ICYMI | Catching Up with Guillaume St Cyr

By Billy Rainford

In case you missed it, we caught up with #25 Guillaume St Cyr:

ICYMI Catching Up with Guillaume St Cyr. | Bigwave photo

Two riders always remind me of our old friend, Jeff McConkey – Cade Clason is one and #25 Guillaume St Cyr is the other.

Jeff always made sure Cade had enough Starburst candies on race days. In fact, Cade was staying at my house on the morning we got the news of Jeff’s suicide.

Guillaume was also one of Jeff’s favourite riders. We’d always laugh about how Jeff used to call him “Gullimer” because he thought that was what it said on the results sheets. Man, I miss that guy and his quick-witted one-liners.

Guillaume is a rider that will quickly admit he’s more of an indoor guy. Of course, he’s good on the outdoor tracks, but he’s more comfortable doing the tricky rhythm sections and big jumps of the SX tracks. He’s lined up for Monster Energy AMA Supercross races and plans to continue doing so.

Unfortunately, he got injured last year in Orlando and that brought his season to an abrupt end. Here’s a look at his Canadian series from 2020:

Check out Guillaume on his Instagram page ( guillaumestcyr55 ) and scroll to a video clip of him doing my favourite jump – The Oppo (I posted one below). I enjoy them so much I had to ask him specifically about it!

We got in touch with him this week to see what he’s been up to and what his summer racing plans are. Here’s what he had to say:

Here’s what Guillaume had to say when we spoke to him this week. | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Guillaume. Let’s get started by talking briefly about your 2020 season. You did the last two MX nationals. How did they go for you?

Guillaume St Cyr: Yeah, I did! It was all right. I didn’t really get much prep for outdoors since I was working during the week, but overall I was happy with getting top 15 pretty much every race.

And then you did the whole SX portion of the series and had some good results, your best being a 2nd. How would you say that went for you?

It went amazing. Haha I was pumped I got to lead some laps and show everybody my SX skillz! I got my first podium ever and 3rd in championship.

What did you get up to when the series ended?

I worked all week as much as I could and rode on weekends until it started snowing.

Then you went down south and raced AMA Supercross again. You ended up hurting your wrist in Orlando. Can you tell us how things were going for you down there?

It was going good. I had so much fun out there with my good friend, Jay-F Labranche, as my mechanic and driver!

Guillaume is most comfortable racing Supercross and he plans to do more. | Bigwave photo

What were you able to do with your injury? Do you have a 9-5 job?

After my injury I was off for a while. I came back home one week after and had to stay 2 weeks in quarantine. Then I saw my doctor and he told me I had a fractured scaphoid, torn cartilage, and tendonitis. I stayed home almost 2 months.

I work for my dad. He owns an apartment block. I do renovations so I fix everything that has to be done inside and outside. I keep everything clean. I’m pretty busy all week. It keeps me in shape though.

So, now you’re back on the bike. What have you been doing this spring?

I’ve been working 3-4 days a week and riding the others days trying to get ready as much as I can.

You’re getting pretty good at my favourite jump – the Oppo. Are they fun to do and what is your favourite jump to do?

They the sickest to do for sure!! And that one big jump at MX Tring Jonction!!!

The world needs more Oppos!

What are your racing plans for this summer?

I’m going to be racing couple SXQC rounds here in Québec. Then, I’ll be doing some outdoors nationals. I’m doing Gopher Dunes, Sand Del Lee, and Deschambault. After that I’ll race the Triple Crown SX Series.

Is Walton just too far or are you not up to 100% yet?

It’s far for me and since it’s pretty expensive to race AMA Supercross I just thought I would skip those races and save some money.

Who is helping you this summer as a mechanic/man-friend?

Usually for outdoors here in Canada I go old school with my dad. Haha.

What are your goals for the series?

Outdoors top 10 every time I’m on the track and SX top 3.

He’ll race a few MX Nationals and then the entire SX series before turning his attention south of the border for AMA SX. | Bigwave photo

Who do you train with?

Mostly by myself.

So, you’ll race AMA Supercross again in 2022?

100%! I’m all in! AMA SX is the way to go.

Hey, what kind of music do you listen to, anyway?

Rap music all the way!

Will your cat be traveling with you this summer?

Not for the summer but hopefully for Supercross 2022. Haha.

OK, I’ll see you at Gopher Dunes on July 10th. Good luck and who would you like to thank?

Thanks, Billy. Yeah, I’d like to thank:

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