Monday Morning Coffee

By Billy Rainford

Monday Morning with Bigwave

Welcome to yet another Monday Morning. Is it just me or are there way more Mondays in the week than, say, Saturdays?! Funny how that works. However, coffee on a Monday morning tastes great, especially if it means you’ve managed to hide from what you’re supposed to be doing right now. Enjoy!


Anyway, I was able to get to a Loretta Lynn’s Area Qualifier yesterday in Michigan. It was the final Area Qualifier in the area, so a lot of people had already made it to the next step – the Regionals – so the gates weren’t as full as they could have been, but it was a great weekend of racing.

Is it also just me or when you say “regionals” do you think of some cheesy high school movie where the end all be all is “making it to regionals” in whatever sport the squad is fighting for? But I digress…

There were a lot of Canadians racing in Michigan yesterday. A lot of them were riders I wasn’t familiar with but my ears perked up every time the announcer went through the list of riders on the gate and said towns like Woodstock, Cambridge, or Niagara Falls.

We’ll have a more extensive Photo Report from the weekend in Michigan later on the site, but here are a couple shots from Sunday before you have to go back to work or class:

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing this, your parents will always be your biggest supporters. Here’s Mitch Goheen with his dad, Dan, on the line.

Cayden Wise with his dad, Dusty.

It was Mother’s Day and I didn’t get a photo of Zach Zager’s mom on the sidelines. Sorry, guys. Rookie mistake.

Tim Metcalfe with some encouragement for Chloe at the line.

Wasn’t it like yesterday when Kobi Cox was too small for an 85?!

#335 Joey Crown was doing everything he could to stay ahead of #191 Justin Cooper, including trying this extended triple that put him down hard.

#411 Nick Romano was the second gate drop in his 85cc moto and did everything he could to catch the leader of the first drop. Unfortunately, as he was going for it in the final moto, he crashed just after this left-hander on the last lap and was down for a couple minutes. He got ridden back to the pits on the back of his bike but was favouring his left shoulder.

#22 Preston Masciangelo wanted so badly to stay with Romano.

Romano’s crash meant that Preston took both overalls Sunday.

#204 Justin Roney in an Open Pro Sport moto.

Young #667 Thomas Munro was on fire in Michigan! But let’s save some stories for the actual Photo Report…


You can check out a bunch of photos from the 2017 Lucas Oil Junior Indoor Moto X in Oklahoma HERE. Canadian, #43 Noah Viney, landed on the podium a couple times.

You want to use your crystal ball to see the future of Supercross? Look no further than the 85 (9-11) podium. That’s 1st Jett Reynolds, 2nd Matthew LeBlanc, 3rd Rider DiFrancesco | Frank Paradise photo from the photo report

You can find full results at:


We’ve got a few really fast women motocrossers here in Canada, but, let’s face it, they don’t always meet and go head to head. Well, that looks to be changing in 2017 as Kennedy Lutz and Eve Brodeur should find each other on whichever coast that ends up being.

We got this Press Release from Women’s East organizer, Leah Clarke:

CDNWMX – East Press Release, May 14 2017

Leah Clarke

This year, the CMRC Women’s East Nationals will consist of four rounds at Gopher Dunes, Ulverton, Deschambault, and RJ’s.  CMRC will be giving 100% payback from all of the race entries, so the more girls that race, the bigger the payback!

CMRC and I couldn’t make this happen without the help of our sponsors.

This year, Motovan Corporation will be our title sponsor with a significant contribution to our series. Motovan is Canada’s ultimate source of powersports parts and accessories, and they are supporting the series with some amazing products like ZOX helmets, Michelin Tires, TCX boots and Leatt neck braces & helmets.

Mongoose Machine will be providing awards for the girls who get 4th and 5th overall at each round. The girl who gets 4th overall will receive a $250 gift certificate towards a Rekluse clutch and 5th overall will receive a $100 gift certificate towards an InnTeck Oversize Front Rotor kit.

KTM Canada is providing awards and product for the girls as well.

Podium awards will be from MXTrophies at every round.

This year, EVERY lady rider who signs up and races will have a chance to go home with some awesome prizes. We will have a draw table set up at every round of the series!

A series cash purse will also be provided to the top 10 finishers of the series. Money raised by Breanna Rose, Kassie Boone, Shandell Przybilla and Kenzie Hennessy from the moto camp at Gopher Dunes will go towards the series purse as well! Women’s Moto t-shirt sales have also contributed to the series purse. (Amount to be determined)

This year, the sign-in process will be all online, and the deadline for this will be the Wednesday before each race on the CMRC website. Please make sure to have your CMRC membership in advance and sign up in advance, so that you can call CMRC if you have any problems with the process.

Currently, I am still looking for volunteers to do jobs on race day, such as announcing at riders meeting, putting up the podium banner, taking photos, setting up the podium, setting up the draw table, and taking down the banner and cleaning up after. Right now, I am not sure that I can make it to all the of rounds because of school! If we have enough volunteers for each job, the day should run smoothly. Please email if you are interested

More information will be coming to and our Facebook page: “Canadian Women’s Motocross National Series Association

3-time and defending Women’s East champion, Eve Brodeur, and multi-time AMA Amateur Nationals champion, Kennedy Lutz, will go head to head this summer…on one of the coasts. | Bigwave photo


2017 Amateur National Qualifier (ANQ) schedule

Beginning in March, Amateur National Qualifier (ANQs) races spread across eleven regions throughout Canada, wrapping up in June. Thousands of participants will be competing for a spot on the gate in hopes of being crowned a 2017 CMA/FIM North America Canadian Amateur Motocross Grand National Champion or for just the fun of competing with Canada’s finest motocross athletes.

Before the gate drops for the first moto in your region, make sure you are aware of the qualifying events and the TransCan pre-entry procedure.

ALL events are assigned and results are harvested from respective club websites and tallied by Tite Racing Promotions.

Regional ANQ Event Schedule

Vancouver Island – GNC Allocation (2)

  • March 25-26.2017 Westshore Mx Park, Victoria BC

BC  – GNC Allocation (3)

  • April 15/16 2017 Popkum Motorsport Park
  • April 29/30.2017 Kelowna Mx Park
  • May 27/28.2017 Penticton Mx Park

Alberta North (ADRA)- GNC Allocation (2)

  • May 20/21.2017 at Valiant Memorial, Fort McMurray
Contact: ADRA

Alberta South (AMSA)- GNC Allocation (3)

  • May 7.2017  Lethbridge (Temple Hill Motorcycle Park)
  • May 21/22.2017 Medicine Hat (Medicine Hat MX park)
Contact: AMSA

Saskatchewan – GNC Allocation (2)

  • May 14.2017  Assiniboia, SK
  • June 4.2017  Weyburn, SK
Contact:  Saskatchewan Motorsport Assoc.

Manitoba – GNC Allocation (2)

  • May 28.2017  ZIR Zhoda
  • June 4.2017   Melita
  • June 11.2017  McNabb Valley MX
Contact: Manitoba Motocross Assoc.

Northern Ontario – GNC Allocation (1)

  • May 27.2017  Atikokan
Contact: Superior Dirt Riders

Central Ontario – GNC Allocation (1)

  • May 6/7.2017 at Runway Park
Contact: or

South Western Ontario – GNC Allocation (10)

  • April 16.2017  Gopher Dunes
  • April 30.2017  Motopark
  • May 7.2017 Muttco ***CANCELED (RAIN)***
  • May 13-14 Muttco (Make-Up Date)
  • June 11.2017 Walton Raceway
  • June 18 Gullymor
Contact: Amateur Motocross Ontario

Eastern Ontario – GNC Allocation (5)

  • April 16.2017    Gopher Dunes
  • April 30.2017    Cochrane’s
  • May 7.2017      Muttco ***CANCELED (RAIN)***
  • May 13-14 Muttco (Make-Up Date)
  • May 27-28  Sand Del Lee – MX101
  • June 11.2017    Walton Raceway
Contact: Amateur Motocross Ontario

Quebec – GNC Allocation (7)

  • May 28.201    Deschambault
  • June 4.2017    Thetford-Mines
Contact: Challenge Quebec Motocross

Atlantic – GNC Allocation (4)

  • May 6.2017      Riverglade, NB ***CANCELED (RAIN)***
  • May 21.2017    Mill Hill, NS
  • June 3 Riverglade (Make-Up Date)
 Contact: Atlantic Motocross

Racer Alert

The Walton TransCan is a limited entry event. There are 42 gate positions available for each class. In addition, standby positions are assigned to participate in practice and be available to ‘fill-in’ up until the gate drop of the first moto.

Gate positions are held open with an appropriate number of gates in every class allocated by the number of racers in each region of Canada. If the allocated gate positions of a region are not filled by the close of pre-entry on June 23rd they are returned to the pool of available gate positions. If entries received from a region exceed the region’s allocated amount, those entries will only be accepted if there are gate positions available from the pool of available gate positions.

Riders are ranked for the Walton TransCan. The ranking is based on the Amateur National Qualifiers (ANQ) in order to ensure that the Canada’s best athletes make it to the limited start gate. ANQ events are those regional events identified by the TransCan as being most representative of each region’s talent. It is the responsibility of the riders to ensure that any ANQ results are posted in their region accurately.  Date of entry is used as a tiebreaker in ranking points.

Failure to participate in ANQs results in received rider entries being ranked after all ANQ participant entries. Low ranking results in late gate pick for the first moto. In a full class you will not get a starting position.  If a TransCan entry does not get ranked through at least one ANQ participation they will only be eligible to enter as a post entry ($100+HST)  rather than the ‘Early Bird Pre-entry’ rate ($85+HST). Confirmation of non-participants entries is delayed until all ANQ participating entries are confirmed.

Riders are encouraged to achieve their best possible result in ANQs, pre-enter TransCan before June 1st for maximum savings and thereby get their best start gate position for the first moto and best assurance of being on the line as one of 42 of the finest from across the country.

OK, sorry to be a short cup of coffee this week. I had to wait for our new internet service provider to show up between 8-12 before I could upload this. We’ve been hopping all over the place looking for an internet provider who we don’t think is totally ripping us off. Anyone found one yet???

When you read this next week, we will be one round deep into the 2017 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship from Hangtown. We’ve got a few Canadians who should be taking a couple gate drops, so stay tuned for that.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

From what is easily my favourite photo from the Huber Motorsports Team Shoot, Tyler Medaglia and Nathan Bles say, ” See you at the races…” | Bigwave photo