Monday Morning with Bigwave

By Billy Rainford

Welcome to the second biggest Monday of the year. That’s right, we’re about to put the cap on the outdoor season for another year, starting with the TransCan at Walton Raceway.

We’re getting ready to head north from London to actually stay on site for the first time…ever. Yes, I’m sure I spent the odd night at the track in an old station wagon or maybe the DMX Van, but this year James Lissimore and I will be calling a nice trailer home for the entire journey.

With power and wifi, we should be able to give the event much better and expanded coverage this time. I’m looking forward to watching the racing all day, taking notes, photos, and video, and then talking about it on the nightly LIVE WRAP-UP SHOW.

I haven’t got the format 100% sorted out quite yet. Last year, I did the show and dragged guests on each night and we never really even ended up talking about the day’s racing.

This year, the focus of the show will be on what happened that day on the track. If I can get a guest on to discuss the action with me then that will be great.

So, watch for the first live show tonight from the Opening Ceremonies of the TransCan at 7:00pm Eastern/4:00pm Pacific.

This will be a Moto Central Live Presented by Sneaky Weasel affair, so it should be a fun time and give everyone the opportunity to watch and listen in as Brett Lee and the Walton Raceway gang welcome everyone to the biggest racing week in Canada.


2019 TransCan Grand National Championship – The Heartbeat of Canadian Motocross

Friday, August 9th, 2019 – Brigden, Ontario

TransCan Amateur Grand National – Walton Raceway, Walton Ontario – Promoted By WLTN/MRC

August 12-17, 2019

Motorsport Racing Canada (MRC) is always humbled by this time of year. The celebration of Canadian moto is about to begin. For nearly 30 years the grounds at Walton Raceway have proven to bring the very best racers towards glory and build a future for the sport.

This race stands alone as the longest-running event in Canada with endless names of Canadian greats that have cut their teeth on the path to becoming a professional racer. This race is the heartbeat of the sport. This race can deliver the dreams you have at becoming a champion on the big stage. This race won’t pave your career but it can sure jumpstart it and help you believe whether or not you have what it takes to become great. The moment made at Transcan last a lifetime.

I’ve been going to this race since day one back in 1991. I have seen what it has done for the sport and racers career. It started small and has now become the stable of what grassroots racing should follow,” shares MRC Director Ryan Gauld. “This event is the stepping stone to find out if your racer has what it takes to ride long motos, deal with pressure, ride with passion and heart, and fight for victory. All the tools needed to become a great Pro and maybe make a career out of racing dirt bikes. Isn’t that the dream for us all?

NEED TO KNOW info heading into TransCan:


Race Schedule

Social Events Schedule


We will be checking at sign-in Monday.

Motorsport Racing Canada (MRC) is an innovative sanctioning body working with all regions across the country to bring Canada to the forefront of the motocross world. From your weekend warriors to your seasoned professionals, MRC is set on raising the level of racing experience across the board. The MRC will be affiliated with the Canadian Motorcycle Manufacturers and top motocross brands to elevate the sport, become the umbrella for all Canadian regions, and to bring everyone together into one nationally recognized organization.

To contact MRC:

We had a few riders racing down at the 50th anniversary of the Unadilla MX track on Saturday for Round 10 of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship.

Canadian #844 Yanick Boucher from Hearst, Ontario, was there to try and qualify for his first-ever AMA National.

He didn’t make it to the motos, but said that he learned a ton racing against some of the best riders in the world.

Qualified: 57th

Consolation race: 22nd

We grabbed him for a podcast interview as he was already back in Ottawa to practice at Sand Del Lee before heading west to Walton.

Canadian series regular Cade Clason made his return to AMA racing after his 2- year WADA suspension.

Cade Clason with Craig Randell at Unadilla. | John Wernsdorfer photo

Here’s what he said on his Instagram:

There was honestly a point in time when I never thought I would get to race in the states again. But man today was fun and I don’t think a smile ever left my face. Qualifying was a little rough and a small bike issue towards the end of moto two hinder my moto finish a bit but, that’s the way it goes, thanks everyone for your support this weekend. Everyone seemed to love the butt patch @c_soviak105 😉😉 one more race in Canada next weekend and I hope to see everyone in. Indiana in two weeks.

Ryan Dowd also made it into the motos by snagging the final spot in the Consolation race. He finished 26-28 for 28th overall.

All 3 riders will be back in action at the final round of the Rockstar Triple Crown MX Nationals on Saturday at Walton Raceway.

I’m going to be very brief this week, so we can get to the grocery store on our way up to Walton. James has a lot of commitments and needs to be there ASAP.

KTM is doing their track walk with their Pro guys at 5:30 so that will be cool to see the young amateurs with the chance to get insight from Cole Thompson, Tanner Ward, and Jess Pettis.

I’d like to send our condolences to the Mayzak family and all of the many friends that Jonathan Mayzak had on both sides of the border.

He was hit by a car by a driver under the influence of drugs and alcohol and killed at Unadilla.

I don’t know all the details, so I won’t say anything more. I just want his friends and family to know that we’re thinking about him and them up here in Canada.

RIP Jonathan Mayzak.