | FWM AX Rounds 5 and 6 | Presented by TLD Canada

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

Presented by Troy Lee Designs

Let’s have a light-hearted look at some of the people who were at the races this past weekend for Rounds 5 and 6 of the Future West Moto Canadian Arenacross Championships at Chilliwack Heritage Park in Chilliwack, BC.

This is how the weekend started…checking out the 180 right-hand first turn that put riders directly into a set of whoops. And it didn’t even cause any problems. Who woulda thunk it?!
The weekend started out with so many #381’s! Unfortunately, we were down to zero 381’s by Sunday.
I just always take photos of riders doing this. It’s my column. Sue me!
The future.
Baelen checking out the hot lines.
I’ll take these guys against any other two riders you can think of for most laps turned in The Barn.
Keylan sharpening up his elbows for battle.
Ryan Lockhart teaching class on Saturday morning.
Colton Facciotti stepped in to help Kyle Beaton with the school, too.
Greg Poisson made the trip west. Here he is showing the distance of the big double jump that spanned the starting line.
#58 Blake Davies had a serious character-building weekend, after showing up on crutches and still racing…and winning.
Greg mentioned he was hungry and was immediately made this amazing sandwich!
Colby Wellings going over the rules at riders meeting.
Steve Sulyok says, “Hey, everyone, try not to fall and get hurt.” Or words to that effect…
It was nice and sunny, but that meant it was also cold.
Colton and Keagan Facciotti.
Just embrace the masks, people, and we’ll get through this. When else would you ever get to dress like a bandit?!
Kevin and George Lepp.
Like I always say, there’s nothing worse than someone else putting your goggles on for you.
The sport appears to be very healthy in BC. That’s young Mikhaila Kokkas getting set to go.
#18 Aria Giusti and #23 Matteo Giusti made #10 Zaiden Gilmore a Giusti sandwich on the Tyke 50 podium.
There’s always time for some pre-practice gossip on the line.
I’m supposed to take advice from someone in a sling?! Thanks, I got this.”
Warm it up, Kris…I’m abOUt to…” (Google it, Bowker!)
It’s important to scout out the hot lines.
These youngsters were watching the Pros rip through the 2nd room.
Actually, there were more trailers doing this than weren’t!
Some pre-race affection never hurt anyone.
I call this one, “Troy Smith in Repose.”
Everyone was good for wearing a mask as they headed into the barn. Things will be even stricter for this final weekend. Bring your most comfortable face covering.
Oh, and go online and sign the waiver.
Mike Renshaw from Kamloops with some bad luck.
Be nice to me, Billy,” was all he said as we passed each other. If I had more time…
Just like a good hockey player, this little guy made sure to “get a number” after being put to the ground. We’ll let him say it: “See you at the races…

See you back at the barn in a few days. We’ll be going live for the entire program again on the Future West Moto Facebook page. Don’t miss a second!