Faces at the Races | Sand Del Lee National

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

We’re a little later than usual this week, but here’s our look at some of the people at Round 5 of the Rockstar Triple Crown MX Tour at Sand Del Lee in Ottawa last weekend.

Welcome to Ottawa, Ontario.

#33 Chris Fortier back in action.

Zack Zager also back in action.

That’s #904 Landon Davis from Florida.

Add this one to my collection of shots of Sylvain Brodeur making this face.

Davey Fraser getting fueled up for the day.

#95 Bryan Cormier.

Thumbs up!

Dominique Daffe getting ready to race some sand.

The Brittons taking in riders’ meeting.


Gotcha, Dave Snider.

#138 Mariah Gauthier.

Jeff working as the new Scott goggle rep???

This coming week will be better for #55 Jack Wright.

Dan Beaton wearing another hat. Hey, wait a minute…

Oh no, I forget if it’s an E or an A in Jeff Full….Erton’s last name.

Checking out the track before their practice.

We normally see #157 Wyatt Waddell more in the race reports. However, he had an off day and wasn’t in the motos. Onward and upward, Wyatt. Hey, I thought we ate all your allotted food for the day?! How’d we miss that muffin?!

Moto Dads: Ulf Viney (right) and Reese Rendall.

I asked Jocelyn Facciotti if he was building a track or just getting dirty. She wasn’t exactly sure.

Mike Haist from Factory Connection digging up some suspension algorithms or something.

Dillan Epstein is still one of the most popular riders with the fans. I’m hoping to see a freshie haircut this week, however.

This got awkward in a hurry.

Robin waiting her turn on the track.

Double Gerber.

Now that’s a board you’ll wave a towel to all damn day!

Paul Kingsley with Kevin Tyler as the decision to move the mechanics area across the track.

Greg Poisson with an electric assist bike I’ll be riding the Gopher Dunes track with this week after the races. Is that cheating? Yes, I know the answer to that…

Peace from above…1979…

Megan Brodeur gets congratulated after her moto 1 win.

Joey Crown dressing for battle. What do you think he listens to?

#23 Jason Benny with a pre-moto smile for the camera.

Someone appears to be camera shy.

Guillaume St-Cyr rocking it, head to toe.

#12 Dylan Wright was dripping steeze all day long.

Dan lining Jake Tricco up for his first Pro/Am.

That’s #491 Gabe Gutierres from Massachusetts.

Hello, Westen Wrozyna.

All pre-moto business for #18 Josh Osby.

Mike Alessi is injured but he’s still at the races hanging out and helping wherever he can. Anyone wanna cycle with us Friday from Gopher Dunes?

Josh and his dad.

Chris Fortier making sure things are done properly.

Shawn Maffenbeier’s new profile pic, but he’ll never admit he likes it.

Tanner Ward rocking a moist towelette.

All the cool kids were doing it.

Quinn Amyotte happy to be back on the line.

That’s #214 Nicholas Levelle.

#41 Vincent Lauzon.

#51 Bill Crete. Haha, how wrong does THAT sound?!

This one was for his older bro.

Two great ideas.

Dylan happy to be on the top step.

Someone else can caption this one.

Joey takes the stage.

Johnny ‘Benjamin Button’ Grant says, “Shaka, brah!”

Tyler has been running the hair ear tuck lately. Just an observation…

Keylan Meston prepping his gate.

Tyler Duffy stepped in to lend #645 Cheyenne Harmon a hand.

Brandon Gourlay wearing it proud.

Um, someone’s dad wandered out onto the course! Just kidding. It was cool to see out there again, Jason Thorne.

Brett Young must surf. He’s from Lawrencetown, NS, after all!

That’s #383 Cameron Mead.

See, he loves it!

Graham Scott ready for a good battle with his Vancouver Island buddy, Ryan Lalonde.

Unfortunately, Tyler’s day with Cheyenne would end early, both motos.

Hey, JC Bujold, it’s your week for the Frid’Eh Update tomorrow. We should talk!

Jeremy Medaglia happy to be back on the line.

Wow, talk about two guys who’ve been there, done that!

Sorry, Heidi Cooke, this WAS the good one!

Guy Giroux with his rather large 3-year-old son with him.

These two are our Marvin and Mathilde.

If you’re looking for it, it’s all out on the track…

Jyile Mitchell is from Bermuda.

Dit frommage!

If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times: if you don’t smile, I’m DEfinitely going to use the photo!

Portrait time for Eve and her mom.

Julia Krzemien takes the stage.

That’s #4 Liz Burke.

If #517 Taylor Miller spent the week getting used to big air again, she will be closer to the lead 2 this weekend.


FXR’s Milt Reimer.

It was hot, but it wasn’t crazy hot.

Tanner got both holeshots. No, Dylan’s didn’t count.

Don’t act like you didn’t see me, Justin Roney!

Derek Schuster will be this week’s Kevin Tyler. Know what I mean?

Dylan decided to chuck his Fox jersey to the crowd.

He went one step further and threw his pants!

Johnny Montes made the trek from the maritimes.

Colton gets a kiss for his win. Can you imagine when we start to see Facciotti/Medaglia battles again in 20 years?!

Tyler isn’t even seating! 40+2, coming up!

That didn’t help his braking late in the moto.

Ross is still perfecting his duck lip face…

I told you I’d use this one, Sally Cannella!

Save it for tomorrow, JC.

Hey, remember Frankie? Well, he runs his own SUP and balance board company called Different Breed.

Chris Pomeroy turned into Moto Dad for Sunday. But mostly, he just stood around chewing gum with Lloyd Braun (Seinfeld).

Larry Enticer made an appearance.

Damon Luksys was featured in our ‘On the radar’ column this week.

OK, you may not get this reference. In which case, Google Nomar Garciaparra Ritual and it will become clear.

Thanks for that, #136 Rodayo Iafelice.

#53 Bjorn Viney just got signed up for the Walton TransCan. The Intermediate classes just got more interesting. Viney vs. Tricco vs. Bly (hope he comes).

Josh Snider with the thumbs up for his truck driver challenge entry, Scott Lehnertz.

KTM’s driver #445 Marc Dionne had everyone’s number in the 40 + class and went 1-1.

That’s #562 Jamie Powell.

Luke Tricco making sure his dad packs his gate right.

A Wrozyna family affair.

There were Medaglias everywhere on Sunday!

Change the sag and Tyler is ready to go!

Tell me Millie isn’t going to be a character!

Off to get a good spot to watch Talon’s race.

This is as far as he was going.

Getting Sebastien Racing ready to go kill it.

How amazing is this?!

Dan Beaton and Kyle Thompson running the live stream on Sunday.

A #1 plate for #494 Thomas Rendall.

That’s all she wrote. Last one out, turn off the lights. Kevin Tyler says, “See you at the races…”