Photo Report | Winners from 2023 Gopher Dunes Amateur Open

By Billy Rainford

Here’s a look at most of the class winners from the Amateur Open on the Saturday before Round 4 of the 2023 Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals at Gopher Dunes. It was a relatively cool and overcast day when the rain held off until the final few 2nd motos of the day.

#26 Ethan Darrach is here from Moncton, NB and must be racing the FXR PreMix East series. He won Open Junior (1-1).
#152 Brody Craig won Open Intermediate 1-1 and Under 30 1-2 after #327 Brandon Gourlay suffered a mechanical DNF while leading moto 1.
#22 Anthony Voghell from Quebec took the win in the Supermini class 1-1. He fell while leading the second moto and came back to pass #27 Alek Guadagno on the last lap for the win.
#22 Dean Alexander Kubik is all the way from Nienhagen, Germany and went 1-1 in 250 Junior.
#9 Chandler Powell took the 65 (7-9) win the 2-1 after splitting motos wins with #33 Cole Grover and 65 Open 1-1.

#927 Aaron Hilbing finished 1-1 to take Open Beginner.

#99 Lucas Rheaume from Quebec won 85 (12-16) with 1-1 motos.

#107 Peyton Wilson took the younger 85 class with 3-1 motos.

#130 Hart Quinlan split moto wins with #45 Hayden Belan to win 50 (7-8). Hart also won 50 Open 1-1.

#98 Jason Kukielka finished 1-1 in 50 4-6.

#101 Ryan Lockhart from Langley, BC won +30 1-1.
#445 Marc Dionne is back at the races and took the win in the +40 class 3-1.
#13 Brenner Lammens has moved up to the big bikes for 2023 and won the Schoolboy class after splitting wins with Darrach.
#2 Jamie Astudillo made a last lap pass on #1 Eve Brodeur to win Ladies moto 1. When Brodeur decided not to race the second moto, Astudillo was left unchallenged for the win in moto 2.
We’ll end it with #3 Malia Garant. It’s great to see her back on the bike after injuring her back out west. She finished 15-6 for 10th.
Check that. How can we not let Randi Lockhart finish this one off?! “See you at the races...” tomorrow for Round 5 at Gopher Dunes.

Full results HERE.