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#tbt | Rider Spotlight | Shawn Maffenbeier | 2011

#tbt | Rider Spotlight | Shawn Maffenbeier | 2011 By Billy Rainford Since there are rumours floating around about where the  defending Canadian MX2 champion, Shawn Maffenbeier, may or may not end up in 2018, we thought we’d post this ‘Rider Spotlight’ from back in 2011. Good luck with your negotiations, Shawn. Pro riders really do need to make hay while the sun shines, as they say.

#TBT | Cole Thompson Interview from Las Vegas 2009

#TBT | Cole Thompson Interview from Las Vegas 2009 By Billy Rainford Since we haven’t heard from Cole Thompson in a little while, we thought we’d reach back into the archives and post this interview set to photos from the 2009 World Minis in Las Vegas. Cole is currently recovering from thumb surgery and we’ll be sure to get in touch with him soon to find out how it’s been

#TBT | Rider Superstitions from 2011

#TBT | Rider Superstitions from 2011 By Billy Rainford Most racers like to think they don’t have any, but we’re willing to bet almost every rider who lines up on the gate goes through certain pre-race rituals or superstitions before their psyches will let them blast off with 39 other riders. Back in 2011, we walked around the pits and asked riders what they had to do before heading out

#TBT | 2014 Walton TransCan Slideshow

#TBT | 2014 Walton TransCan Slideshow By Billy Rainford With the news that there won’t be a 26th edition of the Walton TransCan Grand National Championship still fresh in our minds, we thought we’d take a look back a couple years to a slideshow we did from the 2014 event. The TransCan has always been the highlight of the motocross season here in Canada. Hopefully, we can get back to

#TBT | Riding at The Allison’s | 2012

#TBT | Riding at The Allison’s | 2012 By Billy Rainford For many years, the Allisons were staples around the Canadian Pro Motocross scene. In fact, their farm in Delburne, Alberta, was home to many riders and media types for the entire week between the Calgary and Edmonton rounds of the Canadian Nationals.  I remember back then wondering what would happen when this most generous family decided to hang up

Where It All Began for Me

We’ve all got these stories about where it all began, and this one is mine | Bigwave Sr. photoSince I wasn’t at a race this past weekend and don’t have a bunch of content to go through, I thought I’d use this Throwback Thursday to bore you all with where it all began for me. I know we all have individual stories about the day you got the ‘moto bug,’ and here’s mine.The year was 1981 (yep, you read that right!) and I remember it like it was…a hell of a long time ago!The guy across the street fr

#TBT | Jeremy Medaglia at the 2012 MMRS Madoc National

#TBT | Jeremy Medaglia at the 2012 MMRS Madoc National We haven’t seen #14 Jeremy Medaglia at the races since the 2nd round of the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals at the Wastelands in Nanaimo, BC. With the 6th annual MMRS Madoc National set to take place this weekend, we thought we’d have a look back at the year Jeremy showed up and won a large chunk of the purse. Jeremy