Faces at the Races|New Jersey SX

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

I had a lot of fun posting ‘Faces’ last week, so I wanted to get to it right away this week after round 16 of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Driving the distances we do to get to these great events can get tiresome, but then the racing starts and you get to see something special happen every time. Sometimes you have no idea what that ‘special moment’ will be at all and other times you do.

#1 Red Bull Fox KTM rider Ryan Dungey only had to finish 14th or better to clinch his 2nd straight 450 SX title. He’d been on the podium 31 times straight heading to NYC, so we knew going in what the headline was probably going to be. Here’s a closer look at the people who keep us all coming back for more, no matter how far the drive is. As always, these captions are all written in good fun.

Aaron Plessinger Jim Holley

RaceDay LIVE’s Jim Holley is always busy during track walk getting the interviews, like this one with #23 Aaron Plessinger.

Mike Larocco RJ Hampshire

There are two people whose stern looks actually kind of frighten me…and I was able to capture both of them in this one shot. Hey, Mike LaRocco and RJ Hampshire, lighten up, you’re at the dirt bike races!


The weather Saturday was about 15 degrees but it got hot inside the stadium out of the wind. Unfortunately, it cooled right off in the evening and I was trapped wearing shorts!


Who are “three people who’ve raced in Canada,” Alex…and Scott Howard? (Google it, Bowker!)

Mike Alessi

It won’t be long now until we see Mike Alessi back racing in Canada!

Jeff Ward

There were quite a few MX Superstars back in the 1980’s and Jeff Ward was 3 of them!

Jason Anderson

I’m still not sure about Jason Anderson’s hat, but HE looks happy.

Aaron Plessinger

Keeping things light during track walk.

Aaron Plessinger

The music stopped and Aaron had to stay like this for like 2 full minutes…

Justin Brayton

Justin Brayton listening in on the riders’ meeting.

Tyler Bowers

We couldn’t really figure out what Tyler Bowers was doing here. He must have been broadcasting live because he’s way too young to have to hold his phone way out there like some of us…

Tyler Rayner

‘Mr. In’ Tyler Rayner was there…of course.

Tim Ferry

Tim Ferry is hypnotized by this lustrous facial hair.


Uh oh, it looks like Jake Weimer is predicting a bog in this section. Can’t you just hear it?

Josh Grant

Josh Grant was all business here.

Alex Ray

#314 Alex Ray.

Jeff Ward

Did you know Tanner Ward’s dad’s name is Jeff? Well, it is.

Josh Cartwright

#519 Josh Cartwright, the full-time college kid, gave it the old…college try in Jersey.

Team PR-MX

Canadian Team PR-MX in the house!

Cade Clason

I always wonder if riders do the sections like they map it out during track walk. I know I never did! The quads usually ended up being double double sections…

Cade dislocated his shoulder in that final turn of the LCQ when he got together with Nick Wey. - Bigwave photo

Cade dislocated his shoulder in that final turn of the LCQ when he got together with Nick Wey. – Bigwave photo

Logan Karnow

#471 Logan Karnow hamming it up.

Logan Karnow

I’m not moving the camera until you look at me, Logan! There.

Vicki Golden

#424 Vicki Golden didn’t miss the night show by much.

Darryn Durham

Darryn Durham staying loose.

Josh Cartwright

Um, Josh, that guy is trying to talk to you…


From the tunnel during opening ceremonies.


The Pit Party Smoke Show. I breathed in way more of that stuff than is probably healthy.


Vicki and Kenny Bell.


Doing a brisk business at the turnstyles.


When in Rome…


After the smoke show, it looked like a war zone!


Oh well, the crowd loved it!


The Pit Party in full effect.


Trying out a Honda for the first time.


A happy fan getting an autograph.

See you at the races...

Is the one on the left also a wig?

Tyler Bowers

Tyler getting a slight adjustment before hitting the track.

Dave Blanchet

Yes, guys, that IS the French Canadian in front of you.


The pits from up in the stadium.


Here’s how it works. Clear as mud…

Alex Ray

You’d almost think we staged this one…


I’m not a huge fan of the look of these plastics, but a #1 can make anything look perfect!

Dave Blanchet

Julien getting Dave Blanchet’s bike ready for qualifying.

Julien Perrier PR-MX

Julien helping out a fellow racer who needed a hand with a tire change.

Hey look, a signed Paul Carpenter jersey!

Hey look, a signed Paul Carpenter jersey!

Henry Miller

Henry Miller has a ton of talent. Unfortunately, he met the ground a few times this past weekend.

Henry Miller

This one can be found in the Sears catalog. He should really be pointing off into the distance though.


Cartwright’s moving billboard.

Logan Karnow

Logan getting into the zone in the PR-MX pit.

Alex Ray

Alex found just the right tint for the sidelines.


Pre-race nerves.


Pointing out the action to mom.

Josh Cartwright

Josh is getting a lot of ‘air time’ here!

Tyler Wozney

MXPTV’s Matt Wozney took some time away from the Pro Bowling Association to cheer on his brother #760 Tyler Wozney.


Donk and Vicki during practice.


Looking for inspiration from high places.

Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson memorizing his lines.


It was an enthusiastic homecoming for #88 Ronnie Stewart.

Chad Reed

Lurch having a chat with Chad Reed during opening ceremonies.

Eli Tomac

Eli Tomac ready for a good night.


“Hey, what’s he doing over there?”


Time for some new brace graphics for Marvin.


Getting the Scott Goggles just right.

Cade Clason

Aaron and Cade yukking it up before the night show.

Martin Davalos

That’s actually Martin Davalos squinting!

Justin Starling

Justin Starling ponders a good night in Jersey.

Vann Martin

The only guy named Vann you know who wasn’t in a college drinking movie. .

Cedric Soubeyras

#201 Cedric Soubeyras having some fun before the racing starts.


FXR catalog shot.


Monsieur Le Big.


Not as impressive when it’s still light out.


At least it cleared out quickly.


The opening ceremonies colour guard.

It’s time for a few pit signs…










Daniel Herrlein

#83 Daniel Herrlein getting set for the night show.


Keeping the legs fresh.

Cole Seely

Cole Seely waiting for his intro.

Weston Peick.

Weston Peick.

Cole Seely

The podium was right in front of the start straight so we could wander over and shoot the 450 guys waiting on the line.

Justin Bogle

Justin Bogle visualizing a holeshot. It works because he’s near the front almost every time!

Trey Canard

Yep, you should be smiling, Trey Canard! That really could have been a lot worse.

Benny Bloss

They listed Benny Bloss as being 6’5″. That’s a pretty tall motocrosser!

Jake Weimer

Jake Weimer staring down the start straight.

Malcolm Stewart

I actually missed Malcolm Stewart’s victory dance. Here he is just after it was done, calling Mike LaRocco over.


Ready to hand over clean 100% goggles for the podium shots.

Martin Davalos

Martin Davalos still hasn’t blinked.

Jeremy Martin

I always enjoy Jeremy Martin’s facial expressions on the stage.

Dakota Alix

#64 Dakota Alix just keeps on grabbing holeshots!

Malcolm Stewart

Product placement is key.

Jeremy Martin

Jeremy is never happy with 3rd place.

Someone tell Malcolm he won!

Someone tell Malcolm he won!

Malcolm Stewart

Malcolm and Big James have a ‘private’ moment after the podium.

Malcolm Stewart

You just never know who’s going to get the champagne shower at these things.

Dakota heads to the pits with his holeshot cheque.

Dakota heads to the pits with his holeshot cheque.

Ryan Dungey

The celebrations were emotional at the end of this night.

Ryan Dungey

This photo doesn’t really sum up how cool it was when Ryan’s wife finally made it onto the track and jumped into his arms.

Eli Tomac

Someone is smiling like he knows outdoors is just around the corner…

Ken Roczen

Somone else is smiling just because he IS Ken Roczen.

Ken Roczen

Oh, and he won.

I kinda liked all of these…


Ryan Dungey

Ryan Dungey

Ryan Dungey

Roger DeCoster

A hug from The Man is saved for the rare few. This isn’t a man hug, it’s THE man hug.

Ryan Dungey

I even heard them say, “OK, stare into Cudby’s camera” and I still stood way over here. Oh well, I’m glad I could be there to witness another championship. Thanks for playing along. See you at the races…