Photo Report | 2023 ECAN at MX Deschambault Day 2

By Billy Rainford

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Here’s a look at the racing from Friday Day 2 of the 2023 ECAN at MX Deschambault.

[Results were not posted when this column was put up]

Moto 2’s:

Vet 30 A kicked off the day and #7 Time Tremblay was the one to beat.
Behind him, #708 Jason Burke held off #101 Ryan Lockhart all moto long for 2nd.
#801 Guy Giroux with his Sherco were in a nice battle with #126 Chris Pomeroy until a rear flat left him struggling to cross the line, but he did.
#1 Braxton Zeitner got out front early in the 2nd 85 (7-11) moto. #213 Hayden Dupuis stayed with him pretty close to the flag for 2nd.
#15 Dexter Seitz had a nice battle with #20 Alex Tremblay but took the win in 85 (12-16).
#98 Jason Kukielka and #130 Hart Quinlan went back and forth a couple times in 50 GP with Hart making the final pass to take the win.
I like how #96 Crayden Dillon just quietly gets the job done out there. He took the win pulling away in a full gate of Youth racers.
#9 Chandler Powell made a last lap pass on #412 to take the win in 65 (7-9).
#224 Jeremy Bellefroid led from the start in 65 (10-11) but #750 passed his way up into 2nd to apply pressure.
#237 Nathan Germain held off Dillon and #58 Blake Davies to take 250 Intermediate moto 2.
#20 took the 2nd moto win in the Girls (9-16) class.
#130 Darcy Quinlan managed to keep #138 Stave Shore behind him by consistently doing the big double in 30 B.
#2 Jamie Astudillo grabbed the holeshot and pretty much checked out in WMX moto 2 ahead of #1 Eve Brodeur. There were a couple pretty big crashes and results have been changed due to dockings from jumping on yellow and red cross flags. At least 8 riders were penalized. I’m guessing that’s what’e keeping the results page from being live.
#79 Brett Young grabbed the holeshot in the 2nd Pro/Am moto. At the flag it was Tremblay, #12 Sebastien Racine, #4 Jake Piccolo, and #33 Tanner Scott pulling away from the rest of the field.
#10 Braxton Zeitner and #27 Ale Guadagno managed to break away from the rest of the Supermini riders to go 1-2 in moto 2. There was a nice battle behind them for 3rd.
#7 Bobby Gravel ran away with the Open Junior moto ahead of #85 Cedric Racine.
Open Intermediate went to #56 Blake Davies who got away from Germain as Dillon had to make a bunch of passes to get himself into 3rd.
Bellefroid took the win in 65 GP.
Gravel made an early pass to take the win in 250 Junior.
#445 Marc Dionne grabbed the holeshot in the 3rd 30+ moto, but #7 Tremblay took over for the win. #101 Ryan Lockhart kept Tim pretty close in this one.
There was a pretty big first turn crash in the 2nd 50+ start that saw Shippitt head into the bushes and this rider go down very hard. They both go up and finished the race!
Giroux and Pomeroy had a nice battle again with Guy taking the win in the final +50 moto. Beep Beep.
#1 Eve Brodeur and #2 Jamie Astudillo had split moto wins heading into the 3rd WMX moto. Eve got out front early and took the win ahead of Jamie and #36 Avrie Berry who fell and had to get back by #3W Kaylie Kayer for 3rd.
Nobody was going to touch #1/33 Tanner Scott in the Schoolboy class. He took a convincing win ahead of Gravel and Guadagno.
The final race of the day saw Racine grab the holeshot ahead of Tremblay in the Pro/Am class. Piccolo would get past Tim as Tim said he was pretty tired after racing 4 motos. He still held on to win the class just ahead of Sebastien. 7 (1-1-3), 12 (2-2-1), 4 (3-3-2).
All the hotshot Pro riders will be in attendance tomorrow for the final day of ECAN racing.
Tim told me in our Instagram interview that he will not be lining up on Sunday.
See you at the races...” for the final day of the ECAN.
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