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Catching Up with…Bobby Piazza

Catching Up with…Bobby Piazza Billy Rainford In case you missed in last week’s Frid’Eh Update #51… Week #51 belongs to Pennsylvania rider, Bobby Piazza | Bigwavephoto In 2016, #51 would have belonged to Easton, Pennsylvania’s Bobby Piazza. We didn’t see him on the line in Canada this season, as he rehabbed himself from injury. We grabbed him for a quick chat today to see what he’s been up to and

Catching Up with…Carrie Davis

Catching Up with…Carrie Davis By Jeff McConkey The world of Women’s Motocross is different from the men’s. It’s almost like growing up that the boys are babied more or longer by the parents, whereas the girls seem forced into college/university and then a “real” profession sooner. It’s pretty nice when you come across a racer that can still compete at the top level, but at the same time pursue an

Catching Up with…Shawn Rife

Catching Up with…Shawn Rife By Billy Rainford While I was down in Florida at the 45th Annual Thor Winter Olympics checking out all our Canadians competing, Friday came around and I had no way of getting in touch with #48 for the Update intro. Just as I was wondering what I was going to do, #48 walks right past me on the hill. Shawn Rife was down in Florida helping out

Catching Up with…Jess Pettis

Catching Up with…Jess Pettis By Billy Rainford We grabbed the new champion for a chat as he was dropping MX101’s Kevin Tyler off at the Vancouver Airport before heading south to California. Jess Pettis is the 2016 Future West AX Champion and we grabbed him for a chat | John Meaney photo Direct Motocross: Hey, Jess. How are you doing? Are you actually driving toward the border right now? Jess

Catching Up with… Hayden Halstead | Yamaha Canada

Catching Up with… Hayden Halstead | Yamaha Canada By Billy Rainford 2017 #19 Hayden Halstead has shown his skills on a motorcycle on and off the track — he’s one you want to keep an eye on for trick riding and generally having a good time on a dirt bike. Last week, he decided to put those skills (and his fitness) to the test and entered the final round of the

Catching Up with…Jess Pettis

Catching Up with…Jess Pettis By Billy Rainford Prince George, BC native, Jess Pettis, has been steadily improving and has had the eyes of the motocross industry on his since he was quite young. His rise to prominence at the Pro level almost looked to have stalled a couple years ago and it left some of us wondering how far he would go. And then 2016 happened… Jess showed up, seemingly

Industry Spotlight | Catching Up with Brandon Caplar | TPJ Racing

Industry Spotlight | Catching Up with Brandon Caplar | TPJ Racing By Jeff McConkey When Brandon Caplar graduated from Sir Wilfred Laurier University, I’m sure the last thing he expected to be doing for the summer of 2016 was following the AMA Pro National Outdoor series. Well, it turns out that the Ajax, Ontario, native hit the jackpot and landed a position with Teddy Parks and his TPJ Racing team.

Catching Up with…Franklin Nogueras Jr.

Catching Up with…Franklin Nogueras Jr. By Billy Rainford Last week was week #41 for the DMX Frid’Eh Update. That number belongs to the Dominican Republic rider who showed up and raced a few of the east rounds of the 2015 Rockstar Energy MX Nationals, Franklin Nogueras Jr.. We weren’t able to get in touch with him in time for the actual Update, but we did get in touch with him

Catching Up with…Jay Burke

Catching Up with…Jay Burke By Billy Rainford We were unable to get in touch with the always busy Jay Burke this past Friday #38 in time for the Update intro. Here is our conversation with the Ontario rider.   Direct Motocross. Hello, Jay. Thanks for chatting with us today. Speaking of today, can you tell everyone what it is you do 9-5, Monday to Friday? Jay Burke: Well, Billy, when

Catching Up with…Davey Fraser

Catching Up with…Davey Fraser By Billy Rainford In case you missed it in the Frid’Eh Update… #36 for the 2016 season was one of the most popular riders to throw a leg over a dirt bike. Halifax, NS’s Davey Fraser is a down-to-earth guy, a hard worker, and therefore a crowd favourite. With an additional round added to the Maritime schedule, Davey felt the love from the crowd even more