Photo Report | 2016 Mini O’s | Tuesday

By Billy Rainford

We got some more racing wrapped up and finals decided today at the 45th Annual Thor Winter Olympics. It will be nothing but mains tomorrow before we head over to the motocross track for the remainder of the week. 

We had a bunch of Canadians racing again today and most of them will be on the track tomorrow in the mains. 

Here’s a look at them and some of the rest fro Tuesday at Gatorback Cycle Park.

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OK, let’s hike up our pants and get into this one…


The weather was perfect today. It started out very cold at 7:30 but then it was 24 by 10am. The day was off to a great start.




#2 Parker Ross was out front early in the 65 (10-11) class.


#27 was down early but clawed his way forward. Watch for him tomorrow in his finals.

20161122-img_9451 Haiden Deegan

#238 Haiden Deegan made the wily veteran move on the inside and took the 65 (7-9) Ltd. heat win.


Austin and Stephan Watling head to the line.


“Hey, Stephan, I’m right here in your left ear!”


20161122-img_9482 Austin Watling

Austin got a little nose high off the line.


And then tried an accidental ‘Bob Hannah’ but saved it.


Speaking of old school, this guy just launched this jump before the mechanics area. I was risky but I appreciated it.


I was wondering why young speedster #32 was in the consi. Now I get it.


With a name like Crockett Myers, you’re going to be fast at whatever you do.


#494 Thomas Rendall didn’t have the greatest morning, but he would make up for it later in the day.


Nick Romano was good all day long!


Now THAT’S how you execute a perfect Supercross block pass by #329 Matthew Leblanc.


#22 Preston Masciangelo was up in 3rd for a while and took 5th in his 85 (9-11) heat.


Sponsor break. Insert some elevator music for 30 seconds please.


#37 Sean Cantrell was all business in the top classes again today.


Remember #402 Brandon Hartranft from RJ’s? No, he had a rough day in Barrie.


We had 2 Canadians in one B moto and they came together with #184 Tanner Ward getting the short end of the highside stick.

20161122-img_9575 Marco Cannella

#46 Marco Cannella went straight through to the mains in both his classes.

20161122-img_9577 Tanner Ward

Tanner missed it in this moto but came back with a vengeance later.

20161122-img_9579 Tanner Stack

#382 Tanner Stack took 2nd in his 450 B heat.

20161122-img_9584 Brandon Gourlay

#327 Brandon Gourlay had a 12th and a 15th in his heats.


#128 Carter Halpain was busy and finished 1, 1, 2, 5 in his B heats.

20161122-img_9603 Austin Watling

Austin Watling finished 7th and 5th in his heats and made the mains Wednesday.

20161122-img_9611 Sean Cantrell

Sean Cantrell.

20161122-img_9619 Brandon Hartranft

Up close and personal with Brandon Hartranft.

20161122-img_9627 Sean Cantrell

Cantrell gets his MotoPlayground post-race interview.

20161122-img_9639 Matthew Cemovic

#101 Matthew Cemovic grabbed a 2nd in his consi and made his mains.

20161122-img_9647 Carson Mumford

‘Fast guy’ talk. I had no idea what they were saying…

20161122-img_9648 Gavin Gracyk

Gavin Gracyk had lots of MTF kids to watch.

20161122-img_9653 Jacqueline Ross

OK, so Jaqueline Ross shows up with donuts picked to suit the recipients personalities. I got a maple bacon.

20161122-img_9655 Jeff Ward

What would Jeff Ward get if he got a donut?

20161122-img_9658 Carson Mumford

Carson Mumford looks untouchable.



20161122-img_9673 Thomas Rendall

Thomas Rendall looks back to make sure his 2nd place in the consi will send him to the main. Of course it will. He looked great in his later motos.

20161122-img_9683 Jett Reynolds

Jett Reynolds with some checkered flag stye.


Marco leaning into one.

20161122-img_9703 Tanner Ward

Tanner had a great consi race late in the day.

20161122-img_9716 Cooper Larche

Cooper Larche was 19th and 20th in his B heats.


So B Mayzee is a vidoegrapher now? I did not know that.

20161122-img_9804 Matthew Cemovic

Sometimes you just need to know that pops has your back.


I can’t say his last name without thinking of the Wil Farrell, Robert Gouley SNL skit. I can’t and I don’t want to.


Tanner made a great pass on Allbright for the win in his consi and moved on.


If you’ve raced at Gatorback, he’s pointed at you.


Younger Mann brother blew his bikes dry and did his own filters. We were impressed.


You’re really NOT alone out there on the track. Remember that.


OK, I either have to end it here or grab a mop and help close this Starbucks. I’m gone! Nothing but finals tomorrow. See you at the races…

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