By Billy Rainford

Another Monday rears its ugly….nope, I can’t say that. We’re heading into a Monday here in London, Ontario, where we’re predicted to reach a blue-bird sky high of 16 or 17 degrees Celsius. This is the kind of day that helps you make it through the cold months here in Canada.

I managed to get over to Gopher Dunes on Saturday for a couple hours before I had to head home to catch the Supercross qualifying. It meant I was able to catch #28 Sam Gaynor on his first ride aboard his SSR TLD GasGas 250.

Don’t let the numbers fool you, that’s Sam Gaynor on his brand new SSR TLD GasGas 250 at Gopher Dunes. | Bigwave photo

Sam is heading down to the 250 class for 2021 and I think it’s actually a great move for him and his career. He’s a great 450 rider, but the risk of going to the “premiere” class at an early age is that, unless you’re out there winning, you sort of get lost in the shuffle. Not only that, but people start thinking you’re older than you really are and you get left out of possible future rides.

Fortunately, Sam has landed on the Gas Gas program in its first year as a team here in Canadian Motocross. Sam is only 20 years old, so he’s got lots of time and progress to make in his career.

He says he hasn’t ridden a 250 in a few years so this should be an interesting year to see if he can run with the top riders in the class.

I shot a video interview and some riding that I’ll be sure to get up on the site later today.

I wasn’t able to get to a track on Sunday, as family obligations kept me busy, but judging from the number of bikes in pick-ups I saw driving down the 401, tracks that were open saw a lot of business on Sunday here in the area.

Ryan and Peter Derry. | Bigwave photo

#26 Ryan Derry and his dad, Peter Derry, were at the track again on Saturday. Ryan wins the award for “Going the Fastest While also Going the Smoothest” all day long! He’s making it look effortless out there on his new Honda 450. That was, of course, until we zoom in on the action in the pits…

Peter is a trained motorcycle mechanic and Ryan is an actual engineer, so bike tech is a breeze for them, right? Well, let’s look into this a little more.

In Ryan’s defence, it was Peter who removed the air filter from the bike. And then when Ryan went to put it back in it just wasn’t making sense to either of them. I asked them if they wouldn’t mind if I captured this hilarity for posterity and they were good sports about it.

If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re doing life wrong.

That was pretty damn funny. And let me point out that Ryan did have it figured out as soon as I stopped recording. Thanks for being good sports, guys. Keep an eye out for Ryan on the track. He’s going fast and making it all look too damn easy! I shot some video of him, too, that I’ll get up on the site ASAP.

Canadian Results from Freestone MX

We had a handful of riders down in Texas at the 2021 James Stewart Freestone Spring Championship (it was over before spring started, technically). Here’s a look at their results:


Oakley, Fox, SMX Motocross, Atlas Brace, Dirt Care

Class  Number  Brand  Moto 1  Moto 2  Moto 3  Class Finish   
 250 A Pro Sport  #13 KTM  15th  19th  23rd  20th   
 Open A Pro Sport  #13 KTM  16th  19th  22nd  21st 


Rides Unlimited, Seven MX, Monster Energy, Dunlop, Ryno Power, Ethika, Thrill Seekers, KTM USA, Scott Goggles, Bell Helmets

Class  Number  Brand   Moto 1  Moto 2  Class Finish   
 Super Mini 1 (12-15)  #43 KTM   7th  2nd  5th   
 Super Mini 2 (13-16)  #43 KTM   16th  9th  12th   
 Schoolboy 1 (12-17)  #43 KTM   14th  DNS  40th 


Roundhouse Powersports, Shift Mx, Fox Racing Canada, Oakley Googles, Husqvarna Motorcyles, D&D Moto, Motul USA, Powerband Racing, DT1 Airfilters, Dunlop Tires, ASV Invention

Class  Number  Brand   Moto 1  Moto 2  Class Finish   
 250 C Jr (12-16) Limited  #95 HUQ   DNS  DNS  DNS   
 250 C (12+) Limited  #95 HUQ   DNS  DNS  DNS   
 250 C (12+)  #95 HUQ    DNS      
 450 C Jr (12-18) Limited  #95 HUQ   DNS  DNS  DNS   
 450 C (12+)  #95 HUQ   DNS  DNS  DNS 


Fox Canada, Grounded Fears, No Limit Powersports, Belleville Sport and Lawn

 Class  Number  Brand    Moto 1  Class Finish   
 Open A Pro Sport  #107 KAW    18th 

#108 MAX DAY

Valley Motosport, Troy Lee Designs, Spy Optic, Real Deal Mx Training

Class  Number  Brand    Moto 1  Class Finish   
 250 B (12+) Limited  #108 KAW    22nd      
 450 B (12+) Limited  #108 KAW    22nd 


Real Deal, FXR, Scott, Bell, CTI Braces, Acerbis, ProTaper, Ryno Power, Dad, DT1 Filters, Dinsmore Auto Care, Farm 14, Lil E’s Garage

Class  Number  Brand   Moto 1  Moto 2  Class Finish   
 250 C Jr (12-16) Limited  #117 YAM   8th  5th  7th   
 250 C (12+) Limited  #117 YAM   14th  7th  9th 


Sponsors Canadian Kawasaki, Pro Circuit

Class  Number  Brand   Moto 1  Moto 2  Class Finish   
 85cc (9-13)  #138 KAW   8th  14th  16th   
 Mini Sr 2 (13-15)  #138 KAW   23rd  14th  17th 


Inglis Clycle, D4, OGs, FWF, HRF

Class  Number  Brand   Moto 1  Moto 2  Class Finish   
 250 B (12+) Limited  #164 KAW   3rd  17th  12th   
 250 B (12+)  #164 KAW   4th  14th  10th   
 450 B (12+) Limited  #164 KAW   12th  13th  14th   
 450 B (12+)  #164 KAW   13th  7th  10th 


Valley Moto Sport, Fox Canada, 100%, KTM Canada, Lime Nine, Real Deal mx

Class  Number  Brand   Moto 1  Moto 2  Class Finish   
 250 B (12+)  #234 KTM   19th  25th  29th   
 450 B (12+) Limited  #234 KTM   15th  22nd  23rd 


Turple Bros Ltd. Fox Racing Canada

Class  Number  Brand   Moto 1  Moto 2  Class Finish   
 250 B (12+) Limited  #518 KTM   22nd  DNF  36th   
 450 B (12+) Limited  #518 KTM   16th  31st  31st 

If I missed anyone, I’m sorry, and let me know.

Casey Keast Supercross Injury Update

Casey Keast with a fracture to his left 5th metacarpal at Arlington SX #3.

#300 Casey Keast from Kelowna, BC joined the 2021 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series 250 West at the first Arlington SX at AT&T Stadium. He made the night show at his first-ever AMA Supercross and then made it to the evening program at Arlington #2 as well.

Unfortunately, the tricky whoops section jumped up and bit him during the first qualifying session at Arlington #3 this past Saturday.

We caught up with him as he and Kevin Urquhart were in the Carlson Racing MX truck and trailer heading west back toward Kevin’s Bulldog Training Compound in Menifee, California.

It happened on the 2nd or 3rd lap of the first qualifying session on Saturday afternoon. He decided he needed to put in a fast lap and commit to the tricky whoops section after avoiding them in the free practice session.

He said that at around the 3rd or 4th whoop the front end dropped and he ejected into the face of the following whoop, taking the impact with his forehead and left hand.

He got up holding his left hand but picked up his bike and continued riding to the checkered flag, however, he said it was difficult to hold on.

After getting back to the pit and icing his sore left hand, he and Kevin decided he should go to the Alpinestars Medical Unit to get it looked at to make sure there was no actual injury. They had about one-hour-ten-minutes between sessions and with 30 left he went to see the medics.

The on-site x-ray showed a crack in the left 5th metacarpal bone (the bone in the hand that leads to the pinky finger).

The official word is that it could take 3-4 weeks for it to heal. Of course, in racer terms, that means there’s a chance he’ll be racing Atlanta in 2 weeks time.

They will head back to California and let it heal during the off time (there is no race this coming weekend) and then make a decision on whether or not to drive back east to race the 3 rounds in Atlanta. The Carlson Team has given him their full support and would love to see him race if he’s able.

Casey said they will go get it checked out in California to make sure there is nothing further damaged in his hand before they make a final decision. He is supposed to be in a 1/2 cast for 1-2 weeks.

Heal up, Casey.

Arlington Supercross #3 Results and Points

2021 MXGP Schedule

Who’s looking for a project bike out in the Lower Mainland of BC? Darren “Pillow” Pilling may be looking to let this 1981 Yamaha YZ250 go.

DM him at his Truxxx Instagram page.

OK, I’ve got a lot of content clogging my hard drive right now, so let’s end it there. My coffee cup needs a refill, anyway.

Have a great week, everyone.

It’s Monday, be like Dario Zecca. See you at the races… | Bigwave photo