Monday Morning Coffee

By Billy Rainford

Monday Morning with Bigwave

Welcome to another Monday Morning Coffee from the confines of my living room couch. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I really hate it when Pro racing happens in Canada without me!

Rounds 1 and 2 of the Future West Moto Arenacross Championships took place at the Agriplex out in Armstrong, BC. We had a pretty good idea who the main players would be.

Jess Pettis was very impressive last season in taking the title. His teammate, Shawn Maffenbeier, was set to race. Jeremy Medaglia was dusting off his championship boots and throwing his hat in the ring. Adam Enticknap was heading north to race the Pro Open class. But wait a tick…who’s this #910 kid ripping it up?!

Young up-and-coming American star, Carson Brown, made the trip north for the first weekend of competition and was super-fast right from practice and qualifying. He was definitely going to make it tough for the Canadians.

Here’s the Cole’s Notes version of what happened on the first weekend of Future West Moto Arenacross in BC. | Courtney Bowman photo

Friday Night

Jess Pettis and Carson Brown won the Pro Lights qualifiers.

Carson Brown and Shawn Maffenbeier won the Pro Open qualifiers.

Carson Brown win the Dash for Cash and $766.

Summer Knowles wins the Women’s main.

Pro Lights Main: Brown, Maffenbeier, Pettis, Medaglia, Lockhart.

Pro Open Main: Maffenbeier, Pettis, Enticknap, Brown, Medaglia.


1. 910 Carson Brown KAW

2. 12 Shawn Maffenbeier YAM

3. 1 Jess Pettis YAM

4. 4 Jeremy Medaglia HON

5. 101 Ryan Lockhart KAW

6. 216 Devin Harriman KTM

7. 459 Kraig Riese YAM

8. 91 Wyatt Waddell HON

9. 21 Davey Fraser HSK

10. 728 Austin Breda HON

DNF 956 Josh Boot HON

Pro Open

1. 12 Shawn Maffenbeier YAM

2. 1 Jess Pettis YAM

3. 722 Adam Enticknap HON

4. 910 Carson Brown KAW

5. 4 Jeremy Medaglia HON

6. 216 Devin Harriman KTM

7. 3 Karl Normand KTM

8. 101 Ryan Lockhart KAW

9. 459 Kraig Riese YAM

10. 21 Davey Fraser HSK

11. 91 Wyatt Waddell HON

12. 728 Austin Breda HON

DNS 245 Skyler Archer SUZ

DNS 177 Josh Nay KAW

Saturday Night

Carson Brown and (Jess Pettis) win the Pro Lights qualifiers.

Shawn Maffenbeier and Carson Brown win the Pro Open qualifiers.

Jess Pettis wins Dash for Cash and $775 over Shawn Maffenbeier.

Pro Lights Main: Brown, Pettis, Medaglia, Lockhart.

Pro Open Main: Pettis, Maffenbeier, Brown, Enticknap, Medaglia.

POINTS – After 2 Rounds*

Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
1st 1st 50
#72 – , 
3rd 3rd 40 (-10)
4th 7th 32 (-18)
4th – BRIE DAY
5th 6th 31 (-19)
8th 4th 31 (-19)
7th 8th 27 (-23)
#38 – , 
6th 11th 25 (-25)
9th 9th 24 (-26)
10th 12th 20 (-30)
#88 – , 
5th 16 (-34)
Pro Am Lights
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
#910 – , 
1st 1st 50
#4 – , ON
4th 3rd 38 (-12)
#15 – , 
2nd 6th 37 (-13)
#101 – LANGLEY, BC
5th 4th 34 (-16)
#459 – , 
7th 5th 30 (-20)
#21 – HALIFAX, 
8th 8th 26 (-24)
#91 – DELTA, BC
9th 7th 26 (-24)
Pro Open 
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
#15 – , 
1st 2nd 47
#910 – , 
4th 3rd 38 (-9)
#4 – , ON
5th 5th 32 (-15)
#101 – LANGLEY, BC
8th 8th 26 (-21)
#21 – HALIFAX, 
10th 7th 25 (-22)
#459 – , 
9th 10th 23 (-24)
#91 – DELTA, BC
11th 9th 22 (-25)

Full results at:

*Defending champion, Jess Pettis, is not listed in the points as he has not purchased a Future West Moto/AMO membership because he may not be able to make the next rounds. Did someone say, “2018 West Coast Supercross?

Red Bull Straight Rhythm

It’s great for the fans that Monster Energy puts on the Monster Energy Cup and Red Bull does the Red Bull Straight Rhythm at this otherwise empty season for Pro racing.

The Straight Rhythm head-to-head races are a one-off event that see top races blitz an unwound Supercross track over a 40-second track.

The first thing I noticed during the live broadcast on was how rough Ken Roczen looked. Yes, I realize he’s coming of a tough period with his elbow, but he looks to me like he’s forcing the training and looks like he’s way over-doing it. He also needed a haircut and a shave, but I’ve seen that haggard look on a lot of athletes over the years and he looks like he’s trying out for the cover of next month’s “Over-trained and Tired” magazine. Hopefully, he gets himself race-ready for January without driving himself into the ground first.

Judging from the Straight Rhythm broadcast, Ken Roczen really looks like he’s over-training right now. | Bigwave photo

The entries in the Pro classes seemed a little light this year. The two defending champions came out and repeated as winners. Shane McElrath won the 250 and Marvin Musquin won the 450’s. Is Marvin ever going to lose a race again? It’s not looking like it, right now!

Is #25 Marvin Musquin ever going to lose another race?! | Bigwave photo

Fortunately, the 250 2-stroke class had everyone’s attention and seemed to be what everyone was there to see. Unfortunately, Chad Reed hurt his ankle practicing for it on his 2-stroke, but Ryan Villopoto, Gered Steinke, and Ronnie Mac gave everyone what they wanted to see and hear.

Here’s a look at the results:


1. Marvin Musquin

2. Josh Hansen

3. Broc Tickle

4. Kyle Chisholm


1. Shane McElrath

2. Sean Cantrell

3. Alex Martin

4. Ryan Sipes


1. Gared Steinke

2. Ronnie Mac

3. Ryan Sipes

4. Ryan Villopoto

Ponca City Amateur National

Canadian #22 Preston Masciangelo from Brantford, ON headed to the annual amateur MX National at Ponca City in Oklahoma. I scoured the results and didn’t see any other Canadians – sorry if I missed anyone.

You can check out the full results here:

Here’s a look at how Preston did:

Class  Number   Brand     Moto 1   Moto 2   Class Finish     
 85cc 9-11 Limited  #22  SUZ  12th  9th  11th
 85cc 9-12 mod  #22  SUZ  9th  18th  17th
 85cc 9-13 open  #22  SUZ  8th  12th  13th

Congratulations to Preston and his family for continuing to chase the dream. We’ll be sure to try and catch up with the Brantford Berm Blaster as soon as we are able.

Tune In for 2018 Supercross Announcement Monday at 11:45am EST

2018 Supercross Season Changes //Tampa Press Conference Live Stream

Change is in the air.  Please join us live as we make significant announcements regarding the 2018 Supercross season.

Monday at 11:45am EST for a special Pre Season Press Conference where sweeping changes to the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross Championship will be announced. Hosted by Ralph Sheheen live from Raymond James Stadium!


  • August 19 – Las Vegas, NV
  • September 23 – Reno, NV
  • September 30 – Denver, CO
  • October 14 – Everett, WA
  • October 28 – Phoenix, AZ
  • November 4 – Boise, ID
  • November 18 – Ontario, CA

GNCC Racing Finale Next Weekend at Ironman MX

The Ironman GNCC is one of the most popular races on the circuit. Tom’s Marine Sales, the local Polaris dealership hosts the event, and their large farm offers plenty of land for the track. Community support for this race is amazing. Ironman GNCC banners hang downtown, and the spectator count is incredible. The event has grown so much that it’s overflowing from race to full-on industry trade show with many companies displaying the next year’s models.

As far as the track, many riders call this one their favorite on the whole tour. The track has it all. The land in this area is totally flat, but the course runs near riverbanks, which means there’s still plenty of elevation change. In fact, the hills here are some of the steepest on the circuit. If it rains, the hills will be the toughest part, as the course will be routed around the creeks. If it doesn’t rain, the riders will hit the creeks, and they’re rocky. Be careful not to cut a tire there. Also, since the race runs in October, it can get cold. Try to stay dry in those creeks.

Outside of the woods, the course routes across harvested cornfields. You’ll have your machine pegged at its absolute top-speed several times here. From tight trails, to technical hill climbs, gullies, rock sections and creeks, all on top of great dirt, this track is a true test for a cross-country racer’s all-around skills.

The Ironman event is named after the late GNCC ATV Champion Bob “Ironman” Sloan, who hailed from Indiana and dreamed for many years of seeing a GNCC event in his home state. We lost Bob in 1994. Godspeed, Bob.

1975 Ottawa Club Races | Gatineau, Quebec | Carl Bastedo

Get a load of this awesomeness. Thanks for sending the link over, Carl Bastedo.

I really wanted to sit here and spin a yarn, but I’ve got my first post-op appointment with the surgeon from Kennedy Fowler Sports Clinic who cut my leg in half this morning, so I’ll have to end things there. Would you believe his name is Dr. Getgood? How can that be a bad thing?

Thanks for reading, and have a great week.

2009 Todd Kuli says, “See you at the races…” | Bigwave photo (with apologies)