Out of the Blue: Sabrina Bastien

By Jeff McConkey


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Name: Sabrina Bastien

Birthday: March 8th, 1997

Hometown: Sainte-Catherine, Quebec

School & Grade: Student in the Paralegal Technology program at O’Sullivan College of Montreal

Number: 418

Bike: 2008 Honda CRF150R Expert

Race Club: FMSQ (Fédération des Motocyclistes de sentiers du Québec)

Classes: Women Beginner A

Sabrina Bastien

This week’s ‘Out of the Blue’ column features Quebec off-road rider, #418 Sabrina Bastien. – Stéphane Bastien photo

How did you get started in races?

It is my boyfriend that introduced me to the races. In 2013, I went to a race in Victoriaville to support him and when I saw the dirt bikes pass by at full speed I knew that I wanted to participate in these type of events. A year later, I purchased my first motor bike and I became a member of the FMSQ and I never stopped racing since then.

As a little girl, did you ever expect to be this deep into a sport like motocross?

No, I didn’t expect that, but it was quite predictable because I loved everything that was extreme. In fact, one day when I went at La Ronde with my family, I tried a small dirt bike with my younger brother. I remember that I loved it a lot! Who would have known that many years after that experience that I would have my own dirt bike and that I would be racing? Not me, that’s for sure.

Do you think motocross is harder for female to compete in?

No it is not, because there are many categories for women to compete in. For example, in the FMSQ championship, there’s no age restriction like there is in many men’s categories so this allows women to start in any class they want and to take their time to evolve in the federation.

Sabrina Bastien

Sabrina feels Vicki Golden is paving the way for the future women in the sport. – Pascal Laroche photo supplied by Bastien

Who is your favourite rider and why?

My favourite rider is Graham Jarvis, because he’s such a superstar in Enduro. He as such a talent and has a phenomenal control of his bike that it’s kind of surreal. Every time I see him riding it literally blows my mind.

Is there one lady racer out there that you think has paved the way for other girls to be successful in the sport?

I think that Vicki Golden paved the way for girls to be successful by being the first women to try to qualify for the Supercross main event. By trying and almost succeeding her goal, she allowed women to have a lot more visibility in the sport and she gave us hope because this shows us that we can achieve our dreams if we really want to.

What Canadian pro do you look up to and why?

I look up to Felicia Robichaud, because she’s an amazing rider that has very good technique in the woods. She’s also super-consistent in her riding and never gives up, and I admire that. I would love to be as good as her one day!

Sabrina Bastien

She hopes to be as good as Felicia Robichaud one day. – Pascal Laroche photo supplied by Bastien

What is your favourite track and why?

My favourite track is Mecaglisse, because their Enduro track is just great! You can really practice a lot of techniques whether it is in the sand sections or in the roots. Also, you can improve your endurance at that track because the laps are quite long.

Who is your hero?

My hero is and will always be my beloved friend Marianne Brodeur who tragically passed away in September. She’s the one who allowed me to win my championship this year by giving me many tips and by passing me her love for this sport that she cherished so much. She really was a true model and inspiration for me. I feel very lucky that I got to know her during my life.

What are your goals for this season?

The only goal that I give myself for this season is to finish every race. The reason for this is that 2016 will be a year of adjustments for me. I am changing class and the difference between Women Beginner B and Women Beginner A is huge!

What are your biggest accomplishments?

My biggest accomplishments are, of course, my championship win for the 2015 season in the Women Beginner B class, but also my fifth place finish in that same class in 2014. That year, I had just bought my bike and I started racing without having ever practiced on a track. I was very proud to have managed to rank myself that high in the championship with the little experience that I had in the sport.

Sabrina Bastien

“I like to practice on different tracks so I can be prepared for the next race. Normally, I practice the things that didn’t go so well during my last race so I can improve and hopefully not do the same mistakes during the next round of the championship.” – Pascal Laroche photo supplied by Bastien

What is your favourite part about going to the races?

I don’t really have a favourite part, because I love everything about the races! I like the smell of gas at the starting line, the stress and the excitement that you feel right before the beginning of the race, gathering with your friends when you arrive at the track and of course all the fun that comes with racing from beginning to end.

What do you like to do when you aren’t racing?

I like to practice on different tracks so I can be prepared for the next race. Normally, I practice the things that didn’t go so well during my last race so I can improve and hopefully not do the same mistakes during the next round of the championship.

Is it important to have a motocross racer as a boyfriend/partner, or just a bonus?

I don’t think it’s important, but I think it’s a very good bonus, because if he races or just rides for fun he will understand how important motocross is for me right away. But, if he doesn’t ride and isn’t interested in this sport it doesn’t bother me if he, at least, supports me.

If you ever have children, will they be motocross racers?

Of course they will! But if that’s not what they want to do I will not force them.       

Who do you want to thank?

I want to thank my parents and my boyfriend for always believing in me and to allow me to practice this amazing sport by being the best sponsors I will ever have. I, also, would like to thank First Line graphics for my awesome graphic kit and, finally, Works Connection and Alias MX for supporting me.

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