‘Off the Cuff’ | Some Reach for the Stars, Some Push Others Toward Them

By Jacqueline Ross

Greetings humans!

This column was inspired by my recent collage that I’ve been putting together of my students and motocross camps (it’s still in progress). I love photos. They capture a moment in time that can be kept, but will never be able to be relived again. Shout-out to Johann Zahn for his design of the camera in 1685 and Joseph Niepce for actually inventing it!  

Ever met someone that helped you change your life?  Better yet, they helped you open your eyes to the possibilities of what lies within you. They shake you to your core, speak to your soul, maybe even rattle your cage a bit.  Those once in-a-lifetime kind of people. I’ve been blessed to know a few.

Here’s a fun fact: January 7, 2017 was the date for my first motocross school at Mesa Motocross Park. This had been a dream of mine for about 5 years prior. Something I thought about often, but was too scared to execute. I mean, I had been training a few people at that time, they were making progress and so was I. Finally, I mustered up the courage, selected a date, and waited for my phone to ring.  I was so excited! 

Well, guess what? No one signed up! As bummed out and a bit discouraged as I was, could you have imagined if I would’ve given up?  Yeah, me either! Champions rise above and move forward.

Next chapter. Fast forward to three years later. 

I never gave up on my dream and I continue to develop myself to be the best version of me that I can be. I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many unique humans all because we share the same love – a dirt bike. As much as I’ve been a piece to a puzzle for another, they’ve added pieces to me. Being a coach/trainer/mentor is something I take to heart. I do my best to lead by example. It’s not my job, it’s my passion. 

Whether you were a student of mine for a day, two hours, or someone that I work with consistently, know that I have the utmost respect and appreciation for you, your trust, and your choice. Much gratitude.  

Tomorrow is a special day. I’ve got two of my lil homies racing in the GNCC at Camp Coker. Rip it up Linkin and Ryder! And I’ll be with the rest of the Flow With J-Ro gang contending in the I-4 MX Series at Spyder MX. Rumor has it the #734 will be lining up behind the gate as well!  

They say, ‘Some reach for the stars, some push others toward them.‘ I’d like to believe I embody both.

Keep shining,