Faces at the Races|Foxboro SX

By Billy Rainford

It’s time for our look at some of the people who were at the races in our lighthearted column we affectionately call “Faces at the Races.” This week we’re just outside Boston at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. I had some fun in this one.

Dave Blanchet

The day in Foxborough started out wet. We headed into the pits to look for the sole Canadian racing, #418 Dave Blanchet.

Logan Karnow

#471 Logan Karnow has raced the Parts Canada Walton TransCan and also rides on the Canadian PR-MX team in 250 East. I told him that stuff tastes a lot better on a piece of toast with cheese melted over it, but…


Most people stayed on the boards around the edge of the stadium floor to avoid the mud, like Logan’s dad, Ken, here on the left.


Expecting a flood? Oh, wait…

Tyler Rayner


I was basically waiting for him to try and walk down.

Jeremy Martin

Jeremy Martin didn’t care.

Johnny O'Mara

O’Show, Johnny O’Mara. He’s the reason we wore boot gaitors back in my day. Yep, it’s his fault.


Jason Anderson making his way around.

Jenny Taft

Jenny Taft still had to get her pre-show notes done no matter what the conditions. And this is why you take more than one head shot, folks. Sorry, Jenny.

Tyler Bowers Donk

Donk chats with his old friend, Tyler Bowers. The guy in the back thinks I’m sneaking a photo of him!


“Hey, let me borrow your mechanic boots!”

Martin Davalos

Sneaking an artsy shot of Martin Davalos.

Martin Davalos

He’s on to us! Run away!

Alex Frye

Alex Frye and I see eye to eye on things.


Mechanics and man-friends alike were busy after the early qualifying mud.

Josh Cartwright

How did I miss the focus on this one of #519 Josh Cartwright?! I’ll blame the soggy conditions…


I actually enjoyed the conditions. You don’t see this very often in Supercross!


He’s had just about enough.


Robbie Feder keeping things light with Mike Alessi.

Mike Alessi

See you in Canada, eh!


I’ll just call the focus ‘soft’ and act like I meant it…


AJ and Vann.


The ‘Island of Mechanics.’ It was a mess early.


Time to get to work.

Justin Starling

If you’re wondering what riders were going with, goggle-wise, here ya go.


Josh Grant.


Jason Anderson


Justin Barcia.

Ken Roczen

Ken Roczen.


Marvin Musquin.


Weston Peick.


Justin Bogle.


Trey Canard.


Dakota Alix.


“Ready the power washer…over.”


“Um, why is your mic hooked up to my headset? We’ve got our own powerwasher issues over here…over and out”


And still not a hair out of place!


See above.


Darryn Durham going for a closer look.


Heading back to the pits.

#418 Canadian Dave Blanchet heading out for qualifying.

#418 Canadian Dave Blanchet heading out for qualifying.

John Dowd

John Dowd hanging out while Doug Henry gets his ‘Motocross Legends and Heroes’ dedication.

Doug Henry

Doug Henry cruised around the floor to the cheers of the crowd. And I think he had a dude stuffed down the back of his shirt?

Doug Henry

Broc Glover presented Doug with his plaque and this Rockwell watch.

Doug Henry

Obviously, NOT lining up for MY camera…as usual.


They had 2 merch trailers set up that were doing a brisk business all day. Weird how that doesn’t happen north of the border.


Well, if you’re going to go through all the trouble to line up the Monster Gals, I’ll snipe a shot on my way by.


Hey, I’m trying to snap your photo!


There we go.


Some passersby were wondering why I was taking this shot…and then the bass line hit. They got it…what???


I had to cruise by and check out the smoke show. I never inhaled!


Logan and Aaron getting all gangster…ie.

Roger DeCoster

It was nice of Roger to humour me and pretend he recognized me from our last trip out to California.


If Dirt Shark and Seth Rogan had a baby?


HAHA He gets it.

Trey Canard

“What did that bald guy just say about my guy?”

Ken Roczen

OK, I’ll give this one a shot. If Dan Stenning and Billy Mullen had a baby?

Eli Tomac

If Mr. and Mrs. Tomac had a baby. I can’t mess with the king of mountain biking John Tomac’s kid.


“Sure, Cole, just throw it on my head. I don’t mind…”

Ken Roczen

After the individual intros, the top guys sit in the middle of the field and do in-house interviews for the crowd.

Jason Anderson

I’m going to have to have a talk with whoever is supplying the hats for Jason.

Eli Tomac

“Is it outdoors yet?”

Chad Reed

Chad Reed got special recognition for being in his 200th 450 race.

Rob Gronkowski

New England Patriots tight end, Rob ‘Gronk’ Gronkowski, yelled, “Gentlemen, start your engines!” to get the racing started. They LOVE this guy there.


Do not adjust your goggles…

Jeremy Martin

Jeremy Martin after his 2nd place finish.

Malcolm Stewart

Malcolm Stewart didn’t exactly look ‘happy’ after the race.

Jeremy Martin


Jedidiah Rodriguez Martin Davalos

How many champagne-soaked guys named Jedidiah do you know? One now. Mr. Rodriguez didn’t mind the soaking Martin gave him after the podium ceremonies.

Cade Clason

#761 Cade Clason with his usual pre-race ritual.

Jeremy Martin

Jeremy and his mechanic, Richard ‘Pedro’ Stering, checking out some racing.

Ken Roczen

Roczen celebrating after his win.

Ryan Dungey

Ryan Dungey’s podium streak was in serious jeopardy in the main but he settled down and took 3rd.

Eli Tomac

Eli and Gronk signed this football at the end of the night.


OK, guys, it’s time to go now. Seriously, you can go. See you at the races…this week in Jersey!