Photo Report | MMRS Madoc National

By Billy Rainford

The 6th Annual MMRS Madoc National took place in the small town northeast of Toronto over the weekend. This is one of the rare events on the calendar that sees the township actually get behind it because they understand how great the sport is and how much business it brings to them.

Entries on Sunday were 654 (I added up the riders on the schedule) and it looked like most people had another great time at this once-a-year event. Some people would like to see the track tilled deeper to allow for more lines and ruts to form, but I have to think the MMRS crew is catering more to the majority of riders who are just having a great time on a track that doesn’t jump up and bite them…as often.

Here’s a look at some of the racing action from this past Sunday in Madoc, Ontario.


20160828-Jamieson Macdonald

#161 Jamieson Macdonald is a young rider to keep your eyes on.

20160828- Jamieson Macdonald

He took the win in the in the 50 (7-8) and 50 GP classes.

20160828- Cole Pranger

Cole Pranger was 2nd (2-2).

20160828 Daniel Robertson

And #325 Daniel Robertson was 3rd (3-3).

20160828- Jamieson Macdonald Daniel Robertson

Robertson’s races didn’t all start smoothly.

20160828 Lucas Rheaume

#99 Lucas Rheaume calmly unhooks his bike from Daniel’s.

20160828-Gavin Forsbrey

#111 Gavin Frosbrey won (1-1) the youngest class, 50 (4-6), ahead of #67 and #361.

20160828-Zachary Kyte

#927 Zachary Kyte took the 60 (10-11) class win with 1-1 motos.

20160828 Zachery Kyte

I remember a few years ago, this little guy bought us ice cream.

20160828- Aidan Hodgson

#18 Leith Ness got out to a great start, but had #61/1 Ben Mistelbacher and #122 Sebastien Racine gunning for him.

20160828- Sebastien Racine

Racine took the 60 GP win with 2-1 motos.

20160828- Ben Mistelbacher

Young Mistelbacher is still going visor-less but for how long? Anyone want to make a bet as to when we see its return?

20160828 Jack Wright

#211 Jack Wright finished 2nd in Open Intermediate A behind #55 Nick Jones. Jack also raced his way up into 4th in the final Pro Open moto of the day.

20160828 Tanner Ward

#184 Tanner Ward took the win in 250 Intermediate A with 1-1 motos over #424 Austin Watling.

20160828- Tanner Ward