By Billy Rainford

Good Monday Morning. Wow, what a weekend that was up in Prince George, BC! There was some really good stuff that happened mixed in with some unfortunate.

As for the bad, #17 Cheyenne Harmon crashed hard on the fast downhill section after he sank into a soft spot and got thrown over the front. The result is a broken tib/fib so he’ll be out for at least 6-8 weeks while that heals up.

#17 Cheyenne Harmon out with a broken tib/fib suffered in first qualifying. | Bigwave photo

What a bummer for this guy and his Manluk Racing team. The Texan was the cool story from 2018 after driving up to Canada alone in his van and making a go of it in our series.

His hard work and obvious dedication to the sport paid off with this great ride for 2019 and now the Moto Gods have put him on the sidelines. Dirt bike racing is not for the weak. That point gets proven time and time again.

Hopefully, Cheyenne’s surgery goes as planned and he will be back on his feet and then two wheels as soon as possible.

Wyatt Waddell tweaked his ankle in first qualifying and was forced to miss the motos in Prince George. | Bigwave photo

#23 Wyatt Waddell came up short on the big triple down the front straight during qualifying and hyper-flexed his ankle resulting in what they’re thinking is some sort of strain or tear to his Achilles tendon.

Wyatt went out for the sight lap before the first moto but decided there was just no point in trying to race and headed back to the pits.

He’ll get himself checked out to see what exactly is going on and go from there.

Hopefully, it’s just a strain and nothing more serious than that. In my running days, they always said a calf or a hamstring pull were the toughest things to come back from.

(Wyatt said on Instagram that he’ll get some therapy and take it day by day.)

Wyatt’s misfortune put Intermediate rider #991 Brendan McKee from Lloydminster, SK into the motos as an alternate. He finished 34-32 for 33rd on the day, so congratulations to this youngster.

I spoke with him as he raced on Sunday at the Amateur Open and he was pretty happy with how his racing went. See, Wyatt, you made someone else happy. Heal up and we’ll see you very soon.

And now we have to talk about someone who took a very bad situation and made it the feel good story of the weekend…maybe the season!

Dylan Wright finished in 4th place in moto 1 on that thing. | Bigwave photo

#19 Dylan Wright just went down in Canadian Moto Folklore with what he did in the first 250 moto.

He was leading the moto when all of a sudden he came around on the next lap and appeared to be slowing down a little. Nobody could believe what they were seeing.

Dylan’s snapped his sub-frame and the bike started to come apart underneath him, but he still kept racing…hard.

This finish was reminiscent of the classic Danny ‘Magoo’ Chandler shot where he’s holding totally bent handlebars while standing on his swingarm because he’d lost a footpeg. Dylan’s bike looked even worse!

There’s an old racing cliché that goes something like this: “Drop out of a race once and it gets easier to do a second time.

The point is, NEVER drop out of a race unless it is 100% impossible to get to the checkered flag. Dylan lived this creed in moto 1 and it is something he (and everyone else) will look back at as one of the great finishes in our sport’s history.

Amazingly, he only dropped to 4th place by the end of the race! He even kept jumping a few of the sections on this bike. It was crazy.

I knew this was a moment to capture, so I started running for the straightaway after the flag to see what would happen once he finally made it across the line. I was not disappointed.

Dylan handled the situation with poise and class and even acknowledged the cheering crowd who were all screaming and clapping in amazement and disbelief. Everyone fully appreciated what they’d just witnessed and that vibe sank in with Dylan and he let them know it.

Seriously, that was one of those moments in racing that make all the sacrifices worth it. I’m so glad I was there to see it and to snap a few photos and video.

And to top it all off, Dylan came back and won the second moto and landed in 2nd spot on the day with 4-1 motos. I hope his team took him out for some sort of celebration after that one.

Super-bummed for #22 Jared Petruska who went down in that start crash last week in Calgary.

He was in Prince George to support his fiancé #6 Dominique Daffé but said that he had a pounding headache as he did so.

When Dom went out for her sight lap, I noticed that Jared was lying down in her spot on the cement pad. I wasn’t quick enough to get a shot, and I forgot to ask him what he was doing.

Hopefully, he starts feeling better soon.

#5 Tyler Medaglia had to get this rear wheel to the finish line in moto 1. | Bigwave photo

#5 Tyler Medaglia was another rider who had to limp home a beat up bike.

He smashed his rear wheel up pretty good and had to just get it to the finish line for 6th place.

#2 Matt Goerke smiling at riders’ meeting. | John Meaney photo

And then there’s #2 Matt Goerke.

John Meaney caught Matt smiling during riders’ meeting, but his day would go south pretty quickly for the Floridian.

In the first moto, Matt was battling hard in 4th place behind the lead trio who were gone, but he was racing hard and making progress.

Then late in the race, Matt was up into 3rd spot when #16 Cole Thompson had his issue (more in a minute) but then he was gone on the last lap! I was on the opposite side of the track from where it happened, but Matt was another victim of a chain problem. Matt’s didn’t just come off, his snapped and his race was done, taking a DNF.

Fortunately, the top guys had lapped so far up in to the field that Matt is still scored with 10th in that one.

In the second moto, Matt was in 7th early in the race and stayed there the entire time.

I wrote down in my note pad that he didn’t look as aggressive as normal and was even looking over his shoulder to see where the rider behind him was.

Well, when I spoke with his mechanic, Chad Goodwin, at the end of the day, he explained to me that Matt had a finger that was pointing in the wrong direction during that race but that Matt kept going and took 7th at the flag for 10-7 8th on the day. Man, that was a weird one!

#16 Cole Thompson had his own issues in moto 1. | Bigwave photo

#16 Cole Thompson was leading the first moto for the first 4 laps when he suddenly didn’t come back past where I was standing.

Now what?!

I saw where the yellow flag was waving so I ran toward it to see what was up.

There was Cole struggling with his bike behind a jump and I couldn’t really see what he was doing. I thought he’d fallen and was stuck in a mud hole or something. Nope.

It turned out his chain had come off and he was fighting to get it back on. He finally got it back on and got going again just as the lead riders were coming around to almost put him down a lap.

Cole even saw the blue flag waved at him. When’s the last time he would have seen that?!

He was able to claw through the field to take 11th at the flag. With his 3rd in moto 2 he was 6th on the day.

Like I said, it was a strange day. #14 Tanner Ward also had a chain come off and I’m sure there were more.

#328 Talan Hansen had just about the worst day ever. He crashed about 40 feet off the start in moto 1. I then helped push his bike off the track later in the moto. Then he got landed on by Cole Thompson in the second and rolled off the track. It was one to forget for the friendly American.

#80 Sam Gaynor looked great all day but then took a hard fall near the mechanics area. He was coughing up some blood later in the day, so they decided to head to the hospital to get checked out. He’s said on Instagram that he’ll be in Manitoba, so that’s good news. I’m guessing he’ll be a wee bit sore though.

250 PRO   View Laptimes  
Overall Nbr   Name Moto 1 Moto 2 Points Earned
 1st   #121  Husqvarna  MARSHAL WELTIN 
2nd 2nd 54
 2nd   #19  Honda  DYLAN WRIGHT 
4th 1st 53
 3rd   #1  KTM  JESS PETTIS 
1st 5th 51
 4th   #21  Yamaha  JOSH OSBY 
3rd 4th 48
 5th   #5  Kawasaki  TYLER MEDAGLIA 
6th 6th 40
 6th   #46  Yamaha  MARCO CANNELLA 
5th 7th 40
 7th   #296  Yamaha  RYDER FLOYD 
8th 8th 36
 8th   #48  Kawasaki  WESTEN WROZYNA 
9th 9th 34
 9th   #14  KTM  TANNER WARD 
7th 12th 33
 10th   #94  Yamaha  LUKE RENZLAND 
39th 3rd 25
 11th   #60  KTM  QUINN AMYOTTE 
12th 11th 29
 12th   #52  Husqvarna  BRAD NAUDITT 
10th 13th 29
 13th   #64  Husqvarna  WILLIAM CRETE 
15th 10th 27
 14th   #571  Yamaha  DANIEL MATHE 
13th 15th 24
 15th   #41  Yamaha  JACK WRIGHT 
11th 18th 23
 16th   #27  Yamaha  HAYDEN HALSTEAD 
17th 14th 21
 17th   #36  KTM  TEREN GERBER 
14th 17th 21
 18th   #43  Yamaha  ANTHONY SPADACCINI 
40th 16th 10
 19th   #179  Kawasaki  CAMERON WROZYNA 
18th 19th 15
 20th   #11  Husqvarna  DAVEY FRASER 
16th 36th 10
 21st   #71  KTM  DUNCAN MACLEOD 
19th 22nd 11
 22nd   #243  Yamaha  LIAM WEBBER 
24th 20th 8
 23rd   #291  Honda  DYLAN DELAPLACE 
20th 27th 6
 24th   #377  Husqvarna  DANIEL ELMORE 
23rd 21st 8
 25th   #170  Yamaha  JULIEN BENEK 
21st 23rd 8
 26th   #548  Yamaha  JOEL CURRINGTON 
28th 24th 2
 27th   #545  Honda  RHYS DERKSEN 
22nd 25th 5
 28th   #133  KTM  TYLER YATES 
26th 26th 0
 29th   #721  Yamaha  SAM DOOLEY 
32nd 28th 0
 30th   #146  Kawasaki  TYLER GIBBS 
29th 29th 0
 31st   #926  Honda  TY GRAHAM 
33rd 30th 0
 32nd   #380  Yamaha  KEVIN LEPP 
35th 31st 0
 33rd   #991  Kawasaki  BRENDAN MCKEE 
34th 32nd 0
 34th   #711  Yamaha  TOMMY LLOYD 
37th 33rd 0
 35th   #325  Yamaha  TALLON UNGER 
30th 34th 0
 36th   #337  KTM  REECE HAVRELOCK 
31st 35th 0
 37th   #297  Yamaha  GABE ELMORE 
36th 37th 0
 38th   #58  Yamaha  JOEY PARKES 
27th 38th 0
 39th   #888  KTM  BURG GILIOMEE 
38th 39th 0
 40th   #417  Yamaha  MARCUS DEAUSY 
 150 MILE HOUSE,  
25th DNF 1
 DNF   #151  Honda  ETHAN TOEWS 
 DNF   #23  Husqvarna  WYATT WADDELL 
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
#19 – , 
3rd 2nd 103
1st 4th 102 (-1)
#121 – , 
4th 1st 100 (-3)
#1 – , 
7th 3rd 91 (-12)
6th 5th 84 (-19)
#14 – , 
5th 9th 79 (-24)
#94 – , 
2nd 10th 75 (-28)
#46 – , 
9th 6th 73 (-30)
#52 – , 
8th 12th 63 (-40)
11th 8th 62 (-41)
#296 – , 
13th 7th 54 (-49)
14th 11th 52 (-51)
12th 13th 52 (-51)
#36 – , 
15th 17th 44 (-59)
#571 – KELOWNA, 
16th 14th 44 (-59)
#324 – TOFIELD, 
10th   32 (-71)
#27 – , 
19th 16th 31 (-72)
20th 21st 25 (-78)
#41 – PORT PERRY, 
  15th 23 (-80)
#43 – OTTAWA, 
24th 18th 16 (-87)
450 PRO   View Laptimes  
Overall Nbr   Name Moto 1 Moto 2 Points Earned
 1st   #1  Honda  COLTON FACCIOTTI 
2nd 1st 57
 2nd   #54  Yamaha  PHIL NICOLETTI 
1st 2nd 57
 3rd   #3  Yamaha  SHAWN MAFFENBEIER 
4th 4th 46
 4th   #800  Honda  MIKE ALESSI 
3rd 6th 45
 5th   #164  KTM  DAKOTA ALIX 
5th 5th 42
 6th   #16  KTM  COLE THOMPSON 
11th 3rd 40
 7th   #10  Yamaha  KEYLAN MESTON 
7th 8th 37
 8th   #2  Kawasaki  MATT GOERKE 
10th 7th 35
 9th   #39  Suzuki  RYAN DOWD 
8th 9th 35
 10th   #12  Husqvarna  CADE CLASON 
6th 11th 35
 11th   #476  Kawasaki  COLLIN JURIN 
12th 10th 30
 12th   #526  Honda  PARKER EALES 
13th 13th 26
 13th   #234  KTM  MCCOY BROUGH 
17th 12th 23
 14th   #44  Husqvarna  YANICK BOUCHER 
16th 14th 22
 15th   #80  Yamaha  SAM GAYNOR 
9th 30th 17
 16th   #711  Yamaha  NICK COLLINS 
18th 15th 19
 17th   #28  Yamaha  ERIC JEFFERY 
15th 18th 19
 18th   #25  Yamaha  CASEY KEAST 
14th 19th 19
 19th   #482  Honda  RILEY BROUGH 
19th 16th 17
 20th   #30  Honda  RYAN LALONDE 
24th 17th 11
 21st   #84  Honda  KYLE SPRINGMAN 
22nd 20th 10
 22nd   #148  Honda  PARKER HOPPE 
20th 22nd 10
 23rd   #396  Honda  STEVEN ANDERSON 
26th 21st 5
 24th   #538  Honda  JAKE JOSE 
35th 23rd 3
 25th   #672  Honda  BRANDON PEDERSON 
33rd 24th 2
 26th   #727  Yamaha  BRYAN CORMIER 
25th 25th 2
 27th   #619  Honda  KADEN HUDSON 
21st 26th 5
 28th   #112  Honda  CORY STEEVES 
27th 27th 0
 29th   #627  Kawasaki  CONNOR CAPELLE 
28th 28th 0
 30th   #612  Honda  JESSE BRADEN 
23rd 29th 3
 31st   #179  KTM  LANCE THOMSON 
30th 31st 0
 32nd   #999  Honda  HAYDEN WOLFF 
29th 32nd 0
 33rd   #529  Kawasaki  SCOTT HOPSON 
31st 33rd 0
 34th   #328  Kawasaki  TALAN HANSEN 
34th 34th 0
 35th   #162  Suzuki  DEAN JOHNSON 
32nd 35th 0
 DNF   #170  Yamaha  JOSH GEDAK 
 DNF   #17  Yamaha  CHEYENNE HARMON 
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
#45 – , 
2nd 1st 112
#54 – , 
3rd 2nd 111 (-1)
#16 – BRIGDEN, 
1st 6th 95 (-17)
#800 – , 
4th 4th 91 (-21)
#3 – , 
5th 3rd 87 (-25)
#164 – JAY, 
8th 5th 79 (-33)
6th 8th 76 (-36)
#10 – CALGARY, 
7th 7th 74 (-38)
#12 – , 
10th 10th 68 (-44)
10th – RYAN DOWD
#39 – LUDLOW, 
12th 9th 63 (-49)
#476 – , 
18th 11th 47 (-65)
#711 – CALGARY, 
13th 16th 43 (-69)
#234 – KAYSVILLE, 
16th 13th 41 (-71)
#80 – ERIN, 
14th 15th 41 (-71)
#25 – KELOWNA, 
17th 18th 37 (-75)
#38 – BRISTOL, 
9th   33 (-79)
#44 – HEARST, 
22nd 14th 32 (-80)
#482 – KAYSVILLE, 
19th 19th 32 (-80)
#526 – MAPLE RIDGE, 
26th 12th 31 (-81)
#544 – , 
11th   29 (-83)

And how about this?

A majestic Nauditt in its natural habitat. | Bigwave photo

The Women’s racing was great again this week. We’ll talk more about it in a photo report, but here’a look at the results and points:

WMX   View Laptimes  
Overall Nbr   Name Moto 1 Moto 2 Points Earned
 1st   #36  KTM  AVRIE BERRY 
2nd 1st 57
 2nd   #1e  KTM  EVE BRODEUR 
1st 2nd 57
 3rd   #50  KTM  SHELBY TURNER 
3rd 3rd 50
 4th   #15  Yamaha  EDEN NETELKOS 
5th 4th 44
 5th   #108  Kawasaki  LIZ BURKE 
4th 5th 44
 6th   #419  KTM  LEXI DYEKMAN 
6th 7th 39
 7th   #498  Yamaha  MADI WATT 
7th 8th 37
 8th   #49  Husqvarna  ORIANA FRASER 
11th 6th 35
 9th   #3  KTM  DANIKA WHITE 
9th 9th 34
 10th   #7  Kawasaki  KATE LEES 
8th 12th 32
 11th   #381  Yamaha  KELCEY JONES 
10th 11th 31
 12th   #8  Kawasaki  NICOLE GAUDERN 
14th 10th 28
 13th   #30  Honda  COURTNEY STELTER 
12th 14th 26
 14th   #923  Suzuki  ASHLEY SAGNIS 
17th 15th 20
 15th   #6  Husqvarna  DOMINIQUE DAFFé 
16th 16th 20
 16th   #250  Honda  MEGAN ARNEMANN 
15th 17th 20
 17th   #12  Husqvarna  KAYLIE KAYER 
22nd 13th 17
 18th   #19  Honda  KIANA SACHE 
13th 21st 18
 19th   #88  Yamaha  TAY ESSELINK 
19th 18th 15
 20th   #9  Kawasaki  KASSEE MORRISON 
18th 19th 15
 21st   #98  Yamaha  MELANIE HARVEY 
20th 20th 12
 22nd   #213  Honda  MICHELLE ODONNELL 
24th 22nd 6
 23rd   #327  Yamaha  MCKENNA WATT 
21st 23rd 8
 24th   #171  KTM  CASLYND PLANTE 
25th 24th 3
 25th   #12x  KTM  JANELLE BARTLETT 
28th 25th 1
 26th   #137  KTM  BRIE DAY 
27th 26th 0
 27th   #84  KTM  PAYTON BRUVOLD 
29th 27th 0
 28th   #197  Husqvarna  SARAH CHIPCHAR 
30th 28th 0
 29th   #79  Suzuki  MICAH KETEL 
33rd 29th 0
 30th   #13  Yamaha  SHANTELLE ANDERSEN 
34th 30th 0
 31st   #29  Yamaha  ALISSA HARKIN 
36th 31st 0
 32nd   #10  Yamaha  SAMANTHA BARTLETT 
23rd 32nd 3
 33rd   #57  KTM  ROBYN O’DONNELL 
26th 33rd 0
 34th   #96  Yamaha  KASIA KISTELSKI 
35th 34th 0
 35th   #111  KTM  JORDAN LETORIA 
37th 35th 0
 36th   #533  Honda  MADISON HEIGHINGTON 
31st 36th 0
 37th   #139  Yamaha  SHELBY TSE 
32nd 37th 0
 DNF   #248  Suzuki  CHELSEA MCLEAN 
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
1st 1st 114
#50 – BARONS, 
2nd 3rd 105 (-9)
#498 – SAINT PAUL, 
7th 7th 74 (-40)
#419 – GLENDIVE, 
9th 6th 73 (-41)
#3 – CALGARY, 
8th 9th 71 (-43)
11th 10th 61 (-53)
6th 15th 57 (-57)
#141 – LAVAL, 
    57 (-57)
17th 8th 49 (-65)
#250 – BARRHEAD, 
13th 16th 47 (-67)
#30 – DEVON, 
15th 13th 47 (-67)
#12 – SAVONA, 
12th 17th 46 (-68)
#44 – RIVERTON, 
19th 12th 44 (-70)
13th – LIZ BURKE
#108 – ROLLO BAY, 
    44 (-70)
    44 (-70)
#923 – EVERETT, 
14th 14th 42 (-72)
#9 – QUESNEL, 
18th 20th 31 (-83)
    31 (-83)
20th 18th 28 (-86)
#88 – KAMLOOPS, 
22nd 19th 25 (-89)
  • #1E Eve Brodeur doesn’t show in the points because she is competing in the East series and isn’t eligible for points in the West.

I see that the archives are up on the Two Wheels TV app, so I’ll be sure to check it out and then get a photo report with some more detailed information up as soon as possible.

Sorry this Monday Coffee is on Pacific time. I drove to Kamloops from Prince George after a full day of amateur racing, so I’m a little late if you’re reading this from the Eastern time zone.

I’d like to thank Tyler Medaglia, Kristen Beat, and John Meaney for hanging out on the ‘Moto Central Live Show Presented by Sneaky Weasel Beer‘ Friday night at the Courtyard by Marriott in downtown PG.

If you haven’t checked it out, here’s the archive:

Moto Central Live Presented by Sneaky Weasel Beer from the Courtyard by Marriott Prince George. We talk with Tyler Medaglia, Kristen Beat, and John Meaney. #mx #motocross Prince George, British Columbia Canadian Rockstar Triple Crown Tour Balderdash Beer

Posted by Direct Motocross on Friday, June 7, 2019

We’ll be back this Friday from Minnedosa, so tune in at 7pm Central time.

OK, let’s leave it there. My coffee has gotten cold and it’s time for some poached eggs on toast with my sister here in Kamloops.

I’ve got so much stuff clogging my laptop’s hard drive, so we’ll be pumping out the content all day and week.

Have a great week, everyone.

Celebrating the FXR Pre Mix class the way it should be! See you at the races… | Bigwave photo