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Catching Up with Women’s West Champ, Avrie Berry

Catching Up with Women’s West Champ, Avrie Berry By Billy Rainford We’ve got some really fast riders here in Canada to battle for both halves of our Women’s MX National series. Having Eve Brodeur head west for the first time to race but not for points added another top-level rider to the mix. When we added American World WMX competitor Avrie Berry this spring, we knew we were in for

ICYMI | Catching Up with Casey Keast

By Billy Rainford #25 Casey Keast is from Kelowna, BC and, at the beginning of the season, he wasn’t exactly sure how his summer was going to play out. He lined up at the first 3 rounds of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MX Nationals at Wild Rose, Blackwater, and McNabb Valley MX, but what now? Casey came up through the ranks as a highly touted prospect, winning just about

Interview with Head Referee, Paul Kingsley

By Billy Rainford Being an official in any sport can be a thankless job, literally. I don’t remember the last time I thanked a referee at an event, but maybe it’s time I think about that at the next one I’m at. Having said that, MRC Head Referee, Paul Kingsley, seems to be able to walk the line between hardliner and sympathetic rule enforcer. Paul is as old school as

ICYMI | Catching Up with Jason Benny

We didn’t see #24 Jason Benny this weekend at McNabb Valley MX in Minnedosa, MB, but we’ll be seeing the friendly Quebeccer soon. Jason will join the series at Gopher Dunes for Round 4 of the 2019 Rockstar Triple Crown MX Nationals and race the remainder of the season. We grabbed Jason for a talk to find out what he’s been up to since we saw him last. Direct Motocross:

ICYMI | Catching Up with #23 Wyatt Waddell

By Billy Rainford I’ve known Wyatt Waddell and his dad, Laurie Waddell, for quite a few years now. It’s safe to say you will not meet two nicer people in the racing world, anywhere. Respectful and always displaying love for the sport and the people in it are two ways I would describe how these guys represent themselves, always. It really sucked when Wyatt had to miss his first Pro year (and then some!)

ICYMI | Catching Up with #19 Dylan Wright

ICYMI | Catching Up with #19 Dylan Wright By Billy Rainford   Dylan Wright just wrapped up the 4-round Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Arenacross championship and now sets his sights on the rest of the 3-part tour. Dylan is the rider who we watched progress through the amateur ranks as one of the most eye-catching and flashy riders we’ve ever seen here in Canada. His scrubs and 2-stroke skills are

ICYMI | Catching Up with Dillan Epstein

ICYMI | Catching Up with Dillan Epstein By Billy Rainford Catching Up with California rider, Dillan Epstein. | Bigwave photo Dillan Epstein was easily one of the most popular riders at the races, so it was sad for our series when he and his team parted ways. We hadn’t spoken with him in a few months, so it was nice to touch base with him. In fact, he’s such a

ICYMI | Catching Up with Cheyenne Harmon

ICYMI | Catching Up with Cheyenne Harmon By Billy Rainford Catching Up with Texas rider Cheyenne Harmon. | Bigwave photo We first met #17 Cheyenne Harmon last season when he decided to hop in his moto van by himself and head to Canada to give our series a shot. When I heard he was alone and living in his van, I had to go and introduce myself to get the

ICYMI | Catching Up with Jess Pettis

 ICYMI | Catching Up with Jess Pettis By Billy Rainford Catching Up with Prince George, BC native, Jess Pettis. | Bigwave photo Jess wasn’t in Abbotsford for round 1 of the Arenacross Series. He was down in Florida getting ready for the start of the Rockstar Motocross Series that will start on June 1st at Wild Rose in downtown Calgary, Alberta. Jess’s team, Red Bull KTM Thor Racing, is focused

ICYMI | Catching Up with Topher Ingalls

ICYMI | Catching Up with Topher Ingalls By Billy Rainford Catching Up with our old friend Topher Ingalls from California. | Bigwave photo #13 is kind of controversial. I say controversial because it’s a number that most riders avoid like the plague. However, there are some characters in this sport who thrive on the unusual and unconventional. When I think of those two words, one rider pops into my mind,