Monday Morning Coffee

Monday Morning Coffee

Monday Morning with Bigwave

By Billy Rainford

Sometimes, I wake up on Monday and nothing has really happened over the weekend that I can think of to write about, and that’s when I’m most dangerous!

No, but seriously, we are in what is now a pretty short shoulder season here in Canada. Where we used to sit idle from mid-August to early June, we now race 9 months of the year! What a change this has been for us here in the north.

We started way back on February 24th out in Abbotsford, BC at the first of 4 rounds of Arenacross in the Rockstar Triple Crown Tour and we just ended our season in Hamilton, ON at round 4 of Supercross, November 17th.

Whereas the Canadian season used to be 2 1/2 months, it’s now 9! That’s a huge increase in the action.

It also means a much greater commitment to the teams, riders, and sponsors. So, how has it changed how we do things from those angles?

If they want to compete at the top, riders now have to practice and test for the 3 separate disciplines of our sport. Like I just said, this isn’t only a big commitment on the the riders themselves. Teams have to make it possible for their riders to be ready for each, and that means more money.

Yes, of course it all boils down to money.

We haven’t seen what is rumoured to be a much more condensed schedule for 2019 yet, but it will likely mean riders and teams will have fewer breaks in the action like we had in this inaugural season that included a few long breaks between rounds of each discipline.

If a team wants to competitive in Arenacross, they need to be thinking about testing and getting the new year’s bikes ready to go. It’s not even Christmas yet and we need our riders to be on extremely rare indoor  tracks getting ready for our indoor season! What a change a year makes.

Newly retired racer Kaven Benoit has seen this as an issue and is ready to take charge in Quebec with his new indoor facility called Motocross Interior Quebec. You can follow them on Instagram to see what they’ve got going on. Here’s a video showing Christopher DaSilva and Michael DaSilva putting in some laps on the new track:

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Belle journée de test avec Michael Da Silva et Cristopher Da silva!!

A post shared by Motocross Intérieur Québec (@motocrossinterieurquebec) on

Quebec has a very popular indoor race series on its own, but this will also help get riders ready for the Triple Crown series, too.

Supercross Quebec is a series that spans both indoors and out all over the province. In 2018, it race 7 rounds of Arenacross, so this new track will be very helpful in getting the french riders ready for 2019.

Teams and riders will now be looking for more compensation for this longer season. This increase in monetary commitment means team sponsors will need to dig deeper into their coffers to support this elongation of Canadian Motocross.

Try asking an employee in any other business to triple their workload (time-wise) and see if they agree to do it for the same price. It’s not going to happen. Hopefully, our guys are getting the compensation they deserve for all of this. It won’t be easy, and our industry is going to take a while to get aligned with the new demands of the lengthy schedule.

Also, this also opens the door to “Motocross Only” contracts north of the border. I only bring this up because there is speculation that this type of arrangement might suit a rider like Colton Facciotti. Rumours had swirled that Colton would retire after this past season, but the way it finished in Quebec City must have had him thinking about his legacy.

There is no way he could have let that finish line crash be the last thing he did at the top level in the sport in Canada. He just couldn’t. Could you?

I spoke with GDR’s Derek Schuster the other day and, although he wouldn’t say anything definite, he did admit that the look of Colton’s 2019 contract is something that they are working to sort out.

Will Colton Facciotti sign on for the entire 2019 season or just the Motocross portion? | Bigwave photo

I would expect Colton signs to race just the outdoors, but he may also be thinking about how close he got to that dangling $100K Rockstar Triple Crown carrot this past season and decide to take one more run at it before hanging up his leathers.

They are also waiting to see what the finalized 2019 schedule looks like before they solidify their plans. We’re told to expect the 2019 schedule sometime this week.

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#53 Bjorn Viney Breaks Collarbone

#53 Bjorn Viney. | Bigwave photo

Canadian-living-in-California #53 Bjorn Viney has broken his collarbone while preparing for the inaugural Supercross Futures Series.

The Intermediate/B rider is looking forward to contesting the 9-round amateur series that starts January 13th in Glendale, Arizona, but this practice crash in the whoops may put that in jeopardy.

He’s got exactly 4 weeks to heal and be ready, so we’ll keep you updated on what the treatment and prognosis is for this fast Team PRMX Strikt Kawasaki racer.

From his Instagram page:

We’ve been told by Bjorn’s dad, Ulf Viney, that he will go see Dr. Alexander in Murrieta, California, this morning. He’s the same doc that looked after Jess Pettis‘s injury last season, so he should have Bjorn back in the saddle sooner rather than later.

Hopefully, we see Bjorn back in action when the Supercross Futures amateur program starts up January 13thin Phoenix, Arizona, but that is a pretty lofty goal. Round 2 of the series is January 20th at A2, and even that is a quick return to action.

We’ll keep you posted on how he’s doing as the dates draw closer.

Torino Supercross Highlights

And here’s some home video that gives you a look at Ricky Carmichael on the track in the Superpole racing:

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Hoodie Giveaway

We did the draw for the free Rockstar Energy Husqvarna hoodie Sunday at high noon. Thank you to Allison Thompson over at Husqvarna Motorcycles Canada for the hoodie. I’m sure someone will enjoy this for Christmas. She’s also on record as saying we’ll have more stuff to giveaway throughout 2019, so we’ll hold her to that! 😉

The winner was Christian Antoski from Brantford, Ontario.

As soon as we hear back from him, we’ll fire the hoodie out to him in the mail.

Congratulations to Christian and thank you to everyone who took the time to tell their short Christmas present stories last week.

Oh, and it’s not looking good as far as bringing MX Forum over to Direct Motocross. We thought we’d ask you if you’d participate in the forum were we to bring it over to the site. The underwhelming response leads us to believe it’s just not worth it at this time.

OK, folks, my parents are almost on their way here, so I have to go give the place a once over and make sure there’s enough coffee in the house for the next couple days!

Emily and I leave for California just after Boxing Day, so we’ll be out west for the first few rounds of Supercross and then I’ll be at the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado, again to watch the Canadians kick more butt in the Snow BikeCross events. It’s going to be an action-packed month of January, so be sure keep DMX in your favourites.

I hope that was enough to get your through another strong cup of coffee to get the week going in the right direction. Thanks for reading, and have a good 7 days, everyone. By the way, next Monday will be the Christmas Eve edition of Monday Coffee. It’s almost time to get a head start on shopping!

Hoping we see some more of this at the 2019 Winter X Games in Aspen. See you at the races… | Bigwave photo