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ICYMI | Catching Up with Westen Wrozyna | Troy Lee Designs

ICYMI | Catching Up with Westen Wrozyna | Troy Lee Designs By Billy Rainford For 2020, #20 belongs to a rider we’ve all watched grow up and turn into one of our top riders in the Pro ranks over the years. Westen Wrozyna came up through the amateur ranks as a top prospect to keep our eyes on. He had some of the greatest rides and battles at the TransCan at Walton Raceway over the

5 Lap Sprint | New Year’s Edition | Part 3

5 Lap Sprint | New Year’s Edition | Part 3 By Jeff McConkey Here’s our 3rd and final edition of 5 Lap Sprint | New Year’s Edition – 5 people, 5 questions. What was your best moment of 2016? Eve Brodeur – Women’s East National #1 My best moment of 2016 was definitely when I won all 8 motos of the Canadian nationals and I won the championship for the 3rd

Catching Up with…#34 Westen Wrozyna

Catching Up with…#34 Westen Wrozyna By Billy Rainford Newtonville, Ontario’s Westen Wrozyna was the featured rider in week #34’s Frid’Eh Update but he was so busy at the TransCan that we couldn’t get his interview up in the column. Here’s what Westen had to say when we were finally able to get together for a chat. Direct Motocross: Hello, Westen. I wasn’t sure we were going to see you this

5 Minutes with…Westen Wrozyna

5 Minutes with…Westen Wrozyna By Jeff McConkey Newtonville, Ontario, rider, Westen Wrozyna, has had the eyes of the Canadian motocross nndustry fixed on him since he was a very young amateur rider. He moved up through the ranks and turned Pro the same year that saw Dylan Wright and Jess Pettis do the same. After a couple years with support from the GDR Honda Team, Westen will now make the

Frid’Eh Update #34 Presented by Atlas Brace

Frid’Eh Update #34 Presented by Atlas Brace By Jeff McConkey, Dawn McClintock, and Billy Rainford Westen Wrozyna gets the first Update after the final big Pro event here in Canada. The Rockstar Energy MX Nationals are finished and the MMRS Madoc National is in the books. Week #34 has the dubious distinction this year as being the curtain call to a great summer season. What’s next for Canadian riders is

Catching Up with…Westen Wrozyna

Catching Up with …Westen Wrozyna By Jeff McConkey Intro by Billy Rainford Making the transition from highly-ranked amateur rider to first-year Pro can sometimes be difficult. It can be even tougher when you’re nursing a lingering injury. Newtonville, Ontario’s Westen Wrozyna found this out in 2014. Although he had a solid year with some impressive highlights, he wasn’t able to compete at the level he is accustomed to. He’s coming

Video: Westen Wrozyna at GPF

Video: Westen Wrozyna at GPF By Billy Rainford While we were down at GPF in early March, we grabbed all of the Honda Canada TLD GDR riders for a few words on their training and expectations for the 2015 season. #278 Westen Wrozyna is coming off his rookie Pro season and was at GPF training with his teammate #30 Kyle Keast and the rest of the team. Check out what