Monday Morning with Bigwave

Another Monday pops up out of nowhere. Are there more Mondays in the week than any other day? Probably not, but it sure feels that way.

As I sit here in the DMX office, I made the mistake of looking over my right shoulder and can’t help but notice that there are some light snowflakes in the air right now. No, nothing is going to accumulate, but I think we’re all ready for sunshine and hot weather. It is only April so I guess nobody should be too surprised, but enough already!

Next, I made the mistake of looking at the forecast for the week. The good news is that the snow should stop. However, it will turn to rain and get windy. Perfect. The rest of the week’s forecast symbol looks like a cloud with rain through it. Not the best week to get out of the house and do much. Oh well.

I hope everyone has found improvements in their fitness over the winter. Now is the time when we all find out just how effective our programs were. We all think we did the right thing, but you just won’t know until you hit the practice track and put in a hard moto or two.

Did you run more? Cycle more? Lift weights that were focused on improving moto movements more? Maybe you were one of the lucky ones who are just now returning from somewhere down south where you were able to ride every day for the past month. If so, consider yourself very fortunate.

Trust me, those trips you take over the winter to hang out and do nothing but think about getting better for the next racing season are some of the best memories you’re going to have as you get older.

I mention the memories first and foremost because I can guarantee you’ll have those. What I can’t guarantee is that you’ll show up at your first race and beat the person you were hoping you would. That’s on you.

I know everyone who goes south for extended periods of time always hates to put it on the line at a spring race. Everyone knows you were down south riding all winter and it’s expected that you’ll show the results. What if you don’t? What if you still slot into the results sheet where you did before you left? Then what?

Well, if that happens, you can always think about those memories again.

Gatorback, Florida, circa 1985. | Bigwave Senior photo

Everyone improves a different rates and at different ages. We all know those younger kids who we used to beat and then they move up and start waxing us. It happens to everyone. Like I said, different rates and ages. Not everyone is going to end their careers with 5 or more Pro titles. It’s just not going to happen. But everyone is going to finish with those great memories.

So, focus on you and not what others expect of you, or how much better that young punk has gotten. Yes, a kid half your size may move up a class or bike size and start beating you. That’s just the way sport of any kind goes. It diesn’t really make it hurt any less, but it’s reality, plain and simple.

But that’s not why you called…

What did you think of the racing in Calgary on Saturday?

I watched the racing from the comfort of my own couch Saturday night. I simply clicked on the Two Wheels TV app, linked it to my TV and away it went. It worked great! The lightning may not have been fantastic, but the show went very well and I was entertained from home.

I really hate not actually being at the races, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes. We had John Meaney snapping some great photos, so that part was good.

It’s tough for me to have questions and not be able to simply walk over to a pit or a person and find out the answer right away. Relying on others to be in your head with the same questions and thoughts isn’t quite the same. On the upside, Calgary was the last race I plan to not be at, so I’m excited for the rest of the season.

Let me just get this one off my chest before moving on:

John Meaney photo

It sounds like I may ruffled some feathers when I tweeted asking that someone let Kristen Beat know how Jyire Mitchell says his name. I had just done a podcast interview with Jyire and we joked about it and at the fact that his dad’s name is simply, Shawn…or Sean, I don’t know.

Well, I’m worried that people thought I’d made that tweet after the show and was being critical of her performance and pronunciation — obviously, I wasn’t. The tweet was before she’d even been to the track or tried to say his name. I was legitimately trying to help…and of course make a little joke at the same time. No harm meant. Period. There, I feel better.

Now, let’s talk about the racing.

It’s been a really good two-race series so far. We have yet to see a repeat winner in either class, so that’s great for the fans. The Calgary track made for some really good racing and we saw some classic Arenacross-style passing.

The toughest thing about racing AX has got to be the battle to stay focused on your racing and not take things personally. It’s really difficult to set up passes like you would on a Motocross track when you’re inside a hockey arena or horse barn. Guess what that leaves, folks? Yep, dive bomb moves to the inside in the 180-degree corners. It’s just business as usual.

Like I said, the hardest part is being able to accept it when you’re the one on the receiving end. Protect the inside and the rider behind you will take the racing line and maybe pass you. Take the racing line and the rider behind you heads inside and pushes your front wheel out and down you go. It’s a difficult game to take, especially the mental side of it.

John Meaney iPhone photo

We saw quite a few of these moves, especially in the 250 class, on Saturday night at the Agium Arena. I saw MXP posted the James Lissimore shot of Luke Renzland doing it to red plate rider Ryder Floyd on Instagram. And that was only a heat race! Fans and family of Luke will be like, “Yaaaa!” while the supporters of Ryder will be like, “Noooo!” Like Ryder’s Manluk Racing team said on Instagram, “What goes around comes around.” As Paul Simon would say, “I’d rather be a hammer than a nail!” Unfortunately, sometimes everyone is the nail…

Pro Sport is entertainment, and this was entertaining. Nope, you hate it when you’re on the ground, but that’s what you have to expect on these tight tracks. Yep, it sucks. However, it gives us media types something to talk about and watch for as the series moves forward. They say time heals all wounds, but motocross riders have extremely long memories when it comes to payback, so you know Ryder will not forget this one.

John Meaney photo

The guys on the broadcast talked about Marco Cannella‘s moves to the front. It sounds like he rubbed a little bit of paint and forced the issue more than once on his way to 2nd place. I didn’t see any of it so I can’t really comment on what the passes actually looked like, but he’s the type of rider who probably knows there is a new bullseye on his back that only a few riders can see. Again, it makes for some good story lines for us to keep an eye on.

John Meaney photo

And how about Dylan Wright having a picture perfect day in Calgary? He won his heat and then came out and won the 250 main. We all know he’s got the speed to win any race he enters here in Canada, but it was really nice to see him do it. I think was a really important win in his development as a Pro. He looked fast and smooth as he took this one and it will pay off as the series moves on.

John Meaney photo

Brad Nauditt put his holeshot skills to good use and got out to the front right away but admitted on the podium after taking 3rd that he got tired out there. He backed off his racing program a couple years ago to learn the family business, so seeing him do so well this year is really cool. Brad is one of the nicest guys you’re going to meet, and having him back in our series full-time is good for everyone. Welcome back, Brad.

Ryder Floyd won round 1 and so ran the red plates in round 2. Unfortunately, he was the victim of a hard pass and had some bike damage. He pulled off the track and took a DNF. With only 11 riders in the main, his DNF still scores him 15 very important points for 11th as per the rule book.

Here’s a look at the points breakdown from the MRC Rulebook:

John Meaney iPhone photo

The 450 class had some great racing up at the front and Phil Nicoletti managed to so something many have not — keep Cole Thompson behind him indoors.

John Meaney photo

He made the pass right away for the lead and held it to the checkered flag for his first win in Canada. You could see it in his face when he won that he was super-pumped…I’m kidding. It’s always difficult to tell if he’s just stepped in dog crap or won the lottery. He keeps his emotions well tucked away.

John Meaney photo

However, if you watch the archive on Two Wheels TV when it’s up, you’ll see he does, in fact, have teeth! Kristen managed to get him smiling when she first spoke with him on the stage after his win. I’m sure someone will screen grab it when it becomes available. Hell, I may do it!

John Meaney photo

Matt Goerke set the fastest 450 main lap time but just couldn’t get the job done. He closed in nicely on the lead two but then got caught up with a downed rider and lost contact with only 2 laps to go.

He’s got the pace and a fire lit under him, so watch for him to get a win very soon.

The final 2 rounds of racing are going to be good. We lose the two Cycle North riders, Collin Jurin and Nick Schmidt, but I’m sure we’ll gain quite a few local Ontario Pros for Sarnia and Barrie.

I’m going to wait until the official site has the points totals posted before I post my math up here again. I think we have it right on the site, but there’s also the LCQ points to factor in, so, like I said, I’ll just wait to save the mistakes and embarrassment.

#36 Avrie Berry took the Women’s win ahead of #50 Shelby Turner. | John Meaney photo

Charles Charlton in the Supermini races. | John Meaney photo

Intermediate. | John Meaney photo

Kade Walker Gets 5th in Holland

I think this is it…

250 Moto 1:

250 Moto 2:

OK, John just sent us over a whole bunch more great photos from Calgary, so I may post up a nice gallery next. Thanks for reading and have a great week. Enjoy your long Easter weekend coming up and we’ll see you all live in Sarnia for Round 3 on April 27th.

See you at the races… | John Meaney photo