Frid’Eh Update #53 Presented by Motovan

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

20160828- Taylor Arsenault

Bonus Week #53 belongs to 2016 2-stroke hero, Perth, Ontario’s Taylor Arsenault | Bigwave photo

Here at Direct Motocross, days have 25 hours, weeks have 8 days, and years have 53 weeks…apparently. Bonus Week #53 belongs to the rider we got to know a few years ago when he won the Bronze Boot at the Parts Canada TransCan at Walton Raceway. To be honest, his winning it was a bit of a surprise, but since then we have come to know Taylor Arsenault as a Pro rider with a ton of upsides and potential.

Taylor showed up at the 2nd round of the 2016 Rockstar Energy MX Nationals at the Wastelands in Nanaimo, BC last season and put in his best overall of the season – a 9th place (11-9) – serving notice to the MX2 class that he and his 2-stroke KTM meant business. Here’s a look at how his season went:


Taylor finished out the summer strong and should continue to move his way toward the front of the pack with a solid winter of training. We got in touch with him to get his take on last season and find out what it’s going to take to crack the ultra-competitive top 10 consistently in 2017.

20160717 Taylor Arsenault

Taylor finished 12th in MX2 in 2016 and will run #25 in 2017 | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Taylor. Let’s start like we always do and ask you to tell everyone a little about yourself.

Taylor Arsenault: Hey, guys, I’m from a little town west of Ottawa called Carleton Place. It all started when I was about 9 and my dad bought me a KX 60 for Christmas. I still remember him teaching me how to use a clutch on Christmas day on our snow covered dirt road (Laughs), and then I continued to race throughout the years.

For schooling, I attended my local high school in CP (Carleton place) and after I had graduated I went on to take architectural technology at Algonquin College in Ottawa.

My favourite movies consist of comedy, especially the films with Will Ferrell. A few examples are Blades of Glory, Talladega Nights, and Step Brothers, along with every other masterpiece filmed of Will Ferrell (Laughs).

What would you list as the highlight of your amateur career?

My highlights consist of multiple championships at the ECAN throughout my Junior and Intermediate years. Ive also had some good rides at the TransCan finishing in the top 3. But at the end of the week I fell short of championships. I was also lucky enough to walk away with the Bronze Boot, so I can’t really complain. I have also raced some of the fastest kids in the Country such as Westen Wrozyna, Tyler Duffy, Dylan Wright, Jess Pettis and the list goes on… It was always a fun time lining up beside those guys.

You showed up in Nanaimo at round 2 last summer and finished an impressive 9th overall (11-9). Can you take us through that round? What were you hoping for the rest of the series?

Honestly, I had no expectations going into that round. After missing the first round due to a concussion I just wanted to finish my motos and move forward with the rest of the season. But luckily for me, Nanaimo is a track you want to be cautious on due to the slippery conditions, which was good for me because I did not want to fall and hit my noggin again (Laughs). That was by far my best round because I was riding like that. From that round on I wanted to be a top ten guy, so I kept pushing my limits which led to dumb little tip overs which led to inconsistent results throughout the year.

You were always close to breaking the top 10. Can you tell us how the summer went for you?

My summer was amazing, I met a lot of super cool people throughout my journey across Canada. My results were pretty good, at least half the time (Laughs). Usually, I would have a good moto inside the top ten or close to it. Then the other moto in that day I would make huge mistakes, which led to something around the 15- 20 marks, but it gave me something to work on. I enjoyed the entire circuit and battling with the best in the business. I’m already counting down the days till I get to do it all again.

You finished strong at the last round at RJ’s and took an 8th in the first moto! Were you happy with how that final round went?

I was very happy with how my last round went because I was tying my career best at Deschambault with an 8th in the second moto. But unfortunately, I got a flat front tire in my second moto making it harder to back my 8th place finish in the second moto. I realized that my tire was flat after the opening lap, but decided that it was the last moto of the year and that I wanted to make the most of it.

Also, in the back of my head I knew that Westen and a couple other riders were so close to me in points that if I pulled off they would most likely pass me in points and I did not want that to happen.

You finished 12th overall in MX2 and then we saw you at the MMRS Madoc National where you hung with the top couple guys the entire time but just couldn’t quite make contact. How was that weekend for you?

The MMRS folks always put on a good show and did a spectacular job on the track. For me, my speed was their but my starts weren’t very good and on that track it’s good to get out front early with a clear track. I did have a couple good rides taking the Youth Championship and third in the Pro division. All in all, I have learned a lot and looking forward to the MMRS Madoc Nationals next year.

20160828- Taylor Arsenault

Taylor stayed just a couple bike lengths back of the battle for the wins at this year’s MMRS Madoc National | Bigwave photo

What did you do for the rest of the summer and fall months?

I started work with my old man a week after that. I really didn’t do much racing following the MMRS nationals. I just enjoyed some fall riding at a friends house near me and spent time with my family and friends I had not seen the entire summer.

How was your Christmas? Does your family really get into the whole thing? What did you do?

It was my first Christmas home in a couple years. I spent the Christmas break meeting up with my family along with my girlfriend’s family and having Christmas dinners and exchanging gifts. It was a good time. I really enjoyed Christmas this year.

OK, this question is from Jeff: What’s it going to take to get your little brother, Connor, motivated and make my awards predictions come true? (Not posted yet but Jeff gave him ‘Most Dominant Intermediate Rider’ honours.)

(Laughs) He’s a very talented kid with everything he does, whether it’s skateboarding, biking or motocross the kid seems be better than me at everything (Laughs). But for him he loves to just go out and have fun, throw a whip and he usually rides his best when he’s enjoying what he’s doing. He can be unstoppable when he thinks to himself that no one can touch him, but when he shows up at big events such as Loretta’s and Walton, he psychs himself out.

But this year was a big year for him, he was more confident than ever and was riding amazing. Unfortunately, he had a mishap at Pleasant Valley that led to a broken hand and knuckles so he was unable to compete at the remainder of the nationals, the ECAN and Walton. It blows my mind the stuff that kid can do on a bike. It would have been cool to see what he could have done at Walton duking it out with all boys.

What are your riding/training/racing plans for the winter months?

My brother and I will be traveling to Georgia (Millsaps Training Facility) like we do every year for a month or so where we get ready for the up and coming motocross season. Connor and I will be training harder than ever to improve our riding and fitness. Following a strict motocross program that MTF will provide for us to compete at the highest level.

20160724- Taylor Arsenault

Taylor was 16th at Pleasant Valley, but this is the round where his younger brother, Connor, hit a fence post and damaged his hand, taking him out for the remainder of the season | Bigwave photo

What are your racing plans for 2017?

You will see us at the first round of the nationals come moto season. We will attend all of the rounds of the CMRC Nationals along with ECAN and Walton TransCan.

Who’s going to win the Supercross title this year?

Hard to say (Laughs). I, personally, would like to see (Ryan) Dungey take it, but the level these guys are at is insane and one leg dab could cost them a moto win. (Ken) Roczen and a couple guys are going to be hard to beat. We will see come round one.

OK, thanks for chatting with us today. All the best in 2017. Who would you like to thank?

Thanks for having me. I’d like to thank everyone at Wheelsport racing, Jim Kolman, Dragon Goggles, Fly Racing, Nihilo Concepts, Imperial Motion, Moto Seat, Kutvek America, KTM Canada, Gamma Powersports, Flo motosports, Factory Connection, Jolt HDWR, Atlas Braces, the whole MX101 crew. Most of all my parents, they have given my brother and me the tools to continue to do what we love.

Wait a sec, one last thing… where does your middle name ‘Cecil’ come from? (I can make fun of middle names [and hair] because I have 3, myself [and no hair]!)

(Laughs) It was my great grandfather’s name on my mom’s side. Everyone seems to get a kick out of it. This topic comes up quite a bit on a daily basis, but it’s a pretty sweet middle name. Have a good one guys and a Happy New Year from the Arsenault’s to the whole DMX crew.

Watch for the #25 next season as he seems to be getting faster every time he hits the track!


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Happy Friday. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and that they are enjoying their holidays. We are inching closer and closer to A1. Pictures and videos are slowing popping up everywhere of new bikes, new sponsors and hot new gear. It’s looking like we will have at least 2 full Canadians to cheer for at some point in the 250 West class, and a whole ton of racers with Canadian races under their belts. It got me thinking of all of the talented riders in AMA SX that have raced on Canadian soil (not including the Toronto SX). Here are a few of them off of the top of my head:

Some Monster Energy AMA Supercross Riders Who’ve Raced on Canadian Soil

Dean Wilson: ‘Deano’ spent half of his childhood racing in Canada, as well as a few Canadian Nationals before making it big down south.

Dean Wilson

Dean Wilson raced our first 3 rounds back in 2009 | Bigwave photo

Davi Millsaps: Davi is the newly crowned Canadian National Champion after a very dominating 2016 season.

Cade Clason: Cade has spent the last 2 seasons in Canada aboard a Redemption Racing KTM finishing a solid 6th and 7th overall in MX1.

Phil Nicoletti: Phil showed up to Walton one year and was smoking the MX2 field before crashing and dislocating his shoulder.


#715 Phil Nicoletti and #103 Tucker Hibbert battling at Walton Raceway back in 2007 | Bigwave photo

Jake Wiemer: Back in the day, when the MX2 class was split into East and West, Jake raced the West for OTSFF on a Suzuki.

Josh Hansen: ‘Lil Hanny’ raced the Montreal SX for Yamaha of Troy.

Justin Startling: Justin raced the Montreal  SX aboard a Privateer Honda.

Tyler Bowers:The multi-time AX champ raced the Montreal SX on a Kawasaki.

#53 Tyler Bowers.

Tyler Bowers raced the Montreal Supercross | Bigwave photo.

Mike Alessi: Mike has spent 2 full seasons racing our Nationals, finishing 2nd and 4th overall.

Vince Friese: Vince spent a season in Canada battling Kaven Benoit for the MX2 title then parts of last season with the Monster Kawi squad.

Kyle Chisholm: Kyle spent a season fresh out of amateurs aboard a Kawi, and then again in 2015 on a Yamaha.

Josh won an MX1 overall as the wrench for #732 Kyle Chisholm in 2014. - Bigwave photo

Kyle Chisholm is no stranger to racing in Canada (shown here with Josh Cox) | Bigwave photo

Jesse Wentland: Jesse spent 2 seasons in Canada, one with KTM, and the other with the MX101 Yamaha squad.

Adam Enticknap: The ‘SEVEN DEUCE DEUCE’ spent a season racing Canadian AX for Kourtney Lloyd and her Powerhouse Cycle North squad.

There are a few that I have missed, but you get the point. I’m not a big enough geek to give you the exact years or results, but you can bet your ass that I more than likely know what gear they wore! So basically our racing is pretty darn good in Canada at times.

Jeff’s ‘Most Influential People in Canadian MX’ List

There were actually 2 things that got me thinking about this list. The first was the poll we conducted about the most influential people in Canadian MX. Although the list was chosen by the readers, I will have to strongly disagree with some of the people on the list. No disrespect to anybody on the list, but  I just think some people don’t belong. Since I wasn’t able to vote, I’m going to give my own Top 10 List, in no specific order:
– Carl Bastedo
– Brett Lee
– Steve Matthes
– Ryan Gauld
– Justin Thompson & Kyle Thompson
– Kourtney Lloyd
– Daryl Murphy
– Mark Stallybrass
– André Laurin
– Billy Rainford

And honorable mention to Derek Schuster, Andy White, Chris Pomeroy and JSR.

Jeff’s ‘Top 5 Canadians to Race in the U.S.’ List

The 2nd thing that got me thinking was Steve Matthes’ old list of the ‘Best Canadians to Ever Race in the U.S.’ that recently resurfaced on the interweb.  I respect Matthes a lot and enjoy reading his stuff and I’m not going to disagree with his list, but… I’m going to do my own top 5 list of ‘Best Canadians to Race in the U.S.’ (during my time).
1 – JSR: JSR had the balls and the speed to compete anywhere. When I personally think of Canadian MX/SX, I think of JSR first.
Davi Millsaps JSR

JSR tops Jeff’s list for ‘Top Canadians to Race in the U.S.’ (shown herewith Davi Millsaps | Bigwave photo

2 – Colton Facciotti: Although Colton hasn’t lined up for as many U.S. races as I would like, or the Canadian fans would like to see, he’s still a world class talent.
3 – Doug Dehaan: For a few years in a row, you could always count on having Dehaan to cheer for south of the border.
4 – Darcy Lange: Who doesn’t remember when Darcy took the East Coast Lites class by storm in 2007?! Darcy was a bad man when it came to indoor racing and had an entire country cheering him on in ’07.

Darcy Lange comes in at #4 | Bigwave photo

5 – Marco Dubé: In my eyes, Marco Dubé was kind of like the Kevin Windham to JSR (who was Ricky Carmichael).

17 FXR REVO Gear Test

I know Christmas is over, but let’s be honest, most kids (and even some adults) prefer money now over traditional gifts. So, now’s the time to get out and start buying your gear for the 2017 season. Our good friend, Andy White, over at FXR set me up with some fresh new gear to do some bike tests on this past fall. If you haven’t all ready, check it out HERE and get off your wallet and support a great Canadian company that is not only producing great gear, they’re also giving back to the sport and supporting a ton of great racers.
Jeff McConkey Mitch Goheen

Check out Jeff’s 17 FXR REVO Gear Product Test HERE | KTM Canada photo by Mitch Goheen

That’s it for me. I hope you have a Happy New Year, and I’ll see you in 2017. #smileforBC and #liftwithscott.


Thanks for that, Jeff. He mentioned he may not know all the stats of the American Supercross riders who’ve raced in Canada, but my money would definitely be on him to be able to tell you what gear they wore! I’ve mentioned this before, but he’s got an uncanny ability to remember those details. Like he always says, “Looking good is 4 quarters of the battle!” Classic, McConkey, right there. I love it.

PDF Version – 2017 AMO-MMRS News Letter #2 – AMO MMRS to Attend North American International Motorcycle Supershow


AMO/MMRS to Attend North American International Motorcycle Supershow Jan 6-7-8, 2017

Where there is unity there is always victory!

amo-mmrsThursday, Dec 29, 2016 – After the announcement of the partnership between AMO and MMRS, it’s only fitting to get a booth at the North American International Motorcycle show to bench race with fellow enthusiasts over the three days. “Come on down and chat with us and see what we have in store for 2017,” shares AMO President Ryan Gauld. “All our staff will be on hand to answer questions, sell memberships, outline our 2017 schedule, and a chance to win Toronto SX Tickets, or just come and hang out with the group doing it for the right reasons.”


Show Times
Friday: 12 noon – 10 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 9 pm
Sunday: 10 am – 5 pmAdmission
Youths (6-12 years) $5
Children under 6 admitted free
6900 Airport Rd,
Mississauga, ON
L4V 1E8
(at Derry Road in Mississauga, Ontario)
1-800-567-1199FREE PARKING!


AMO/MMRS will have 2017 Memberships available. With every membership (the members that have already purchased before Jan 6 will be included in the draw) bought that members name will go into a draw for a chance to win a pair of Toronto SX tickets for March 6th at Rogers Centre for RD9 of Monster Energy FIM Supercross

Remember, only members of AMO/MMRS are eligible at the $30,000 in year-end prizes at our banquet celebration.

AMO/MMRS would like to welcome PR-MX.CA as a premiere sponsor for 2017. PR-MX.CA has the products you want for your race season. Be sure to visit them and in the New Year look for an AMO/MMRS member’s code to help you save money. “I’m very excited to partner up with AMO/MMRS for 2017,” states PR-MX.CA owner Julien Perrier. “I see what that team is doing and I want to support what’s good in Canadian moto.”


Be sure to follow @TeamPRMX on Instagram to see how their SX season is going during the winter and their latest products.


AMO Premiere sponsors for 2017:


2017 AMO/MMRS Membership Info:

Individual Racer: $100/per

Family Membership: $160

* This covers all family members living under the same roof 18 years and younger.

* This also covers any family member who is a student, up to 21 years of age.


Please visit ONLINE right HERE to purchase: 2017 AMO/MMRS Membership

You can see this ONLINE right HERE: 2017 AMO/MMRS Schedule

Supporting Sponsors so far in 2017:


Whether you’re a new racer, old racer, serious racer, or just a fun racer, we’re your one-stop race series for a safe, family, fun-filled summer. We hope to see you on the gates in 2017 chasing your dream with AMO/MMRS!

2017 Monster Energy AMA Supercross

Anaheim 1 – Saturday, January 7


2017 Supercross TV schedule now available
Feld Entertainment Inc. announced the upcoming 2017 Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, schedule with more ways to watch, on more channels, globally. With an expanded FOX broadcast partnership, Supercross fans will also be able to watch the first race from Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Calif., on FOX Deportes, alongside social media and live streaming options for enthusiasts outside of North America and Australia.

Devotees of Supercross can still watch races on FS1, FS2 and ESPN (Australia) throughout the season, but for the first time in the four-year media partnership with FOX, Monster Energy Supercross will have airtime on FOX Deportes for the kick-off in Anaheim, Calif. on January 7, 2017 and on every local FOX station throughout the country for races in Indianapolis (3/18/2017), Salt Lake City (4/22/2017) and East Rutherford, N.J. (4/29/2017). Check local listings.

Fans in North America can catch the aerial excitement and high-speed chases on their desktops and mobile devices via FOX Sports GO, FOX Sports’ authenticated TV everywhere app, as well as the Monster Energy Supercross pay-per-view livestream available at Providing an option to access the action and energy in real time outside of North America, the pay-per-view live stream offers a season pass for the first time for $99.99. Races stream live and up to one week following the race.

As the world’s most competitive and high profile off-road motorcycle racing championship, Monster Energy Supercross attracts nearly one million fans in live attendance at the nation’s most renowned stadiums over the course of the 17-race season. Its digital fan base on social media boasts an even more impressive number, engaging with 10 million viewers around the globe weekly and providing an industry-leading footprint.

2017 Supercross Schedule

Dakar Rally | Monday, January 1 – 14, 2017

Official Teaser – Dakar 2017 by Dakar

Keep up with all the action on the official website:

CSRA Snow Bike Schedule

I can’t wait to hit a couple of these.


Canadian Snow Bike Nationals in Revelstoke, BC



The 401 was a little rough this morning. Traffic actually stopped shortly after this was taken…


Have a great weekend, everyone. This time next week, we’ll all be in a frenzy getting ready for the opening round of Supercross! Don’t forget to plan ahead to be at the DMX Toronto Supercross Pre and After Parties at the Houston on Yonge Street March 3 and 4. They’re going to be two nights to remember!

Have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve celebration, whatever you get up to. After scrolling Facebook, I can see that many of you are already somewhere they has palm trees and are enjoying family, friends, and dirt bikes. Have a great time and don’t worry about our sore, aching backs back here in Canada as we head out to shovel the driveway…again.


Josh Snider says, “See you at the races…we hope.” | Bigwave photo